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Elizabethtown Community & Technical College Reviews

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I absolutely love going to this school. Never was there a time where I felt alone. The transitioning of moving from overseas to Kentucky and deciding to go to ECTC, was the best decision I could have ever made.
I loved visiting this campus for my senior college trip! The staff seems so nice and the campus is really great. I would love to go here as a college freshman, a two-year school is perfect for my future at the moment.
I enjoy taking courses at Elizabethtown Community and Technical School. You can definitely see how much the care for each student. Because it's such a small school, the staff is very personal. Class sizes are small and professors are easily accessible. It is very obvious that the staff loves their job, too. They offer several diverse programs which are expanding each year. The only thing that I believe they could improve on is the food on campus. Elizabethtown is a rather large area with many food choices but there aren't many close to campus. Regardless, I'm so glad that I've chosen ECTC as my college.
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It's a very small college, and class sizes are usually very small, so professors are more able to do one-on-one work. The administration is very helpful, and it is not hard to get help, and questions are answered quickly.
close to home and affordable, limited student athletics and no dorms but its acceptable , its a community college
I got accepted and found out I had to pay more than three grand for classes where I literally tech my self with minimal help from teachers. It was just hours of me reading and doing the homework trying to figure out what I am supposed to do for the assignments, not to mention the online classes use different means than the schools blackboard. I'm dropping out and probably not going to college for a couple years.
After graduating high school, making the transition to college was overwhelming. Thankfully, choosing ECTC made the transition easier. It is a great school for starting one's secondary education by completing the general education courses and exploring interests before going on to a four-year university. I spent four years there getting two degrees (one technical, one associate) and I enjoyed every moment of it. The professors were clearly invested in the subjects they were teaching and willing to do all they could to help a student succeed. The faculty is extremely patient and helpful, giving students the tools and advice they need. The only issue I ever had with ECTC was that some classes were not available during certain points of the year, which has resulted in students having to delay graduation because of being unable to complete one credit. Overall, I have enjoyed my time at ECTC and would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to advance their education.
Very excellent teachers who are willing to work with students where they need it! I'm not affiliated with any of their sports, but they do take pride in their team. (The Barons) There are no on-campus dorms so there isn't really any room for parties. Overall Great school!
Elizabethtown Community and Technical College has wonderful teachers and a great learning environment.
The experience here was great! Anytime you need help they were always willing to be there for you. The people there made the atmosphere feel so warming and welcoming.
ECTC is a wonderful school, full of professors who are passionate about the subjects they teach. I have had very few bad experiences here. The faculty are also very helpful and knowledgeable.
The administration and students are all very welcoming. In addition, you meet a lot of people from different backgrounds. However, I wish there was more diversity.
It seems pretty good i dont go here yet but im about to graduate and cant afford huge college so im going to go here
Teachers are all very great about helping their students. They also have many other resources available when students need other assistance.
Professors are challenging, but helpful. As well as all of the staff! Classes are challenging, but their are support systems such as your professors, the Learning Lab and tutoring. Their is also a lot of great places for studying and student help such as the computer lab, the library, student lounge and the learning lab in each building. A lot of great resources for students and their is always help. A great college for starting out the college life and trying to figure out adulthood.
For Elizabethtown Community & Technical College being my first college for me to attend I am very pleased. The staff is always help with anything and the community It's very safe and peaceful. All my classes are online as of now but that doesn't stop a professor from helping you if you need help or don't understand something which is what I like the most and that is why I give this college 5 stars. With myself graduating early from high school I would highly recommended this college to anyone who is interested or has any questions about it if they are skeptical about going to a smaller college.
What's nice about ECTC is that it's not a huge school. There is always help available whether it is with financial aid, getting the classes you need, or even tutoring. There is always someone available if needed. The bookstore has several different options on how to pay for books which is convenient. If you don't have a lot of money to attend a university, ECTC is the way to go. I am currently taking my basics there and plan to transfer to the University of Louisville. By taking my basics at ECTC I am saving a lot of money while still getting the classes I will need in order to transfer.
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ECTC is great for getting your AA, it really helps you prepare for the next 2 years at university. The options are nearly limitless for class selections. There are classes online, hybrid online, day classes, night classes, and Saturday classes. ECTC and my advisors worked with me to fit my classes around my work schedule. With help from the staff at ECTC I was able to complete my AA as a fulltime student while continuing to work fulltime.
Great school and education for a good price. The administration is wonderful, caring, and really do care about your success and future.
This is a small little community college that keeps their campus working as a community. The classes are small enough for the teachers to learn individual names and if you are having trouble in a subject, you can reach out to most teachers and they would be glad to help. They also have free tutoring and free printing made available throughout the week which is extremely convenient for any class that you stuggle in. My experience with the staff (Teachers, janitors, office workers, and counselors) is very pleasant. They have the number for campus security posted all over campus and local cops to monitor, I feel very gurarded here on campus. I personally enjoy going to class here.
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