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im still studing in EPCC but so far it has been a great semester. The teachers that I have they know how to to their job, and how to help you if you dont understand something, that is something that I really like about EPCC.
I really like the professors I've gotten, because they work with my circumstances, they can work one-on-one with you. If the professor can't help you, you can go to the tutoring center and they will help you for sure and you can get your job done. The classes are smaller and that helps because you can focus more and you can get along with your classmates better.
Great place to start your college experience. Easy to transfer as well int a 4 year collage. Great class environment and the people on campus are very helpful and friendly, same goes for the staff and teachers.
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The majority of professors are kind and flexible with after class hours to assist us. The campuses are constantly expanding and upgrading. The parking permits are very affordable and finding parking is never a problem. Some of the older class rooms have Air conditioning that can't be controlled individually so they can be too warm or cold.
El Paso Community College had been an amazing college that I have attended for a year and a half. I have had grrat experiences with professors and I feel I have been able to achieve great knowledge from all classes I have attended. I am also glad that it is an affordable school that has transfer credits because it makes paying for my pre requisites easier before heading to a 4 year university.
Very affordable. The classrooms are very small and intimate which allow for the greatest amount of retention in each class.
I really enjoy how the counselors take care of you as a first time student, the different events that take place at the college, and how there are a lot of spaces to study. I would like to see to change the customer services at the admissions and registration department as well as other employees of the college. The overall cleanliness of the Valle Verde campus is deplorable.
EPCC is a place the will surprise you since it offers a good education for an affordable class. It has very good professors that help you out and teach you not only the materials but also lessons that you can take with you through your life. It offers many great opportunities and it is just like they say "the best place to start".
This college is really the best place to start. You can do your basics or all your requirements first and then be able to transfer all your credits to other universities. I love taking classes here, most proffesors are very helpful.
The professors I've had so far are fine, but it was very difficult to get into the school. The staff tend to not explain things as clearly as they should and there's a lot of confusion. Most of the campus is clean, but the cafeteria isn't as well maintained as it should be.
Well, to begin with I really like my school, they are always helping me even im not asking for it their locations are always open and my progress as a college student has been getting better. I love my school and something that matbe a would change is the policy of the parking lot tickets, they have to be considered that many foreing people comes to get help and they get a ticket unfearly.
It’s a great place to start college. Really good professors, really helpful, great campus. It is a very good school good place to star for people coming out of high school or starting after a few years of not going to school. Great place to start!
It is somewhat organized. Teachers are great but staff such as financial aid and counselors are very disorganized and misinformed.
I have been on this campus for approximately one year. The teachers in this campus make learning easy and they also make the class enjoyable. The staff cares about how the campus is (they keep it clean and healthy). As long as you as a student do your research and do not rely on others (even counselors or staff) to succeed in your path, you will be fine.
El Paso Community College is a great place to start after finishing high school. The professors are very helpful and understanding. Everyone is friendly and overall a great environment. EPCC helps you grow and prepare you for university.
Overall, I glad I going to get my associate's degree with El Paso Community College. The best part is that since it is a small college, if you are ever struggling with a class, you can get ask for help from your fellow peers or your professors during their office hours and they will gladly guide you through whatever you don't struggling with.
I absolutely enjoy attending EPCC! There are several campuses throughout the city of El Paso and the Valle Verde campus is great. The instructors are great and many seem to really be dedicated to teaching not just he material but also life lessons. Classes are smaller than usual so everyone really gets the attention the need. Facility is clean and well taken care of. Trees, grass, and plants really make the campus a beautiful place. Resources are readily available and easy to find. Staff is friendly and always helpful. Overall a great place to begin my continued education.
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El Paso Community College is a great place to start your education. To get a flow of how everything will be if you want to keep on going with your education. All admin. is very helpful there!
EPCC is the best place to start. They are a growing college that is fit for a lot of people. The classrooms are nice and spacious. The professors are very prepared. A lot of them have Ph.D. and you can see they love what they do. Over the years it has been growing more and more here in El Paso. They have 4 campuses throughout El Paso which makes it great and convenient for everyone in the city. The prices are also very competitive. You get what you pay for and maybe even more. Everyone from teacher to students, faculty are very nice. Parking is great and affordable.
El Paso Community College is a great college. The class sizes are small which ensures you get to speak with the professor and ensures that you are able to learn and ask questions.
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