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I absolutely love it here!! I can't imagine myself going anywhere else. The community is so welcoming and friendly. It is truly amazing to feel like a group of strangers is your family. Truly an amazing school. I could go on endlessly about how much I love it!!
Elizabethtown College is a very small liberal arts college. It is well known for its OT program. The campus is quite small with short walks to classes and the dinning hall. The students and faculty are generally nice and helpful.
Etown is a second home. I loved the welcoming community of staff, professors, and students. I had an internship in my freshman year, which caused me to chose the school in the first place. I wish the community was more diverse and academics more rigorous.
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Elizabethtown College is set in a beautiful town in Southeastern Pennsylvania. I think its biggest strengths are its commitment to service, its engaged professors, and its focus on its students' quality of life. There are so many things to be involved in on campus, from musical groups and dance clubs to intramural athletics and student senate. Everyone can find their niche on this campus. It's the kind of place where everyone knows your name and smiles, telling you hello as you pass them. I think the biggest drawbacks are that it's pricey, although if you're a good student, there is plenty of financial aid available. Likewise, it's not a huge party school off campus since there are very few bars and restaurants in the immediate area.
I could not imagine being at any other school! I love this college, it has a great feeling of family, you really get to know your Professors on a one-on-one basis. If you are looking into small schools i would 100% recommend taking a tour, and checking it out!
Etown is a small school that has a very 'hometown' feel to it. The town itself is small, as well as the campus. However, it is located just 20 minutes from Harrisburg, Hershey, and Lancaster, so there is always something to do whether on campus, in town, or in one of the cities close by. The college's motto is "Educate for Service". Community service is highly encouraged on campus, and ample opportunities are provided to volunteer. Etown is an amazing college and I have enjoyed my time here.
A good school for online learning that fits my schedule. The adult accelerated program is great. I work full time and went back to school to pursue a BS. I was surprised how many credits I could transfer from my Associates.
I love how beautiful the campus is. The campus is well taken care of and so are the buildings. This makes you feel more at home. In the dorms, they try to include everyone and work with them to make sure everyone feels at home, especially the first year students. Professors are not just the people you see in class because they want you to visit them during office hours and you see them walking around campus all the time, sometimes you'll even see the president! The academics are challenging yet understanding and they push you to work your hardest. The community present at Elizabethtown helps student's come out of their shells and make friends faster and with more ease than they thought was possible.
Elizabethtown College is an extremely welcoming community. Most of the professors want to see you succeed and will do anything to make that happen. There are lots of student run activities to do. There is at least one fitness activity each day which is great. It's very easy to make friends here because everyone in genuinely nice.
I love Elizabethtown College. Everything from the food to the students to the classes is perfect for me! The cafe is open all day, the students are friendly and open, and there are many course options with great professors. There are also many clubs and opportunities on campus too.
This college has a great atmosphere! Everyone is really friendly and professors get to know their students as classes are usually small. I haven't had a class with more than 30 people in it. The academics are challenging, but not too challenging. I wish there was more diversity, though.
We have a ratio of 11:1, an average class size of about 16 students, we also cap our classes at 35 students. Which is amazing! We have an open door policy here at Elizabethtown College and it has been one of the greatest things I think we have here at Etown. Now our professors here and all of our students will say that Elizabethtown has a different feeling from the many other smaller, private schools around the USA. Elizabethtown College is so inviting and you are a not a number here.
As a social work major I have been on the field since freshman year. This fall will be my junior year and I have my first internship I will be working with. 96% of our students will have a job or be in graduate school at least 6 months after graduating from Elizabethtown College. I know 3 of my friend were Music Education majors and they had their jobs lined up before they even graduated.
Elizabethtown College is a phenomenal college and the students, staff, and faculty are the ones keeping the college safe. Of all the schools I looked at, Elizabethtown College was the safest and most inviting of all the colleges. I walk around on and off campus with my over the ear headphones and I even lost my phone freshman year. I got my phone back the same day I had lost it because a student here brought it to me.
We're located in Lancaster county and we're affiliated with the Church of the Brethren. With that said, Etown campus is one of the safest and most convenient schools I looked at. We guarantee housing for all four years and we have 8 different housing options for our traditional students here. Within those 8, 6 of them are dorms and or housing has tons of Liberal Learning Communities in them. We do not have any particular freshman dorm, and I as a student absolutely love our dorms.
I don't necessarily utilize these facilities but they are really great for our both our student athletes and students who want to just stay in shape.
Etown has about 1800 students and the professors are always so ready to try and make their students even better! I would choose Etown over any other school time and time again. The Office of Student Activities is also great and keeps students busy during the school year and makes the school year exciting!
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You get very close to everyone in your building. All of the buildings are coed so that is nice.
We are a big basketball and soccer school. The games are fun!
During my tours and overnight visits I found that I love the way things work there.
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