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I came to Elmhurst College as a transfer student. They were very helpful with explaining what classes to take before transferring in as well as with creating a schedule for my first semester. Elmhurst offers many scholarships to help with their tuition costs. There is free black and white printing. They have some food options on campus as well as a Starbucks. The campus is beautiful and small. There are both sororities and fraternities that people can join as well as other clubs and activities like best buddies. The teachers at Elmhurst care about you and want you to succeed. It is a friendly and positive environment. Elmhurst also offers graduate programs which can be an easy next step after getting your bachelors degree.
This school has a beautiful campus, a small community, and in a wealthy area. The classes are intense, but you learn so much from them. Not so much a party school, but it is great for students whose main focus is on their education and future.
Elmhurst College is a great college to attend. The campus is beautiful and the professors are great. They do a great job helping you do well in classes, find job opportunities, etc. Would definitely recommend!
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The school provides a lot of attainable opportunities for its students while giving a great atmosphere to learn. One thing I would change is the amount of adjunct faculty there is. I wish more money was put into having more full time faculty.
I love this college. I am a transfer sophomore, and it was the best decision I have ever made. The small classrooms make it easier for teachers to help 1 on 1.
What I like about Elmhurst is the diversity. It allows us students to learn from diverse background and we become an inclusive campus.
Elmhurst College is enchanting. In the fall, students walk the cobble stones around campus; artists with there coals attempting to capture the the stark fortitude of Reinhold Niebuhr. Elmhurst College is an excellent choice for any student who values art, philosophy and social responsibility.
Elmhurst is a beautiful campus and has a very cute downtown area to chill out in in between classes. If you like smaller schools you'll love Elmhurst. It is on the expensive side but I think it's worth the investment.
My experience on campus was excellent. It was very neat and organized as well as having a nice community feel.
Elmhurst is an awesome school full of opportunities. I am there now for the nursing program and I've been told that it is one of the best programs out there. The only thing that I would say Elmhurst could have more of is scholarships and grants so that it is more affordable for students. I know for sure that I love this school, but sometimes it's hard to want to stay due to affordability.
Elmhurst College is a diverse program where I can really be myself. I can't wait to possibly go to this school next year. Not to mention how close it is to Chicago. Coming from a small town I can't wait to experience the big city life.
It's a very comforting environment. The professors, the administrators, the students all come together and make the college feel like a second home, like a second family.
Great athletic options like lacrosse. Great Midwest school. Short 45 minute drive from my hometown. Double major oppurtunity.
I went to Elmhurst in 2003 and have had several friends attend there in recent years. The campus was always clean and the staff were friendly and willing to help. The professors always made time when needed to offer advice and make sure each student understands the material.
THe campus is a close community and it is easy to get know people through Greek Life, Clubs, and other various organizations.
Amazing school! Everyone is so nice and professors really care about your education. Highly recommend!!!!
I met a lot of truly amazing staff, faculty, and students at my time at Elmhurst. Unfortunately the politics of the campus negatively affected these people and they were forced to leave. No matter what, I see my time at Elmhurst as a positive one. But if you believe when coming to this school you'll be able to make positive change in a short amount of time? Think again. Focus on your academics, your friends, and the beautiful campus. If you want to makes waves, you'll pay.
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Elmhurst has a lot of programs and flexible schedules. It's a small college with a big university feel set in Elmhurst, IL it's close to Chicago.
Elmhurst College is a beautiful small campus full of diversity. The students that I meet on campus have unique personalities and the professors are always willing to help their students after classes and/or when appointments are made. The one thing I would like to change is how events are advertised. A lot of educational and fun events do not show easily since it is crowded by clubs and sports team announcements.
It's a small school so it's easy to talk to professors or get extra help. The campus is beautiful and it's an arboretum, not so great if you have allergies. I'm not in athletics or the party scene so can't help you there. It can be challenging to get in the classes you need, because it is a small school and they only have so many professors willing to teach particular classes and such.
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