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I transferred there and it was not the smoothest transition. I was told I could not rush until second semester, which ended up being false. I had to wait a semester to rush with freshman and ended up not getting a bid anywhere, which sucked to say the least. Not being in a frat is pretty awful. My friends were mostly transfers since everyone makes friends their freshman year. The classes and professors are good for the most part. Of course the campus is beautiful, but try and not let that distract you. Outside the campus, the town is boring and lame. I would not attend Elon again.
Elon has a beautiful campus with pretty great academics and student life. If you don't party or smoke weed, you will be pretty left out on weekends. Diversity is terrible on campus, but at least the school is trying to make an effort to fix that.
I love Elon so much. The campus is great. It is honestly the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. The professors are wonderful and the students amazing. The academic interest is so high and strong, but there is also a great student life too.
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I am currently a sophomore/minority at this four year private school. The campus and housing are beautiful, and the food they serve is nationally ranked. However, there is a small group of minorities at this school and the school is extremely expensive
I love it at Elon, as I write this it's summer break and I'm counting down the days till the start of fall semester! Just being on campus brings me joy, it's so beautiful that my friends and I refer to it as Elon Country Club, a joke that is made more funny by our on campus driving range and discounted student membership to the local country club. The academics are great and I was able to get a internship out of freshman year no problem. Fitting in is easy, if you are kid from NC or the northeast who likes to wear VV polos and sperrys you will bELONg (that's a tacky ass pun administration loves to use) here.
Elon has a friendly, welcoming campus full of many educational opportunities I would hardly receive anywhere else. Due to the professionalism and excellent choice of faculty members on the school's part, their professors and educators are knowledgable, eager to help you achieve success, and actually take the time to know who you are as a student and who you want to be once you graduate. They will do anything to help you get to where you want to be in life and I am forever grateful that I decided to be an Elon student.
I played football at Elon and had every scholarship and grant I could and it still was financially not worth the year I spent at the school.
The business department is littered with professors that have no clue what their talking about and it's obvious that Elon just hired many of them because they are outspoken liberals or minorities. All of my other classes tended to have the same biases especially philosophy where my teacher neglected to read my papers which forced me to go to the school board.
Student life is full of fraternities and sororities, most of these kids have known each other before coming to Elon!
Unless all of your best friends in the world are going to Elon there is no reason to apply to this school. There are many other great schools to give your money to that are much better value for education. And if you are prospective athlete, unless you are being offered a full ride, I would look somewhere else.
Pros: Beautiful campus, great academics, dorms are pretty great, big social scene, tons of study abroad opportunities, many great professors, decent food, quaint town with big chain stores and restaurants a few miles away, “big” cities farther away (a pro and a con)

Cons: lacks diversity!, too many east coast, snobby kids, expensive, Greek life kids can get pretty nasty, can feel isolated without own transportation as big stores and restaurants are too far away to walk
I am a transfer and non-traditional student at Elon and I feel very much out of place. There are some really dedicated professors (and faculty) who do know their stuff and there are some solid academic programs. The campus is absolutely gorgeous. Other than that, there's not really much else to praise. There is hardly any diversity in any sense -- age, race, religion, socioeconomic background. If you don't fit into a certain mold, you will not likely not have an easy time here. People are pretentious, entitled and obnoxious. About half of girls and a third of boys are Greek. Greek life is VERY VERY prominent. For guys, it isn't as tough to be non-Greek but girls seem to have a harder time.

If I didn't love the academic program I'm in and some of my professors, I think I definitely would have transferred (again). It was not what I expected when I first enrolled.
Elon University is a terrific institution. The professors want you to succeed and grow as individuals, and their is an immense amount of support for students. The university offers many paths of support, such as job opportunities, financial aid, internship applications, and so much more.
I am a minority student in a not very diverse school and town. While most people are very nice and welcoming, I have weekly experiences that remind me that I am not a traditional white student, specially at parties after people had a few drinks and the occasional administrator. The campus and facilities are very nice and modern, but it is not a very challenging institution. I think I used to work a lot harder in high school.
I've really enjoyed my first year at Elon. It's a very supportive environment in many ways with lots of things to do on campus. I've had good experiences with the dining halls, excellent classes and professors, and good interactions with other students. I can see where some aspects of the school are not as focused on academics as others, and that, along with the level of diversity in the student body and in the faculty would be something I would like to see change.
I really like Elon. It a small school with small class sizes, which is my favorite part because you really get an opportunity to get to know your professors. They offer a good variety of classes but it can be kind of difficult to get the class times that you want. The campus is beautiful and it's not too difficult to navigate. The food is average and the diversity is poor. Although the diversity isn't good, there are still a good amount of programs and resources available to minority students.
I'm a freshman at Elon University and I love it! I definitely feel like I picked the right college, you can't go wrong with Elon. The academics are incredible and the campus is gorgeous.
The layout of the campus allows you have a life outside of your classes that includes relaxing by the lake, eating with friends in downtown Elon, or catching up on homework in one of Elon's many study spaces. Many of the professors here have gone above and beyond to accommodate for any questions and concerns that I may have. Going to an out-of-state school is very nerve wracking at first, but I am glad that I picked Elon. Elon has become my home away from home in more ways than one and I often find myself counting down the days till I am back on campus. Elon's curriculum can be very intense at times; however, I am getting an education based on the work that I put in. One complaint that I have about Elon is paying for laundry. The cost adds up very quickly and is often frustrating that I have to pay so that I am able to wear clean clothes to class. However, that is the only negative that I have so it doesn't outweigh all of the positive things that Elon has to offer me.
Overall, this school is great! If you are interested in a smaller school with more focus on the student, this is the one for you! The social scene is pretty great and there is always a way to get involved on campus.
Elon's campus when I visited was beautiful! It was raining the day I visited and I still loved the campus and felt at home. It made my college decision easy feeling so safe and welcome on the campus.
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Elon University is an amazing place that is so welcoming to all students. I love their global emphasis on everything they do. There are so many students from so many different backgrounds and so many different countries. The school and professors really care about that students and want them to succeed. I wouldn't want to go to school anywhere else.
Everyone knows the campus is beautiful and the study abroad options are endless. However, the options to find your group of people is rather difficult if you aren't starting your education at Elon from semester 1. The professors however are great which is what truly matters.
Elon is essentially a country club full of rich, privileged, white kids. Located in the middle of no where with nothing to do but drink!
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