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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach Reviews

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Embry-Riddle is a good school that where most class sizes are around 15-20 people per rooms which means you can interact with professors without having to wade through several other students. Most of the professors on campus typically fall into one of two groups; those who are awesome, caring people who want you to succeed and those who don't seem to care about teaching at all. If you plan on eating food on campus, be prepared for mediocrity cause the most of the food is edible on a good day.
If you like anything about airplanes, rockets, space, or drones, Embry-Riddle is THE best school to go to. There is nothing I like more than airplanes, and I am so glad I am here. Everything is about airplanes, its on the airport even! We get tours of aircraft and talks about spaces and we have a flight team as well as a drone club! Everything you could ever want that has to do with anything that's in the air!
Love the community and how everyone is so interested in all things planes! The people are very kind and everyone works hard at helping you succeed. Also they are a very study school so it heps with motivation to study.
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Embry-Riddle has many specialized degree programs centering on the aviation or aerospace industries, which is what helps unite its student body. Most students have a lot in common, which makes for a great "sense of belonging." There are a plethora of extracurricular activities and clubs, and most of the professors are extremely experienced and have a lot to offer. The on-campus food is mediocre; since it's a small campus, it's also small in options, but it's sufficient. I enjoyed my time there. It's a prestigious university, so it is costly, but it is worth it.
Everything about Embry-Riddle is fraudulent. They love to boast that their Aerospace Engineering program has been ranked #1 for the past decade, but if you actually view why they're considered number 1 it's pathetic. ERAU's Aerospace ranking is specifically based on a competitive category known as: Engineering (No Doctorate Degree Offered). Guess how many schools in totality are competing in this category? A whopping 3, including ERAU. They're not even ranked #1 in their region and they're ranked #83 in Engineering. Ironically, the only good thing about ERAU is their Business Department for efficiently fabricating and fluffing the school's image.

As an engineering student at ERAU, I can guarantee prospective students can pursue better educational opportunities at Public Universities for a fraction of the cost. Honestly, there's nothing here that's remarkably worth paying their outrageous tuition fees.
I thoroughly enjoyed my first year at Embry-Riddle. With the main majority of students either studying Engineering or Aeronautical Science, most everyone has similar interests. It's easier to start a conversation at Embry-Riddle about the recent SpaceX launch than to talk about sports in everyday life. I would recommend this school to anyone that loves warm weather, planes, and space in general.
Great school with amazing education programs! Aeronautical Science is my major and I'm already a pilot! For any aspiring pilots this is the place to go!
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers a rewarding experience for those that are interested in obtaining a higher education. If you share a passion for aviation this is certainly the place to be. I really like observing the planes fly around campus and even noticing them around the city.
I am at a satellite site in Northwest Florida, and most of my classes are either online, brick and mortar, or a combination of the two. I do have to say that I am happy that the professors are very understanding of a college students hectic life, and afford almost any opportunity they can should the student be struggling, and even offer advice as to how they can better improve their situation. I gave poor ratings in certain areas such as athletics due to the fact there is no way at the satellite sites to actually be a part of that. Beyond that, the school is overall awesome.
Amazing school if you are looking into being specialized in Aviation. If you are not interested in this field do not come here because you won't get out of it what you want. It's not an easy school by any means but it pays off in what you learn.
I have to admit that I enjoy the overall experience at Embry-Riddle. But the very last year, I went into depression for more than a year. It's a because of the HORRIBLE "PROFESSOR" Tinoco Janet.

She is the worst. No professor should embarrass her student in front of the whole class, gossip at people's back, or roll her eyes at any particular student in public.

I'm a straight A student, and I was treated like that, out of nowhere. No explanation has been made, or apology, after i reported it to the Dean and Program Coordinator.

The politics in this school sucks. No appeal from student will be heard.
I transferred into Embry-Riddle in Fall 2017 as an International Student from India. Of course, all the credits didn’t get transferred due to the difference in the education system, but their Registrar helped me with skipping certain classes by taking Course Equivalency exams, since I had knowledge about those classes. I have successfully skipped one year of college and I am now a junior currently majoring in Aerospace Engineering. What’s more, Embry-Riddle has a scheme that lets you get your Master’s degree in the same field in a year! It is called the Accelerated Master’s Degree, which lets you take Graduate level classes in your senior year of your Bachelor’s degree. Overall, in terms of academics, Embry-Riddle lives up to its name of providing wholesome education in any major.
I love Embry-Riddle because it is a completely different college because I am a flight student my classroom is inside an airplane and since it is in Daytona the campus is 5 minutes away from the beach so you cannot beat that!
Embry Riddle is an amazing school, and Im loving it so far. Im lucky to be able to go, and hopefully Ill be able to afford it in the years to come.
From the minute I stepped on campus I knew I had fallen in love. Everyone I talked to wanted to help in any way they could. The campus is very large and beautifully put together. The way the professors teach at Embry is amazing. First, you receive a lecture then after the lecture you go to your lab class and apply what you have just learned in a hands-on enviroment.
Embry-Riddle is a university that is devoted to seeing that each and every student is given multiple opportunities to succeed.
Really nice school. The Campus is very clean and everything is within walking distance from the Student Village. Lots of meal options. School is five minutes away from the beach. new dorms built in 2017!
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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in a Daytona beach is a great place surround my very kind friendly people.
I visited Embry-Riddle two times before finally deciding that that is where I want to receive my bachelor's degree from. As soon as I stepped on campus and the cool breeze hit my face and the warm sun embraced me with its rays, I knew that school was for me. Aside from its spectacular outward appearance, the students I encountered were very friendly and always willing to help. No matter how many confusing questions I asked, they always answered with a smile. Embry-Riddle is not just a University, but its a place for new beginnings. The rigorous classes combined with the cool flow of the Florida environment will soothe anyone's anxiety.
The food is terrible and needs to be updated and be changed the foods are the same for preview day and family week. It suck I went there for 8 years and now I am going there as a freshman.
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