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I wouldn't change my time at Elon for anything. For the first time in my academic career, I've been enrolled in classes that truly challenge me and teachers that make me apply course concepts to the broader world. The majority of students here are upper East Coasters which was a surprise to me once I arrived here. I've learned things both in the classroom and out. Elon does a good job hosting speakers, holding a variety of fun events, and incorporating international food in the cafeterias.
I am so happy that I gave Elon a chance because the school has been a very positive experience so far. We all know the campus is amazing, greek life is active and the people are beautiful but there is so much more. I have found engaged professors, a well rounded workload and a supportive student body. The administration is working on the weak points by pursuing more diversity among applicants and pouring money into the sports teams. The reason I think Elon is exceptional is because the curriculum focuses on getting job in the real world. Internships, meaningful study abroad, alum network and engaging classes are all focused on the next step. I am not rushing college but I am going to have a a good amount of debt and need a real exit plan and the administration seems to get it. There is a good number of rich kids here and many partiers but overall people want a real plan and I appreciate that mind set.
Great School - Love the class sizes and most of my professors so far. Professors really care about your learning.
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Elon's engaged learning curriculum translates well into the small classroom atmosphere. The opportunities to get involved on campus combined with the study abroad programs allows for a well-rounded college experience.
I had a great experience. It's def a work hard play hard school. Students are dedicated to their work, extracurricular activities but still def know how to have a good school. I met amazing people during my time there. There is a big greek life presence on campus though and it's in a small town so don't expect much to do outside of campus life. You have to drive 30min to get to a big city.
So far, my experience at Elon University have been great. Not only have I met great friends here, but the faculty has been excellent in supporting my needs for learning. I am a Music Production and Recording Arts major, and the music community is close knit and supportive. I have access to a lot of professional equipment as well as professors who are willing to facilitate my learning. Similarly, there are many ways to get involved on campus with any kind of interest.
Elon is a warm, friendly environment. The strongest majors it offers are Communications and Finance. Sports Management is also a popular one. A majority of students are out of state, however many are from the East Coast. As a student from the West Coast, I felt a bit out of place. It also has a large Greek system so if you are not interested in joining, Elon might not be the place for you.
Absolutely awful first semester. None of my professors cared about my actual learning and were more concerned with grades. Quite frankly I'm surprised they even learned everyone's names. As far as the students, they are all carbon copies of each other. Everyone is rich, white, and preppy. If you're looking for a challenging and stimulating academic environment with diverse peers this is NOT THE PLACE.
Great School for most majors, lots of oppurtunities, there is definitely an Elon Bubble, that dictates social life and campus involvement. It can often feel like people are competing to be more involved than the others.
Elon University is a very open and welcoming school. From time to time I forget that I am a minority on campus because we are all given equal opportunities and viewed the same. The faculty and staff work their hardest to help every student reach their full potential, pushing us to becoming future leaders. I am in love with the school, I truly feel like I bELONg.
Elon is amazing and you should come cus you bELONg and it's lit. I love college and Elon was the perfect fit for me. The work isn't too hard but it's not too easy and everyone is white and preppy cus I'm white and preppy.
Love the feel of Elon...very welcoming and everyone is friendly. Professors know you personally which is great.
ELon is a wonderful place. It has the most beautiful campus you were ever see. Many people on this website bash Elon because they would probably end up not fitting in anywhere. Everyone I know LOVES ELON. The professors are so helpful, the food is good, the campus is georgous and it's just such a friendly, engaged, and social atmosphere. The only way you will not like this place is if you sit in your dorm on your computer and do nothing. Overall this school is an amazing place. Talk to someone in person about it and they will tell you. Don't let these reviews fool you.
Academically, it is fine. The teachers are attentive and the classes are usually pretty small, which makes it easier to form relationships. However, the overall student population is shallow. I strongly dislike being here.
Greek life runs the school and it is very shallow here. (If you're attractive, have drive a car on campus, you'll likely get in)
Academically, it's okay, but the general population lacks depth. A majority of students care too much about looks, money, and greek life. I really would not recommend this school.
Housing is first rate- Almost all the housing has been renovated or constructed within the past 10 years, and have all teh proper amenities of home.
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I found it to be childish, and it fractured the social groups as it moved to consume the entire campus. The initial groups of residents in the first-year housing made quick bonds early in the academic year, only to have them squashed by rushing and Greek life. So by the end of the year most if not all freshmen are members of greek life, leaving the others(unaffiliated) to venture on by themselves. Overall, Greek life is huge at Elon. It's a huge plus if your into partying and all that; But a negative if you're not. There is enormous pressure to join a Greek organization, perhaps more pressure than students should be putting on themselves to choose a meaningful major.
My experience at Elon was, I think, typical of a quiet, non-greek, academically focused male. I felt forgotten, ignored and all together miserable because of the fore mentioned attributes.
If you aren't up for greek life I would find a new school. Seems like everything that happens on campus revolves around greek life and unfortunately it is either you are part of greek life or an athlete, otherwise you are on the outside.
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