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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach Reviews

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My experience here had been really good so far. I enjoy flying and getting to go to the beach whenever I want. My only real complaint with the school is that getting information or trying to fix something regarding academics can be difficult sometimes, aka the riddle runaround.
Great people, great campus. I chose a great school to attend. School just opened up a new $75 Million student center which is amazing!
Embry-Riddle is great for those who know what they want to do and achieve in their professional careers. While expensive, the training and education you receive has surpassed my greatest expectations.
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Embry Riddle is a great school that devotes and treats any student as a part of family for that is exactly what the school is.
It is the best if you are focused on what you want to achieve. The lecturers are specialist in their areas of expertise. However the accounting and fee system needs to be reviewed. Students are equal whether internal or external. This must be reviewed and if the varsity continues to place a premium on international student then please give them first option for scholarships.
The school sells itself as a premier university for prospective airline pilots, but it is all a sham the flight department only cares about the students money and will do anything to make sure they get more money than they need. They fail students by forcing them to things they are uncomfortable with and have no consistency in the flight training at all.
Embry Riddle University has been an enjoyable learning experience for me thus far. The cultural diversities of the population allows me to interact and learn about various cultures around the world. The lecturers are very understanding and assist me in any way where help is needed. However on the other hand , I was a National Cyclist in my country. Moving to Embry Riddle has caused me to work on my academics only and abandon the fact of continuing and showcasing my athletic abilities, since cycling is not one of the sports offered at the school.
Every school out there will say they care about their students, but there are few that put action behind those words. Embry-Riddle is one of them. From the President hosting office hours once a month (for any student or faculty to come by) to the Library bringing free pizza for study day, there are many ways this school takes care of the students. There aren't many colleges that put a student representative on the Board of Trustees, have a President that walks around the campus in a t-shirt and gym shorts, require professors to have a minimum number of office hours, allow students to print for free, constantly meet with companies (especially the largest in the country for each degree field) to try and tailor the education students receive to what companies need, and the list goes on.
I love Embry-Riddle! As student, they are dedicated in preparing you for your career and have a solid reputation in their academics. It is among the best college to enroll in should your passions reside in aviation, engineering, and even business. The community is build from a diverse group or professors and student body that range in a vast collection of areas of study from all over the globe. You will not find any other place with a more dedicated group of students. Many companies look to recruit from Embry-Riddle because of this fact. I will always and forever be an Eagle!
It's the best school if you want to fly and become a pilot. Best instructors in the country. Campus is small and everyone is there to help you susceed and friendy and professional. Flying is fun and can't wait to become a professional pilot and see the world.
With me being so interested in airplanes since I was a child; applying and attending ERAU was the best choice I could've possibly made. I'm not worried about getting a job after graduation nor am I worried about making enough money to suffice a family.
It was interesting for sure. if you want to work with, on or around anything in the skies or space it is the best school in the world hands down.
I like Riddle because I feel comfortable there. We're all nerds at this school whether we are majoring in engineering or flight. It's one thing we all have in common and that makes it easier to make friends who will help you get through your classes.
Embry-Riddle is a good school that where most class sizes are around 15-20 people per rooms which means you can interact with professors without having to wade through several other students. Most of the professors on campus typically fall into one of two groups; those who are awesome, caring people who want you to succeed and those who don't seem to care about teaching at all. If you plan on eating food on campus, be prepared for mediocrity cause the most of the food is edible on a good day.
If you like anything about airplanes, rockets, space, or drones, Embry-Riddle is THE best school to go to. There is nothing I like more than airplanes, and I am so glad I am here. Everything is about airplanes, its on the airport even! We get tours of aircraft and talks about spaces and we have a flight team as well as a drone club! Everything you could ever want that has to do with anything that's in the air!
Love the community and how everyone is so interested in all things planes! The people are very kind and everyone works hard at helping you succeed. Also they are a very study school so it heps with motivation to study.
Embry-Riddle has many specialized degree programs centering on the aviation or aerospace industries, which is what helps unite its student body. Most students have a lot in common, which makes for a great "sense of belonging." There are a plethora of extracurricular activities and clubs, and most of the professors are extremely experienced and have a lot to offer. The on-campus food is mediocre; since it's a small campus, it's also small in options, but it's sufficient. I enjoyed my time there. It's a prestigious university, so it is costly, but it is worth it.
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Everything about Embry-Riddle is fraudulent. They love to boast that their Aerospace Engineering program has been ranked #1 for the past decade, but if you actually view why they're considered number 1 it's pathetic. ERAU's Aerospace ranking is specifically based on a competitive category known as: Engineering (No Doctorate Degree Offered). Guess how many schools in totality are competing in this category? A whopping 3, including ERAU. They're not even ranked #1 in their region and they're ranked #83 in Engineering. Ironically, the only good thing about ERAU is their Business Department for efficiently fabricating and fluffing the school's image.

As an engineering student at ERAU, I can guarantee prospective students can pursue better educational opportunities at Public Universities for a fraction of the cost. Honestly, there's nothing here that's remarkably worth paying their outrageous tuition fees.
I thoroughly enjoyed my first year at Embry-Riddle. With the main majority of students either studying Engineering or Aeronautical Science, most everyone has similar interests. It's easier to start a conversation at Embry-Riddle about the recent SpaceX launch than to talk about sports in everyday life. I would recommend this school to anyone that loves warm weather, planes, and space in general.
Great school with amazing education programs! Aeronautical Science is my major and I'm already a pilot! For any aspiring pilots this is the place to go!