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It has a great living area and overall pretty friendly people, but the cafeteria and most of the professors minus a handful are not very good.
I liked the apartments and the suites. They're sports teams are fun to watch and they have a very nice library. The student body is pretty diverse but there are plenty of groups to bring people together. No matter what your interests are, there is probably a group there for you.
Small campus in a great community! Professor are amazing. Decent size classes so no needing to worry about being in a class with over 200 students. Professors are always there to sit down one on one and help you out. Great facilities and a great education. Very affordable and helpful in getting used to college before jumping in to a 4 year college. Glad I attended this junior college before transferring to a 4 year.
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Recent graduate, they treated me well enough that I will be going back to complete my Pre-Vet classes before applying to Iowa State for vet school. My advisor actually cared and was a professor of mine. So he actually wanted me to succeed. That's always nice to have. Decent pricing, small class numbers, easy going.
The teachers and classes are great, however the administration needs some work. If you are a military veteran I don't recommend this college if you need help accessing your military benefits. They don't know what they're doing and will try to blame you for their mistakes. Administration is rude and won't listen to you. Teachers are AMAZING and care about their students tremendously.
Many of times to choose for most classes so you can work your classes around your schedules.
LOVE the online courses. They work great when you can't get the personal classes to fit in or for when you need to work and not be in classes and you are able to get the work done by end of each week and not due the day of class.
Not sure what to say about this.
The class sizes are perfect size. You get to know your whole class before the end of the semester. Everyone works together and studies together. The professors are always helpful and know you really well. Most courses will transfer too so lots of opportunities.
The Ag program that I am in is VERY good about getting you a summer internship. Lots of opportunities. We also have many companies come and talk to us and a lot of the student turn around and get internships and jobs with them later on.
Everything so far will help me with my transfer to Iowa State and will help me with pursuing a career.
I LOVE the small campus and being able to know everyone on campus and being able to talk to your teachers and being able to have teachers that know you really well and will help you with anything.
transfer partnership with other schools and their job success rating
I have had a little trouble with the admissions people getting all my classes onto my degree. I had to send my class transcript three times.
I like online courses sometimes, just because they can be easier if you don't have time to sit in the classroom.
I have had some of my favorite teachers at this college. They are very concerned about your education.
I know the ag program has a lot of interneship and job opportunities, but not many with the regular college.
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It has kind of a high school feel, but the teachers are fantastic and reallly care about the students.
It is a very nice small school atmosphere with extremely nice teachers.
I've taken online courses through other schools and they are far more advanced. I'm not happy at all with mine, there aren't that many classes to choose from anyway so I guess its a little pointless to offer any with the way they are proctored.
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