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I like how all of the buildings are connected to each other which makes it easier to get my classes. I do not like how small the parking lot is, it sometimes takes a very long time to get out because there are only a few exits.
Some professors are great, others are past their prime, but each one wants you to succed. The advisors are a joke. Coming in as a transfer student, I knew more than my advisor asigned to me. She didn't even know Eastern Illinois University existed, when there was a pennet literally behind her on the wall. The advisors are useless and will try to convince you to take classes YOU DO NOT NEED. They also will tell you that you need to take College 101, you don't. My advice, follow the progress bar online, follow the checklist of your degree, talk to a professor you trust, and finish that way. Also, if you are transferring, ask that university advisor what classes you should take that WILL be worth credit at that institution. It's a decent stepping stone in higher education, but the administration sucks, and the advising is a joke.
I like my department, but that is really all I can say, the advising staff is the worst and they are not very helpful your better off going to a department head instead. The professors in my department are very good at their jobs except for one, she has no teaching skills whatsoever and no one likes her. she only teaches 2 classes luckily with an alternate teacher for one of them.
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Ethical, attentive, and motivational teachers. Entrepreneurship program designed to encourage more students to follow an entrepreneurship program. More volunteering opportunities.
I feel like I definitely learned a lot about how to be a college student first and foremost during my time at ECC. While still living at home, I am able to gain an affordable education from amazing professors and learn what the college workload is like before I transfer.
ECC is a great community college that is great value. It is very well kept and gives students everything they need to succeed. Teachers are very approachable
It's a great school. The professors only want their students to succeed and help you with whatever you're struggling with. You really get the bang for your buck here.
Very good school to go to if school wasn't really your expertise. They help you achieve your career and academic goals anyway they can. Really enjoy the professors and the vibe of the school.
Lol 4 years for an associates degree. Your school is a drain on the economy and a joke for the people who are set up for a 4 year associates degree. Really who is running admissions. This school wants nothing but your money and could care less about your education. Four years to accomplish what other could do in a year and 1/4 of the cost
Elgin Community College has a very friendly environment and has great amenities for students. The professors are very encouraging and push each student to receive his/her maximum potential. The only thing that could improve is the athletic department. The athletic department is very biased towards certain sports, and is very disorganized.
Everyone is nice at ECC, very helpful. They need more Professors to teach all classes and need to have more opportunities for students to reach their goals.
I liked ECC because of all the great teachers I had. They really know what they are talking about and are very helpful. ECC is full of opportunities as well. They have the study abroad option, student teaching for math, and the honors program.
ECC is a great school. It is more affordable than University, and provides excellent education. It is a great school to get a degree or just get your gen-eds done.
I loved the staff. The school worked with me when I needed to transfer credits over from another school and I was able to graduate. I am very thankful for their staff.
At Elgin Community College i have experienced a nonstop flow of staff who wants you to succeed. Who are truly determined to help to persevere.
I have had great experiences with the professors, and there are so many opportunities to get help in any subject to pass any class.
Elgin Community College is a good school to work towards your Associates degree. It has a website that can guide you through the entire admissions process from registration to graduation. Easy to maneuver, you can locate the answer to any question you may have. The only concern is the programs of study are rather limited. However, they offer " bridge programs" that allow you to enroll at a different school that offers your program at an "in district" rate.
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They are very helpful and always made me feel comfortable about starting college. They have classes to help you adjust and all the employees always help you figure out anything that you need. Professors respond quickly and are very helpful as well.
It's a great school and so cheap, it gives young to old adults the chance to study for less than university tuitions which could help cost if you do decide to transfer. I love school.
ECC is a very large community college with a program, degree, or transfer option for pretty much every one. While it can sometimes be a bit loud and rowdy because of the constant clubs and activities happening on campus, it is a great way to transition from high school to college life. Most teachers are very helpful and tuition is decent. It is a great place to save money and further your education.
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