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I have definitely enjoyed my time at Elmhurst College. The campus is gorgeous and well maintained. It is easy to get involved on campus and make many close friends since the school population is small. The faculty is motivated and had a large designer to help their students succeed. The surrounding area is safe as well as the campus and I feel that I am being well prepared for my future career.
I absolutely love the campus. The dorms are great and so is the dining halls. They have great sororities and fraternities to join.
I like the home away from home atmosphere, I like the Culturally Diverse Environment, that values education and emphasis higher education, In an effort to assist student with reaching their full educational potential.
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After visiting the school with my sister who is an almnus there ive learned to see that elmhurst has an acquired taste for nature and equity aswell as proviiding the necessary enviroment,skills and teaching to propell their student along the right path.
Elmhurst College has a beautiful campus and the people there are truly dedicated to helping you find and pursue your career path.
The professors, faculty and staff at Elmhurst College want the best for the students. Once you're on campus, you'll feel safe. Almost everyone knows each other there and it's a friendly environment. I'm really glad I picked Elmhurst, it has a great community and alumni that give back. I would reccomend this college to anyone that asks.
During my college visits to Elmhurst, I felt so at home. The beautiful campus, the overall welcoming feeling from the other students and professors, it is a great place to be.
I love the teachers and the students! Excellent learning environment. They genuinely care for all of their students and want each of them to succeed.
I love all of the activities that they offer at Elmhurst. They have a club and organization for everyone.
I loved visiting Elmhurst College. I felt very welcomed and safe on campus. I was very impressed by the dining options at Elmhurst, and the campus was very easy to navigate!
Most of the Professors that are crucial to you and your program study are really helpful and are always available for students. if you plan on going into the education department please be weary if you plan to do Music Education. For some reason the Education department does not like Music Education majors, and they make it really tough for you.
The music department there is very strong. Especially the jazz department. If you are thinking about majoring in music it is a good school to attend. It's also a cheaper then the music schools that are located in the city. The music ed department is also very strong. I also enjoy that it is a smaller school. I know all of my professors very well and it's very good for networking. I can easily contact all of my professors and they are invested in my growth as a student.
I liked that the professors were readily available for one-on-one conversations and help when needed. I appreciated that my class sizes were an average of 15-20 people per course.
This school has a very beautiful campus. It is considered a national arboretum because of all the different types of trees and plants that it has. Most of the teachers at this University are very helpful and caring toward their students. They are usually willing to put in extra time outside of their jobs to help students with academics and even personal problems. The faculty in the financial aid office are very kind, welcoming, helpful, and considerate people. They are always trying their best to help out and accommodate the students that attend Elmhurst College. The atmosphere is very friendly and inclusive, and students are strongly encouraged to join and participate in extracurricular activities. There are not a lot of parties at this school, but there is still a lot of fun to be had. The local area is great. The people are very kind and the town is a very beautiful place.
Elmhurst college is a place where everyone feels at home. Everyone is welcomed and it seems like we’re all united on the and page. They have great programs, academically and ways to get involved with our community and within the school!
I regret going here on so many levels. My parents told me I should have went to community college and then to a state university, but at 18, I didn't want to take their advice. Our family income was pretty high, so all I had was an academic scholarship that covered about $9k. My parents didn't help me pay for anything. After fees, interest, and everything else... I graduated with about $90k in debt (I did get a professional degree after). What a good, Christian institution, right?? I only actually lived on campus for only 1 year. Additionally, this is a commuter campus and you'll have an abysmal social life, at best. When you graduate, don't expect anyone to give a hoot about this place- people like to hire from bigger and better known places.
This school has very high standards and some of the best teachers I’ve seen. But I don’t know if it’s all colleges or just this one but it is very expensive and trying to gontonthis school with paying for a house and working a full time job is near impossible. The late fees for payments are ridiculous and I’ve looked for help in places and most people send me to other people for help and then they send me to other people. I went to their tutoring center and they completely ignored me and made me feel like I was interfering with their time. I love going to school but I feel like they make it impossible for anyone other than students straight out of high school who had no job and rich parents paying for their education to go. I feel like a lot of people drop out because of how difficult it is to attend and are left with a mountain of debt with nothing to show for it.
I loved Elmhurst College. There are small classes and the professors are amazing and very helpful. I do wish Elmhurst had more school spirit. More activities need to be in place to get more students involved.
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Elmhurst College is a great college in a small suburb. It's of walking distance to the local downtown area with much to do and eat. The food isn't bad but is somewhat overpriced. The professors do a great job with trying to help their students succeed as much as they can. Most professors are accessible outside of class and office hours.
Elmhurst College is a "college" (they're technically a university) that can provide you with a degree, but if you're looking for a degree that they don't have, you're going to have a lot of trouble. They're also very expensive, but they do provide a little bit of money for you to enter. If you do your research and prepare with the needed financials, this may be the college for you.
Elmhurst College is a great school with a nice small town feel (even though it's a short train ride from the city!). One thing that I would mention is how it is a large commuter school so campus is dead on the weekends; but that doesn't mean it's not fun! The food isn't too bad and every faculty member is so sweet. If you're looking for a home town feel, come to Elmhurst!
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