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After a 5yr break from school, going back was a little scary. Thanks to the ECC staff everything went well and smooth. For every step that was required to get started, someone was there to lead, advise and help out. In a matter of time and dedication I was able to start a new career! I wouldn't change anything about ECC. Campus is alw always open and if help is required anyone will be able to assist.
As an adult student, I was somewhat disappointed that the college does not have a better approach to providing this particular student body with more evening classes and better professors during the evening. For students that work full time, it is hard to get good professors.
So far ECC has been very helpful in helping me sign up for college. The staff that I have gone to for help have all been very nice. I can't say much about the experience yet because I have not yet started but I feel as though it will be great. The atmosphere seem great and I can't wait to start.
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ECC has little to offer as far as student life is concerned. However, it does have great academics. I took my time studying here because I was not sure what I wanted to do. The price is right here so I didn't have to break the bank to find out where my passion was. Professors can be hit and miss, but overall are prety nice and try their hardest to have you succeed.
Great college for the cost. The campus looks great, just make sure to use rate my professor when getting classes.
Diverse, open to all people, accepting college. They want you to succeed in whatever you are going for. I always feel safe when I am there.
These past two years flew by so fast! This college is a great place to go to if you are undecided or if you want to earn you associates before transferring.
Elgin Community College opens its doors to people of all kinds. They are truly open-minded and focus on diversity and moving forward with education tools.
I have visited the campus and it was quite nice, I have talked to some people and they were helping me out with what I needed.
i love that this school makes you feel so accept with the friendly students and staff. How they help you get to class help you study and pass and achieve your class grade goals.
I loved how I was able to start taking classes that specifically dealt with my major. The professors were always willing to help and cared about their students. Counseling and tutoring was always available. Since I am a science major there were many opportunities to engage in science fairs and special elective classes. ECC has an up to date campus and a beautiful library. If you wish to receive a social life, ECC is not the best college for that. To be social and make friends you really must join a club or some event that pushes you to engage with others.
This is my second semester at ECC. The campus appears to have been fully renovated. Building A is the healthcare professions building, and there are all-new labs and classrooms. I have been impressed with the quality of teaching among my instructors, and thus far all have seemed interested in seeing their students succeed. There are free tutoring centers if you need help with your classes. There's a variety of extracurricular activities too, if you are interested in those. ECC offers excellent value for the money.
I’m currently enrolled at Ecc, it is my second year there. So far my experience at Ecc has been great, the atmosphere is calming and but busy in a way that there is just a lot of students. I’m working towards my Associates in Arts. The teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful. Class sizes are roughly about 25 students which makes it easier to ask questions during lecture, the teachers are willing to work with you if you need the extra help. It’s also great to start off at a community college to save money!
I feel safe when I'm at Ecc. It's a peaceful environment and staff are always happy to help. The campus is not as big so, don't worry about getting lost.
Elgin Community College has been a great experience and has exceeded all of my expectations. It has a fantastic atmosphere and student body. The staff is friendly and always willing to help.
ECC is a good place to start, especially if you don't know what you want to study. You can get your general educations classes out of the way, then once you transfer, you can focus on your major.
It was great school to start my college. It was an easy commute to and from school and the variety of course schedules help me to be able to work full time and be a full student. Great experience
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Administration really wants to see you succeed. TRIO helped me a lot in trying to find the right path. Overall, my experience in ECC was outstanding.
ECC is a perfect place to get started with after high school education. It makes students feel welcomed and helps them along the way.
ECC was probably the best choice I've made thus far. It was affordable, and allowed me to save for a university while being at home. It's also just a beautiful campus with amazing people.
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