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Attending at El Paso Community College is a really good experience, especially if your a freshman. It’s the best way to start and it is very different from other colleges. For me I’m really glad that i’ve started in a community college instead of a university because most students can afford huge payments. Therefore, I recommend other students to attend a community college first and work your way up.
Excellent schools for an endless amount of opportunities. There are plenty of degrees to choose from and everyone is friendly and welcoming from the moment you step in.
El Paso community college truly is a place that starts you out for success. I genuinely love school now because of EPCC. The whole atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable and the students are always there to help one another as well as the staff. All of the professors that I have had so far have loved what they do and tried their hardest to help us succeed in life as students. College is college and there is stress and a lot of work, but in the end its all worth it. EPCC is the perfect stepping stone into the real world
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I really enjoyed being at this college, particularly because of the amazing environment. The atmosphere is unbelievably refreshing in the sense that the classes are smaller and one can meet and grow friendships with new people. The professors are inspiring on a personal level and one can learn plenty about themselves. If one would want a college that will give them a great social life, El Paso Community College is the place to be!
What I like about EPCC is how compared to most colleges or even community colleges it is one of the least inexpensive options. However, at the same time since I do not qualify for FAFSA, I wish they had more scholarship and grant opportunities where you did not need to qualify for FAFSA just to apply.
el paso community college is the smartest, best way to start your college career. Teachers and the campus itself has all the resources to help you pursue your degree.
I like how El Paso Community College is very affordable for those wanting to get a higher education. It is a very good place for those who are just starting school for the first time. People there are very helpful with questions you might have. The professors are great they have office hours in which you can go ask questions rather on the course or your grade.
El paso community college is an enjoyable place to study. However, it needs to be updated in the way it looks. Other than its appearance, it is a great place to learn and feel welcomed to a community.
Overall my experience as a student in EPCC has been excellent. The staff as well as the educators are friendly and apathetic to everyone. The food, such as the pastries in the cafeteria, were delicious and appetizing. The ambiance of the campus was jovial and many of the students love to hang around and display their thoughts and emotions through conversations as well as demonstrate hidden talents by students playing instruments and singing in the student union inside the school's campus.
It's a great environment and all the student and staff are absolutely wonderful. The classes aren't that small but they are a great space and easy to understand. The teachers I've had have been wonderful, online and off.
I find El Paso Community College to be wonderful. I am still a high school student, but the college participates in a dual credit program in order to allow us to get high school and college credit at the same time for free. It has allowed me to get more than 30 credits towards my core curriculum needed for my undergraduate classes. It has given me the chance to learn, save money, and prosper at an early age.
What I've most liked about EPCC is that I've came across professors that really try everything they can to help me have a better understanding of every chapter that we've covered. The tutors at EPCC have also helped me go beyond a passing grade in all my exams. There's always someone that offers to give you a hand and that's where I've gotten a few tips and tricks. Specially from those who've already taken a specific class that I could be taking at the moment. We enjoy helping each other since it's a community college and there isn't as many students per class, we try to work together so the subject gets easier and the semester goes by faster.
There are a lot of diversity in this college, people do not discriminate, and there are a lot of tutoring centers that can help you whit all your classes. Also more professors help you a lot when you have problems to understand and they give you extra help even in their office hours. The only thing that I want changed is the capacity of the students in the class rooms, in some of my classes there are no space for all the students.
The El Paso County Community College District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.They warmly receive new student and provide a good college start.
My experience her was good, but I think it could have been better. Some of the people that attend this college are very rude. The professors are good.
El Paso Community college has a variety of campuses, classes, days and times in which you can choose from, depending your availability and the miles you are willing to take. They also have choices of professors who fit your major or classes you have to take in order to graduate!
I like the amount of different groups and opportunities this college has to offer. The environment they have created within the college is very welcoming and motivating. The campus is for the most part clean except the restrooms which would be nice to see change.
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EPCC is a great place to start. Not only is it cheap but its full of atmospheric and diverse people. There are always so much positive vibes going around with the students and teachers! And they're always there to help to. EPCC is where i found the most devoted and hard working teachers ever and its great. i'm completing my first here at EPCC and i love it
More clases to have all choices to have that knowledge that we all need. I have been prof my skill in ENGLISH as my second language and is been hard, but here I am with good attitude to one day have my degree in Interior Design, this school is the best places to start and that the quote of the college.
EPCC has been wonderful. I am a freshman on my last semester, I am transferring to a university after I finish my minors and prerequisites. My current GPA is 4.0. I believe that I deserve the scholarship because of my academic merit and how I exemplify perseverance to finish and eventually earn my degree. I have also been chosen to join the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society as well as the National Society of Collegiate Honors. As I go about my major and slowly but surely take my classes, my decision of becoming a nurse is reinforced. I enjoy my science courses a great deal. It is astonishing how our bodies work.
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