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Every time I go to ECC someone is always there to help and guide you in the right path. They try and help anyone they can even when they are busy. Something they could work on is organization in the testing area for placement tests etc.
Elgin Community College is an inclusive learning environment with impeccable services offered to students. The professors and advisors are extremely helpful and there are diverse students and activities to interact with. The good food is also a great plus.
It's a decent school. I would recommend starting here before going to a 4-year college. The technology varies by department, but is generally decent.
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It's a great school with friendly student and teachers. You fell right at home. Teachers are very supportive and best of all you make friends easy
Elgin Community College was the college that kick started my education after high school. They were close to home which is probably the best but had much more to offer. The classes were very flexible with my work schedule. On top of all that, the professors that I had were remarkable!
I love how professional the whole school is. They take things seriously and make sure you are getting the right education.
Overall my experience has been good, I have learned a lot and I actually like college more than I thought I would have. There was only one teacher that wasn't good at all, even after chance and chance of trying get her help I did not get any. She was not helpful at all and if you did not understand the material she would laugh at you, but over all my other professors were amazing. I learned so much and I walked out that semester knowing more than I imagined. The teachers in the tutoring center were really patient and helpful any time you needed help. I rate ECC a 4 because overall my college experience has been really amazing.
One of my favorite colleges! My experience here was great. My professors were kind and showed their passion through teaching. At ECC you will find diversity in the students and an open campus. Its a great transition for seniors that just graduated high school. Also there are many different classes and clubs for students that are unsure of their major. ECC is known for helping students along the way to success I know from personal experience that you will never feel lost.
Elgin community college is not the typical college experience. This is the place you come to if you strictly want to be done with the education aspect and get out into the workforce as soon as possible. From my own experience barely anyone in my classes socialize and the ones that do typically were in acquaintance before attending ECC. This by far isn't exactly a bad thing, for those that don't care much about the social aspect of college then this is a great choice. For me though the social aspect I of great importance. Fortunately attendance here for me is only a "truck stop", a simple place where I can further my college education while finding direction where I truly want to attend college.
You can pick the schedule you want. I work and go to school so having the ability to do that is what I need.
They will help you understand what you are expected to get out of the course but not much more than that.
I haven't had much experience with them yet but so far they have helped every step of the way.
The Professors are all for the most part friendly and actually do care that you succeed and will help when you ask.
This school can prepare you very well to transfer to a 4-year university.
The school only offers general engineering at the moment so it isn't too good for just my major.
Solid school if you aren't sure what you want to do or want to test your major a bit.
Job prospects, like getting help from ecc on nailing a job right after finishing college is very helpful.
Review Elgin Community College
Awesome teachers and class sizes are small enough to get to know the professor and other students.
I feel like the value of a degree from ECC is very much respected. Internships offered from ECC are very helpful and also very respected.
I really wish it was more hands on.
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