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Elgin Community College has been a great experience and has exceeded all of my expectations. It has a fantastic atmosphere and student body. The staff is friendly and always willing to help.
ECC is a good place to start, especially if you don't know what you want to study. You can get your general educations classes out of the way, then once you transfer, you can focus on your major.
It was great school to start my college. It was an easy commute to and from school and the variety of course schedules help me to be able to work full time and be a full student. Great experience
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Administration really wants to see you succeed. TRIO helped me a lot in trying to find the right path. Overall, my experience in ECC was outstanding.
ECC is a perfect place to get started with after high school education. It makes students feel welcomed and helps them along the way.
ECC was probably the best choice I've made thus far. It was affordable, and allowed me to save for a university while being at home. It's also just a beautiful campus with amazing people.
As spring-2018 was my first semester at Elgin community College, I don't know much about the campus. But I like how they offer classes which are really affordable, and how they have achieved to make the financial aid process much more convenient. I used library and it's really great place, and I enrolled in Trio. other than that I really didn't use other resources it has to offer. But I felt like ECC have room for improvement and I am so looking for them to improve so I can rate them higher than I did Right now.
The professors are intelligent, but shouldn't write tests. The level of rigor on exams is ridiculous. You will see questions that are not covered during the semester, riddled with errors that the professor will take finite exam time to correct. This happened almost every exam in every class, including finals- and a final for one class may take several days.

Most classes are harder than their equivalents at a uni or similar community college. Being challenged is a positive, and you WILL learn a lot, but grades should reflect students' work and at ECC, they simply do not. There are classes no one will get an A in, classes where 3/4 of the students will drop by spring break. It is an extremely disheartening environment, even for the most academically minded.

Someone who graduated in 2000 told me they even had this reputation back then. I don't know why this is the case, but if you do not have serious time to devote to your classes, you WILL waste your money here.
ECC is a great place to start your college education. The classes are small so that there is a lot of one on one with the professors. The professors are great and very understanding!
Great school, it's an amazing but affordable place to start your education, wether it's just for a technical degree or planning to transfer,ECC is a great college.
The campus is nice and pretty up to date. The students and teachers are really nice. It’s an easy school to adjust too. I enjoy attending this college.
Attending Elgin Community College was the best two years of college I've had so far. The campus was not only beautiful but open to many opportunities. The professors were all incredibly enthusiastic about what they taught which made for a better learning environment. I was lost in my first semester regarding my degree and with the aid of one of my professors, I found something I am really passionate for.
I like ECC a lot! I found a lot of friends here, and I love all my instructors. Besides, it has a lot of helpful sources to make studying easier.
Staff is very helpful. Especially advisors and counselors. Criminal justice professors are very helpful because they have worked in their fields therefore they know what they are talking about
The course load is very easy, and transferring to a four year degree university is made much easier.
I like how all of the buildings are connected to each other which makes it easier to get my classes. I do not like how small the parking lot is, it sometimes takes a very long time to get out because there are only a few exits.
Some professors are great, others are past their prime, but each one wants you to succed. The advisors are a joke. Coming in as a transfer student, I knew more than my advisor asigned to me. She didn't even know Eastern Illinois University existed, when there was a pennet literally behind her on the wall. The advisors are useless and will try to convince you to take classes YOU DO NOT NEED. They also will tell you that you need to take College 101, you don't. My advice, follow the progress bar online, follow the checklist of your degree, talk to a professor you trust, and finish that way. Also, if you are transferring, ask that university advisor what classes you should take that WILL be worth credit at that institution. It's a decent stepping stone in higher education, but the administration sucks, and the advising is a joke.
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I like my department, but that is really all I can say, the advising staff is the worst and they are not very helpful your better off going to a department head instead. The professors in my department are very good at their jobs except for one, she has no teaching skills whatsoever and no one likes her. she only teaches 2 classes luckily with an alternate teacher for one of them.
Ethical, attentive, and motivational teachers. Entrepreneurship program designed to encourage more students to follow an entrepreneurship program. More volunteering opportunities.
I feel like I definitely learned a lot about how to be a college student first and foremost during my time at ECC. While still living at home, I am able to gain an affordable education from amazing professors and learn what the college workload is like before I transfer.
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