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Hello, My name is Latrice Brothers and I am currently a student at Elizabeth City State University. I'm a junior majoring in Aviation Science and I can honestly say that I am truly proud to be a mighty Viking. Since my freshman year I have met amazing individuals that want to see me grow and move beyond the university. College is a great and fun experience but its not just about the parties. Being in the Aviation program my advisors are hardworking people who don't mind going the extra mile to make sure that each student in that department are getting the help they need to graduate within their 4 years.
Elizabeth City State University is a well organized school and have friendly staffs and professors . Things that need to be changed is meals plans and we need more live events on campus for everyone to attend . Like for instance , we need to open the indoor pool up during the summer time instead of opening it just for class.
I just received a work study job and I really enjoy what I do in the wellness center.
Review Elizabeth City State University
My professors are really cool and the class style is pretty good as well.
I wouldn't know much about this department so I cant really tell you much.
I live in Viking Village and it is next to the best I share a room with 5 other girls but I have my own room and my own bathroom. We also have a full kitchen and a nice living room with washers and dryers always available. Overall I can not complain at all.
I am very interested in these type of things but it is very hard to know how to join.
Once again I am a student athlete on the Women's Basketball team and we work very hard to keep this program going.
Its a lot of work but I am also an student athlete so that makes it just a little better.
Safety is very important to me. I feel safe on campus.
Overall, the university is great. Will do their best to help.
Students are very involved in their Greek life (if you are a member) whether its through community service or promoting their club.
Good coaches some great athletes have come out this college
Nontraditional student. Not into a lot in college activities or school events.
The university has several pros as well as cons. Small class size and a cozy environment are a few of the pros. As with any university experience, it is entirely what you make it to be.
For all majors more could be added to the curriculum.
Campus security makes you feel safe and taken care of.
Review Elizabeth City State University
With being at a small school, professors are able to give the one on one time needed.
Our Career Services center always has brochures and options for students seeking jobs and careers after graduation.
Campus housing isn't too bad, but I would rather live off campus
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