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Elizabethtown College School of Continuing & Professional Studies Reviews

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A beautiful campus with excellent facilities. Professors vary, some definitely want you to succeed while others are just there to do their jobs. Overall some minor issues that shouldn't pop up at a school that is as rich as it is, but passable. If you like to complain though you will be able to find something to complain about here.
I have attended Elizabethtown College for a total of four semesters now as a music therapy major. The program is a thorough and rigorous one, but it hones the student's skills for the professional world. The professors are friendly and looking to help you succeed as often as they possibly can. The campus itself is beautiful and full of friendly faces passing you by.
I love Elizabethtown College. It was my first choice school and I have fallen even more in love with it since being here. The school truly cares about you and how you do. The academics are amazing. The professors care about you and want to see you succeed. I have made some of the best friends I have ever had through this college and I can't imagine myself anywhere else.
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I liked the academic atmosphere at Elizabethtown College with the professors engaged with the students and accessible to the students. Elizabethtown College is a small school and challenges it students to achieve and think.
Very safe campus & surrounding area
Bad for adult students. Average otherwise
Not very familiar. I Commuted.
There is no Greek life
A decent number of sports are offered. No football
Not many financial aid or career services options
I am a new student, recently completing my first class. My experience was well above initial expectations. Professor was very knowledgeable about course and content. He provided supplemental materials and real life experiences to enhance our learning experience. Additionally, he challenged us to think about the big picture and how to incorporate the knowledge and techniques into our day to day activities. I am looking forward to my next class, with hopes that the professor and classroom culture meet the same standards.
The college prides itself on being relatively safe, wholesome, and outgoing. Although it's no secret the students will party, and their are always the resident alcoholics, and potheads that you could spot pretty easily without having to ask... the majority of the student body are made up of non to light users and the drugs of choice are the typical marijuana and alcohol. The neighboring city does have it's fair share of crime (like most) and heavier drugs, especially a heroin problem known in the area. But the campus is actually pretty far away from the city, and you would need to get a ride, so there are little to no issues with campus safety, and outside influences of drugs or otherwise. The school is also fairly strict about those caught with any substances, paraphernalia or weapons, and operates under a zero-tolerance policy. So as long as you're going out with friends, off-campus. You can enjoy a few drinks socially in the city, which can be really great, or any of the other surrounding towns.
The Greek scene is here, but as far as I'm aware, it's nothing like what you'd see on larger campuses, say, at most state schools. I'm not an expert, and only going by what I've seen, heard and been told. But for the most part, they seem to be geared toward honors, and mutual interests, and do a lot of community service and charitable work.
Again, only going by what I'm been told about through admissions counselors, tours, and literature, the adult program through the school, looks to be a good choice for those in my current position (working adult & transfer students) Their may not be as many courses offered, and I will not be attending the main campus, but the resources are available to me should I choose to use them, and their still seem to be opportunities for internships, study abroad, sports, and many other "college experience" things.
I'm in the process of starting classes, so I don't have much to go on or compare it to. But it's what I want to do, and the classes themselves as far as content and instructors looked to be good. Personally, I'm in an accelerated adult program rather than the traditional program. Instead of going to the main campus, I'll be attending both brick-and-mortar, and online classes through their satellite campus in a neighboring town. The schedule is very convenient for working adults and the prices are much more affordable. I'm not sure about admissions criteria for new students, as I have prior college experience and am a transfer student. Still, the process wasn't too bad.
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