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I like to campus and how small it is. I also like the student life and how teadition is an important aspect.
Elmira College is the third school I've attended. My first institution, I had a rough start. I applied to Elmira because I had some older friends who attended here and they could not praise it enough for its small, tight knit and overall environment that aided to their current success. I had no idea that I would attend Elmira for my nursing degree and excel much more than I did at my previous university. The professors want to see you succeed and are more than willing to help when needed. The closeness of all the people in my program definitely helps me feel confident in my skills, abilities, critical thinking and intelligence. I have met people that will remain in my life following graduation. I have seen and experienced some terrible but also beautiful aspects of health with various patients at various hospital/clinical locations. Elmira has absolutely prepared to enter into a professional nursing position.
I am currently a freshman, and the professors are very nice. The food is very good too! The dorms are average, but, the size of them are good.
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As am alumnus about ten years out, I can't speak to the current situation, however I can say that Elmira College prepared me well for graduate school and my future profession. I have been very successful and owe a great deal of gratitude to EC, my professors and advisors. I was a bright, but unfocused student. The small class sizes and very caring professors helped to ensure that I could not blow off classes and just take the tests. Having met many people over the years who chose one of the many fine SUNY schools, I'd say the biggest difference is that you're not just a number in a lecture hall at EC, and your professors will take an active interest in your education and growth as a student.
People on campus are very friendly and welcoming. Campus is small so you can really get to know everyone well. It is easy to make friends. I would like campus to relatively stay the same. The food was really great after the change in food choice.
The campus is definitely split a majority of the time between athletes and non-athletes. The food is horrible but luckily they have been making changes to that for the upcoming years. Classes are good and the professors are actually super knowledgable and helpful. Make sure you get a good advisor, one who is actually helpful to you for your major. With housing, after freshman year just hope for the best because numbers are given out at random and if you get a bad number, you're screwed either way. There are limited options for housing but Meier is the best choice. Towers is not bad but that is typically where the parties occur on the weekends and sometimes during the week. Library hours are great, it is usually open until 1-2 am daily. The best thing about this school is the people you meet and the friends you'll have for the rest of your life.
I am still suffering of the trauma I received in this place they call school. My 4 years were filled with discrimination, racism, pure disrespect, and intolerance. I am honestly thinking about going back and demanding that they forgive some of the money I owe them. It should be all, but with them who knows. With all the evidence I still have locked up I am sure I can get something.
This place has no class at all. The long term president who was there for years was a proven racists and no matter what you do they only honor the athletes whose parents give them money every year by turning the other cheek for a crimes they committed on campus or giving them full rides for "academic scholarships"; but are really for the sport that they can play. These same kids bombed the SATs and had horrible grades. While under represented students like me worked my ass off to finally be accepted somewhere and I get nothing.
This place is a complete and utter joke. There have been three different Presidents in the last 5 years! There are so many empty dorm rooms that they try to hide them or give them away as singles, and trying to find someone to help you in Residence Life is like trying to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The classes are okay, but the college is so small that it's impossible for them to offer anything close to the variety that bigger schools can offer. Finally the city is run down, and frankly dangerous. Just search for Elmira and Crime ... last month a guy was shot 10 feet from campus, but unless you watch the news you would never know because the college does everything it can to cover up ANY negative news.
Great professors, who are willing to help. I did well myself, but the grading process is very strict and it makes it a much harder transfer process. The three terms also make it extremely difficult to transfer. Many students are transferring this year; this school is not worth the money. Go to a state school if you want the same experience, with more freedoms, or actually use the money Elmira would cost, for a better school. The sports are lack-luster (serious dual sport athlete) and many lies are produced. The trainers are amazing for the athlete, but the school is cheap enough to make an athlete wait three weeks before getting imaging for an injury (insurance $$). The party scene has been slowly getting shutdown and the bars are the only option at the end of the night; the dorms are made for very quiet pre-gaming. The only reason I would like to stay is because of the people I have met, who share in the misery. I feel i would be more productive elsewhere.
Elmira allowed me to transfer in a lot of credits and graduate early. They also offer many scholarships and have a beautiful campus. They are making a lot of changes to improve the community.
Many different classes offered. Most of the classes will be 8ams so get used to waking up early!
Nursing program is HARD. If you are dedicated, you will be okay but really focus and do not take on to much at one time.
I feel safe. I have lived near Elmira for many years and it's honestly not as scary and bad. Yes, there are many shooting and robberies almost every night. They only apply to certain parts of Elmira. Of course, do not walk alone at night as there are creepy people in Elmira. But i feel very safe and secure. People get scared about going out, but there's nothing at all to be scared about.
Meir and Tompkins is the best for housing. The freshman dorms are AWFUL but i mean most freshman dorms are not the best on campuses wherever you go. Twin Towers is where i'm living and lets just say it can get crazy. Definitely the party scene and its fun if you like long nights, but if you're a nursing major, you better just live in the library since you will need all of the peace you can get. If you're a transfer student, you get the crap of the dorms. For example, they just stick you wherever and switch you like 5 times until you start school. I was first placed in a freshman dorm as a junior and then placed in a great room in Tompkins and then last minute got switched to the towers just a few days before school started. They do not give you any say of where you prefer to live.
The hockey is probably the sport taken seriously and their games are a lot of fun to go to. You have to go about 15 minutes off of campus for their games, but its easy to get around in the town.
I really do like elmira.
Hopefully I will be a freshman this year!
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I REALLY wanna go to this school I just hope and pray I can afford it.
I don't think there will be a problem with safety
I hope I have a roommate that can deal with my craziness.
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