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I love the opportunities that the school provides. I can't wait to get started. .
This school is ok. I would probably not choose this make up school if I had a do over . I would take my time and look closely at other school. I was too much in a rush because classes were getting ready to start.
I would definitely choose my school again because their way of teaching and the experience you get is invaluable. They also allow you to use many different brands of makeup, therefore you learn about all different brands of makeup and when or when not to use a certain brand or type of makeup. They also always have the answer to 'why?' so I always know why I am or am not doing something.
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The class timings are perfect and the days too. They work around my working schedule and are long enough to learn allot of ne things.
I dont take online courses there. I take the classes there and they are amazing!
Its amazing. Its like doing art but on people. There is nothing better than seen your work of art being admired by other people
My proffesores are great they take the time to shw me everything they know. Being able to be there is a blessong and it was really easy to get in.
I love my school so far! Intteracting with students is amazing here and the staff are soo helpfull. I love my teachers and what they have taught me is very valuable and cherished in every way.
Everyone there is unique they are really good at something and that makes them stand out. All my class,mates,are hard working and they are always trying their best!
Our career service staff is amazing almost any question we have can be answered by her! they help us out with finding jobs and housing. She is very understanding when it comes to why you need what you adked for and tries to help you the most that she can and even a little more. She is in charge of many diffrent thing I dont know how she does it but she does her job perfectly!
they need to pay attention a little more and try to explain a couple things better but other than that its great!
I love Elegance Internationals the teachers here are amazing! They do everything they can do to help you out when you are struggling and they make the class and lesson fun. Their teaching methods are great they do demos and they teach you exactly what you are going to be doing late4r that day. I feel like i lear something new

every day that will stay with me forever.
My experience at my school so far has been better than I could have ever expected. I look forward to attending class and new projects. I love the faculty and how friendly they are. They are really focused on making sure students have everything they need and more. They helped me apply for financial aid and scholarships, I love everything about my school.
Being a night student, the staff at my school understand that sometimes work gets in the way of attending class. They are extremely flexible when running late, or even missing an entire class. They offer makeup classes and the teacher comes and shows you the whole lesson as well as a demo and a practical. I haven't had any issues with attendance so far and do not see any in the near future.
we do not offer online courses, but if they did I'm sure they would be amazing.
Everyone that attends my school is an artist, that means that they are very unique. There are so many different styles and everyone owns them fearlessly. It is amazing to see so many walks of life in one place.
They are really interested on getting their students working in the industry. They work with students and alumni on job placement and hold net working events.
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We don't have athletics, but that is because it is a make-up school. We have computers we can print stuff we need off of, we have a student center that has information on job opportunities, prices we should charge for freelance, and pretty much any other information you could ever possibly need. If they don't have it, ask them and they'll get it. We have a library of books and movies all on make-up artistry, or influential to the industry. There are campus activities, we just had the 10th annual make-up competition, which I proudly took second place for my category.
The best thing is that since I have a busy schedule I can email anyone on the campus and receive a quick response. It's comforting knowing that even though I attend night classes, I still have a valuable relationship with the staff. Their wifi is pretty good, I have only used it once. They have computers available to students who need to print items off, but not an actual computer lab I don't think.
They have actual creations from past students on display. Some that were used in big name movies. It's amazing to see the work people before me have done and what I have to look forward to.
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