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It was okay. Didn't really get a chance to meet a lot of people but we were told there would be other activities to help everyone get to know each other since we couldn't do regular festivities.
This school is a good school. The classes are small and you get a chance to know all your professors and they let you know they are there to help. And there is nothing to do in the surrounding area
Elmira College was a great place to meet new friends, be on an active and supportive team. the campus is small and so are the class which means you will get all the help you need!
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Online was great, fun, teachers worked with you to make it easier on you. Teachers were understanding and would even offer to do one on one zoom meetings with you! they would also make it easier for you to know exactly what you had to do
Res. Life was AWFUL. The dorms were nice but when I was being stalked and harassed by a fellow student Res. Life said that it was my fault and refused to help me. They also lied to me and said that there was a non-contact order but such an order was never given. Also my academic advisor gave me no real guidence and failed to guide me towards classes to help me pick a major.
okay school. Bad housing conditions, lack of diversity. Being an out of state student is hard because they literally charge extra on just about everything. Also feel very uncomfortable all the time because the majority of this school is white. I tried going to the Latinx club, but no one even spoke Spanish!
The college is a good place to receive an education. The college is not located in the best neighborhood but works hard to ensure the safety of its students and faculty. The college offers small class sizes which make it easier to receive help when needed.
I love Elmira College. If looking for a close knit community, this is a wonderful school. The clubs are easily one of the best parts. Since campus is so small, you are guaranteed to be able to be involved. Professors are readily available to meet with students who are struggling. The entire staff of Elmira College is among the most friendly and helpful.
Not enough athletic extracurriculars, academics were OK. The dorms were dreadful, they were more like prison cells without the security. The peepholes on the doors were able to be unscrewed very easily. The surrounding area was very unsafe. The campus was very beautiful though, and very well kept.
When I first attended, the welcoming committee was amazing, the whole orientation program was interesting and different. It's a close-knit community, and the staff are very supportive.
Excellent college with a great history. The professors all attempt to make sure you get an education while making sure you have ample time to absorb the information. The small school atmosphere gives the professors a chance to learn your name and have personal conversations with each and every student that makes the opening attempt. If there is a club you want to join or form. feel free to make it. If you have trouble with a class don't hesitate to ask for help.if the person you ask can't help you they will show you to someone who can because it is a small school. In the small school community everyone knows every one and everyone tries to help everyone.
When I visited Elmira everyone was very welcoming and friendly. The people are so nice and it's easy to make friends. The food is also pretty decent for what I've tried so far. The dorms are very nice and roomy, I can't wait to move in. The campus is so pretty and really good for instagram pictures. I would definitely recommend looking into.
The nursing program is great and I love the small classroom size. The res life staff is not the best and the staff turnover rate seems to be very high which is not great. The food is alright.
Elmira is a small school in which many can't quite seem to fit. Many students don't find comfort within the walls of the classrooms at Elmira and feel like they will never quite fit in with their peers. I have personally known multiple people who have left for this very reason, however, I think this school isn't as bad as everyone says that it is. I personally, think I have found a school that suits my personal needs.
Elmira College offered me the opportunity to complete my undergraduate degree in nursing. The nursing program was phenomenal...experienced and very student-teacher friendly. I had the pleasure of taking electives in other departments at Elmira College as well. My Public Speaking class was so well taught that I got over my fear of speaking in public! World Religions course was very interesting...I learned about a whole host of religions and people around the world. This experience opened my eyes to others and in doing so, developed a respect for people different from myself.

Elmira College is a beautiful campus and easy to navigate. I enjoyed my experience there, and it changed my life.
overall average experience, but enjoyed the time here. There are always things that I wish would change but probably wont happen
Small College staff who are always friendly and willing to help when needed. Always looks out for us and our best interests. Hosts several events to keep us busy, food is great. Definately a warm welcoming environment can't say enough good things about it. Can't see my self going anywhere else but EC! Go Soaring Eagles!!!!
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This is a great small college with a community atmosphere! you get to know your professors and make some really good friends!
Love the small school with smaller classes and ot is important to me to havedirect professor contact.
I enjoy the beautiful campus.I am finding great career opportunities from career services department. They are so committed to my success. I like the Starbucks on campus..need that daily ice coffee! The gym facility is great and not crowded so I can work out when it best fits in my schedule. The new dorms are air-conditioned and very spacious. The campus social life is great and there are student events all the time. I am on the basketball team and I have made so many life long friendships. We travel all the time and even we to Canada. This was an amazing experience for me and my teammates. I can't wait till next year we will be really good with a very mature committed team. Success is in our future
Beautiful campus, small classes and wonderful opportunities both in the community and academically. Professors know your name and want you to do well.
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