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It's a very comforting environment. The professors, the administrators, the students all come together and make the college feel like a second home, like a second family.
Great athletic options like lacrosse. Great Midwest school. Short 45 minute drive from my hometown. Double major oppurtunity.
I went to Elmhurst in 2003 and have had several friends attend there in recent years. The campus was always clean and the staff were friendly and willing to help. The professors always made time when needed to offer advice and make sure each student understands the material.
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THe campus is a close community and it is easy to get know people through Greek Life, Clubs, and other various organizations.
Amazing school! Everyone is so nice and professors really care about your education. Highly recommend!!!!
I met a lot of truly amazing staff, faculty, and students at my time at Elmhurst. Unfortunately the politics of the campus negatively affected these people and they were forced to leave. No matter what, I see my time at Elmhurst as a positive one. But if you believe when coming to this school you'll be able to make positive change in a short amount of time? Think again. Focus on your academics, your friends, and the beautiful campus. If you want to makes waves, you'll pay.
Elmhurst has a lot of programs and flexible schedules. It's a small college with a big university feel set in Elmhurst, IL it's close to Chicago.
Elmhurst College is a beautiful small campus full of diversity. The students that I meet on campus have unique personalities and the professors are always willing to help their students after classes and/or when appointments are made. The one thing I would like to change is how events are advertised. A lot of educational and fun events do not show easily since it is crowded by clubs and sports team announcements.
It's a small school so it's easy to talk to professors or get extra help. The campus is beautiful and it's an arboretum, not so great if you have allergies. I'm not in athletics or the party scene so can't help you there. It can be challenging to get in the classes you need, because it is a small school and they only have so many professors willing to teach particular classes and such.
If you are looking for a college with a small class size and great teachers, Elmhurst would be a great fit for you.
Elmhurst College is a great, small school that turned into home for me. There were many opportunities for me to get involved on campus, to be able to have a job and be five minutes away from my next class. The professors here a qualified and have all worked in their field at some point in their life, and many of them are knowledgeable in other subjects too.
Elmhurst college is a very lenient college. By that, I mean that all types of beliefs, hobbies, heritages, and genders are welcome. There are smaller classes, and a great freshman welcoming system. The campus itself is by far the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. Although it is fairly expensive, the prestigious degree is well worth the journey.
Elmhurst College was a very small knit community. All the classrooms were small enough to know all of the students. The only negative thing was that during my time at the school, the school was over budget and were making cuts from the science departments. The science departments were lacking upgrades that were much needed.
The staff here is very friendly and there are many helpful professors. You'll find great peers and a homey environment on this relatively small but connected campus.
Elmhurst College has given me a home away from home. Being at a smaller school allows me to be able to build bonds and relationships with staff and my professors very well. Making friends has been easy because everyone is super welcoming and always willing to give a helping hand.
This college is very focused on the success of their students. People may look down upon a school titled "college" and not "university", however the experience that the students at Elmhurst College receive is one of a kind. The school has a very family-friendly, intimate setting and feel to it and there are always resources available to the students. This small school gives students the experience that they would have at a big campus university. I love it.
The Education Department is the worst! Not at all understanding if you have dissabilities! Dauksas and Brown are the worst by far. I'm not here to be the professors friends, i'm here to learn. Don't get on professors bad side or you might as well just drop out. Overly hard for no reason, makes you jump through hoops. Not to mention nasty emails and harassment if you are not a suck up. So unprofessional. They are all friends and will talk behind your back.
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Yes, Elmhurst College is a small school! But that is what makes Elmhurst the best college to go to! Having a small number of students in your field of program such as Elementary Education is crucial. That means there are not that many graduates from a great college looking for a job in the same area as you. You are able to build a relationship with each of your professors because the class size is about 20 students. Having a real connection with your professor means they get to know you and you get to know them. They will be great references or write great recommendations for whatever you need. In addition to professors, you create long lasting friendships with your peers. Everyone becomes close and you support each other to get through the semester. I recommend applying to Elmhurst College first. It can be competitive to get in, but that is because they should be your number one choice!
Loved Elmhurst College. Elmhurst College gave me so many opportunities to get involved with the campus and even the community. Courses overall were challenging but I took a lot away from it. Professors and administration are always easy to access. Expensive, but offers scholarships, push for a higher scholarship before accepting admissions offer.
I admired the kindness from the students and teachers when I visited the school. Also, they have a great nursing program and are very diverse when it comes to their students.
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