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My experience at the El Paso Community College is good, no problems or complains at all. It is safe and small. Great atmosphere, and lots of activities to be involved with. Professors are kind and willing to help.
In el paso community college i feel comfortable because all the staff provides a kind service for all the students
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El Paso community college is a great place to start. It has great learning environments and very helpful professors. The class rooms are small like a high school class room so it makes it easier to pay attention and learn. You can also get great hands on help from the teachers and tutors they have there.
My freshman year of college at EPCC has been good. Its a friendly community my peers, professors along with staff are overall helpful. I have all the resources I need to achieve my educational goals. Its safe and I feel comfortable in this school. I'm determined to finish my two year education at El Paso Community College.
This is your standard community college. There are no major ups or downs. usually crowded like many community colleges. There are many locations around the city.
Great place to start, small college with excellent professors that will assist and communicate with their students
El Paso Community College is absolutely... the best place to start.
I have been here for 2 years and this is such a good place. I have learned a lot from the professors, staff, and students. This is a good place to learn not just from your classes, also from the community. There are many resources that help you to grow and do better in your classes and life. The events and organizations help you to meet new people and get enrolled. EPCC has different clubs in which you can develop your skills and abilities of different areas. There are math clubs, writing clubs, even a game of thrones club. EPCC wants you to join to the community, not just going to your classes and go home. EPCC wants you to enroll and enjoy your college life. This college is definitely the best choice to start.
I did enjoy my time going to the campus for the classes and tutoring center. I won't lie that the English department has been the most visited place for me next to the student union room, but it was worth asking for help and getting it when I needed it.
My experience with El Paso Community College has been very good so far. They have very qualified professors. Their counselors and advisers take their job seriously and are always ready to help. Most procedures are done promptly and the workers are very attentive. Also registering for classes is super easy with their web banner.
Well for starters this is my second week of school and I like coming to school because there are no more kids here we all are young adults and taking our own responsibility for our own actions. I would really like to see a few changes in this school more space but that's basically enough. Overall this school is a great place to learn and for better expenses.
Way cheaper than the local university (University of Texas at El Paso). A great way to get your basics as most teachers do care about their students. There is a lack in student involvement.
I love that El Paso Community College makes you feel like if you were a family member and actually helps you during the years that you will be there! They make sure you start good and finish great!
People were incredibly helpful, nice and friendly, not only the professors and academic staff, but the students as well.
I think the disabled facilities should be more efficient and easy to access.
El Paso Community College is the best way to start, the school offers everything a college students need from a great library to the best professors.
What I like about El Paso Community College was the supportive teachers there is, and there is some that aren't so much. But most of them are which is awesome. Writting Center is supportive as well and made me achieve better in my assignments. But what this campus needs to changed or improved on is lack of sports , and very little options to eat. There is only a subway, Tazas Cafe, and another Cafe. And when the cafeteria would be full there wasn't a place to sit and eat in a table. There was students hanging around because there is not enough tables. A Starbucks would be a nice addition. Adding a recreational center with a renovated gym and indoor/outdoor swimming pools would enhance students life here. Having more choices for recreational is promoting a healthier life style for a student. The tennis courts are degrading and they need repairs. And painting the exterior of the school would be nice they need lots of repairs and renovation that's all I would say to be changed.
El Paso Community College is a school that has multiple campuses. I have taken classes at two of their campuses, and visited another. I like that the school’s dining areas have subway delis, and cafes that sell coffee and energy drinks. The schools do a good job of keeping the classrooms and study areas clean. They have libraries and classrooms with plenty of resources for studying. I enjoy seeing the professors around the school, most of them have really positive attitudes and are always willing to help even outside of class. The campuses have very good tutors especially in the writing centers. If I could change anything about these campuses I would improve the parking at the downtown campus. During certain times of the day parking is very scarce. But overall I enjoy the schools and think that they are being maintained very well.
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El Paso Community College is a great place to start. I am proud to have started my education here. Their is so many great opportunities here with excellent staff.
El Paso Community College is a comfortable place to start college. There's friendly instructors that will help you out individually if needed.
As my first year of college came to a conclusion I'm glad I started off at EPCC. El Paso Community College helped me out financially. Their tuition is a lot more cheaper than universities. I just wish it felt more like a college rather than feeling like I was all over in high school again. El Paso Community College needs to invest more on their students. My first year they barely even had activities for us. Overall I recommend all of you to start off at a Community College so you wouldn't go into debt your first year as an adult.
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