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I really enjoy my college and the effort they put in ti teach me
I don't do on line
The student body at my school gives the college a bad name
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Every school has its ups and downs.
They help find jobs for you.
a lot of different topics
getting me closer to the job I want
I feel like they are not doing a lot to help me
Very helpful with finding jobs while attending school!
Really amazes me how helpful everyone is!
They have everything you need, computers, library tutoring class! Very helpful!
Everything is up to date!
Love this school already, everyone is so helpful and really want to see you succeed!
I'm there to get an education and further my career.
They help with internship programs and finding job aspects. They help you stay updated on your resume, cover letter and even do mach interviews.
They do everything for me in the financial aid process except help with finding extra grants and scholarships. The tuition of school is always high no matter where you go. There should be more information on grants and scholarships besides web addresses to go to.
My classes are flexible and they work around me and what i need. The school is easy to travel too and not to far from my home.
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The school offers internship programs which is nice because i can get hands on training. The school concentrates on business and medical assisting, I only take classes that are required for my degree and i can go back to school for free for courses that i may need to update.
All of he teachers at the school want you to succeed and are extremely helpful. There are other students in my field of major and the class rooms are small so you can get any extra help you need.
They have library resources, tutoring hours, some activities and any help in general for any need you have. If you need help finding a job, writing a cover letter, resume, tutoring help in any class or just need to talk, they listen.
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