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El Paso Community College is a great college. The class sizes are small which ensures you get to speak with the professor and ensures that you are able to learn and ask questions.
I really enjoy being here. I am part of an early college high school program, howere, that does not give me any advantages when it comes to professor. They treat me like any other student and I enjoy the equality. I did wish there were more food options though.
It's great for starters because it is affordable and besides technical careers like hvac and automotive training they also offer the first two years of any proffessional career at a much lower price than a four year university. Classes are small and it has campuses all over the city
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My overall experience at El Paso Community College Rio Grande Campus has been exceptional. I like the intimacy of the small classes, which allows a better opportunity of one on one interactions with the professors. The entire staff is friendly and helpful. The facilities are excellent. The academic resources (tutor lab, writing center, math lab, etc...) are extremely helpful.

What I would like to see changed would be the open hours of the library Thursday through Sunday. I would like to be able to use this valuable resource during that time period. Besides this, I cannot think of any other changes I would like to see.
Advisors are friendly and work with you and if there is a problem they help you get to a solution quickly. The best place to start and save money as apposed to starting at a university right away.
El Paso Community College truly is the best place to start. It is not an expensive college, students and professors are always willing to help and assist on whatever you need. EPCC is involved in the community and does live by its mission statement.
It really is the best place to start or to return after being out of school for several years. Classes can be fast paced but there are plenty of resources to help you succeed.
It was very flexible with my schedule! Since the college has more than one location, there were more options for classes that could be fit into my schedule. All the professors I have had are also really attentive, constantly encouraging the individual to seek them out if they have any difficulties with the class or providing them with alternative tutoring programs to go to. Overall, so far, it has been a great experience and would recommend.
I enjoy the small classes El Paso Community college hold. With online courses and in-class settings offered in their 5 campuses it makes it easy for students who have busy schedules to work school into their lives.
I enjoyed my time here. The professors are all knowledgeable and understanding of their students. The students for the most part are nice.
El Paso Community College has been the tool for many people to a brighter future. Whether you are someone looking for an associate's degree or trying to transfer to a 4-year university, you can not go wrong with EPCC. The tuition here is cheap, the teachers show knowledge and passion about their field of study, and there is a lot of diversity; El Paso is next to Mexico, so you can learn a lot about our amigos who come here to study. The downside of this college is the lack of student housing, in case you are planning to rent a dorm. Overall, EPCC is a very recommendable place to start your degree.
El Paso Community College is a 2 year junior college. The academics are what you make out of them, but the campus has a good community. Students are friendly and willing to help. It’s moderate sized but has a lot of opportunities and clubs.
I like how the professors are always there to help you, and are always really open to any other concerns. What I beicpuld be change, are the ways the classes are. Some classes tend to be more smaller than others, which is sometimes difficult to find a fitting schedule, since most get taken really fast.
I like that community college is a fast and easy way to start my first steps to my future career. It is a convenient college near me and allows me to gain the knowledge I need in order to have a successful life. EPCC is the place for me!
El Paso Community College is great place to start your basics. The teachers are great with their teachings. Also, help students with any difficulties that they might have with a lesson or any of the students studies. The campus is pretty big, but also very safe with the security they have around the campus. Especially when the campus has an event, security makes sure there is no problems or accidents going on the event. Now the counselors are great with there work. They work with you on your schedule so that way you don't have trouble with you studies, work, or any activities you may have in your life. Also, you can work there at El Paso Community College if you are in need of money for your studies or books, but of course its a part-time job and not a full time job.
I had a great experience at EPCC. It's a great place to start your degree. The teachers are a kind people. They are so responsible. Always they are on time in the classes. EPCC has a good installations. It has a good computer lab where you can do your homework quietly.
My experience in Epcc is amazing professors are very understanding and helpful. What I would like to see change is to have more online classes.
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I'm currently a senior at Canutillo High School, but my school offers courses from El Paso Community College. These classes are called dual credit classes and you take them during you junior and senior year to gain college credit while still in high school. I am currently taking two courses from EPCC at my high school, Astronomy and Government. The work in the classes is very easy and therefore, it makes it easier to pass the class. I think it is a great idea for El Paso Community College to offer these dual credit classes at high schools around El Paso because students can get ahead of their classes once they start college. Another reason why I think it's a very good idea is because the school pays El Paso Community College for your classes, so you don't have to pay a dime for dual credit classes. It is a great opportunity for students to know what to expect once they get to college and also to get ahead in their college hours once they start attending college.
“Best Place to start “ and it really is professors do really give good lessons they care about students give a lot of ways to get extra credit.
The college is great, and really affordable for students who can't afford education at an University or aren't on Financial Aid! Definitely recommend it for high school students and even adults as well!
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