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EPCC has been wonderful. I am a freshman on my last semester, I am transferring to a university after I finish my minors and prerequisites. My current GPA is 4.0. I believe that I deserve the scholarship because of my academic merit and how I exemplify perseverance to finish and eventually earn my degree. I have also been chosen to join the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society as well as the National Society of Collegiate Honors. As I go about my major and slowly but surely take my classes, my decision of becoming a nurse is reinforced. I enjoy my science courses a great deal. It is astonishing how our bodies work.
My Experience with El Paso Community College was fantastic, even though some classes were very difficult the teacher were very helpful. And on your first day there the staff was very helpful.
I like most of the professors. They are very comprehensible, yet strict. They know their subjects by heart and make the classes very dynamic.
The buildings are big, beautiful and perfect for the students to find a place to eat, study or rest.
I would like to see some changes on the staff because they are not very friendly, and sometimes they cannot answer all of the students' questions. And also add more food to the cafeteria.
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I really enjoyed attending this school. I was a transfer student from UTEP and I could really say that I liked EPCC better. The professors really care about you passing or failing and will help you get whatever you need. I enjoy the "high school" kind of environment it brings.
I like that is a small college where I can ask the professor of any question I may have because they do not have big classes
EPCC has very flexible schedules & small classes. The teachers are really nice they always look forward to help you.
What I like about EPCC is that it’s a two year college and the courses here are taught by some of the most knowledgeable professors. I’m studying to become an RN and the RN program is great and the also doesn’t make it difficult to get into your major. What I would like to see change is that I wish that all of the campuses weren’t separated, I wish it was either really close to each other or just one big campuses. Also in my opinion I think that all the great professors are at Rio Grande, NWC and MDP... all the not so great professors are at transmountain campuses... I would also like to see a change in the schedule as well, more mini semester classes that are not only in the morning but also in the afternoon and evening as well. Other than what’s stated above , it’s a great campus and the staff want the kids to succeed!
EPCC was a pretty good school. Not much to say it wasnt fun or anything like University’s but I mean it gets the job done for a good price. The schools are all clean and the teachers I’ve had so far are good.
As far as Community Colleges are concerned this one isn’t that impressive. Its cheap which for a college student its music to you ears. Other than that unless you go to the canpus all the way on the Far East side of town you wont find anything special about this college.
My experience in El Paso Community was good and excited to find my major. The professors and tutors have help me on my way to succeed me in college.
El Paso Comunnity is a college with a great diversity and with a very good program for architects. This college is a really help for my future and career.
El Paso community college is a very great place to start your basics and get your associates ! It is an easy access campus and has many dedicated and intelligent professors and counselors. The classes aren’t too big and you feel comfortable. There are a lot of helpful staff and resources for students.
Epcc is really the best way to start . I just like how easy everything is. The professor's are really kind and are willing to help with you . Great staff , and great atmosphere.
My experience at the El Paso Community College is good, no problems or complains at all. It is safe and small. Great atmosphere, and lots of activities to be involved with. Professors are kind and willing to help.
In el paso community college i feel comfortable because all the staff provides a kind service for all the students
El Paso community college is a great place to start. It has great learning environments and very helpful professors. The class rooms are small like a high school class room so it makes it easier to pay attention and learn. You can also get great hands on help from the teachers and tutors they have there.
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My freshman year of college at EPCC has been good. Its a friendly community my peers, professors along with staff are overall helpful. I have all the resources I need to achieve my educational goals. Its safe and I feel comfortable in this school. I'm determined to finish my two year education at El Paso Community College.
This is your standard community college. There are no major ups or downs. usually crowded like many community colleges. There are many locations around the city.
Great place to start, small college with excellent professors that will assist and communicate with their students
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