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I loved the atmosphere and the friendliness of the teachers and staff. One thing that could change it the facility. It could have more areas to eat.
Its a place were you feel comfortable to study. I would recomend EPCC to anyone who is starting college.
It's the best place to start even if your not entirely sure of what you want to do after high school I honestly think its the right college to start of with. Classes are not that expensive and you can transfer from there. They also have so many programs to offer like the Law Enforcement Training Academy, the Fire Tech, and the automotive technology program and so many others.
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It is a great school! The professors will help you hands on with whatever you are struggling with. One thing I would like for a change would be better help from counselors and the financial aid office.
EPCC has been the place in which I have felt very comfortable to finish my basics and get them over with. The professors at the school really do the best to try and help you out even shooting them an email at any time of the day. Not only were the professors great, however they also work with your schedule. A lot of us have two jobs and what not and the professors/school work with you to do your greatest. I would recommend EPCC to any other student who is trying to finish their basics.
El Paso Community College is a great place to start your future career. It is such a friendly enviroment and the help is offered whenever you need it.
Overall Paso community college is not a bad college to start as a community college. It is not as big as the other university in the city, which is the university of Texas at El Paso. But there is a lot of resources were the student to succeed at this community college. The students however, like most colleges must be focused on themselves as instructors to not really care. Overall the campus is great very diverse there’s a lot of military presence and even student presense from across the border.
I am currently enrolled in El Paso Community College and have found the school to be very academically involved with their students. Professors have flexible office hours if needed and I have found them very nice and helpful. Finally EPCC is a very well rounded community college and definitely recommend it to anyone .
Very understanding good counselors nice teachers nice and clean campus the catofs explain very good on all the choices there are to study such as majors degrees certificates etc etc .
I love the central location, easy parking and classes available. I have a M-F 8-5 job so the one thing I would like to have improve is the lab and the tutoring hours. It coincides with my schedule and I feel I have no access. The professors can improve as well. Wanting to teach vs teaching for extra income or due to not having enough professors makes a huge difference. When professors embrace their subject it allows for better understanding.
I have had great teachers for the most part. The teachers really care about the students and can focus on each grade. The facilities are nice and they are always trying to improve the buildings. It is a great place to go to school, the financial office is the only downside as they take forever.
I enjoy having my classes in the night since its very relaxing and it help me concentrate better. Overall, I haven't had any awful experiences and the teachers are very friendly. The students are nice and sometimes help the teachers with some issues. Since my classes end early, I kind of worry about some dangers but school security is there patrolling and sometimes some students still linger around the campus. Honestly, it's a really good school and it offers different locations throughout El Paso and the campus I'm currently is close to my home. I'll gladly enjoy finishing all my basics here.
I would go as far as 4 stars because it is a great place to start before being flung into the world of academics.
i am currently a student at EPCC and i have enjoyed my 3 years of studying there. my professors have been kind and understanding. they have taught me everything i need for my major and i have made many amazing memories with the people around me and the experiences i have had.
El Paso Community College is a great place for newly graduated high school students. There are many conveniently placed campuses throughout El Paso for short drive times. Professors are friendly and always willing to help. Something I would consider adding to El Paso Community College would be more clubs and sporting events.
EPCC is a very good campus to start at! They offer tutoring for any subject for free! The professors have great office hours and are willing to help.
I'm currently a part-time student at EPCC and this will be my second year at this college. There is a variation of career paths offered at this institute but it definitely limited, and this includes careers that only offer a certificate. Some of the staff at my location are welcoming and willing to help with your needs. The teaching staff is limited at my location but so far my teachers have been able very helpful. There is also multiple resources to help you with class work. I do wish there was more options open for career paths and possibly people who can help you is you enter college as undecided.
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Honestly When I enrolled at this college my expectation were not very high. I thought that a community college was not the greatest place to receive an education. I thought that a quality education could only be obtained if I attended an university. But I was so wrong for thinking that way. I have obtained so much useful information from my instructors and have received that best education I possibly could receive. Not only that but I also have the luxury of not having to take out any student loans since the price is so affordable
im still studing in EPCC but so far it has been a great semester. The teachers that I have they know how to to their job, and how to help you if you dont understand something, that is something that I really like about EPCC.
I really like the professors I've gotten, because they work with my circumstances, they can work one-on-one with you. If the professor can't help you, you can go to the tutoring center and they will help you for sure and you can get your job done. The classes are smaller and that helps because you can focus more and you can get along with your classmates better.
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