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My experience has been better than expected. They helped me connect and network with opportunities. Because of the school, I was able to attend a national conference in Washington, D.C. I was able to have a leadership role in a known honor society organization. They helped me get a job on campus when I needed it and allowed me to work a schedule around my classes.
I took classes online by choice and due to the Covid situation. They have clear instructions and use user-friendly programs.
I like the location of the campus. It allows for more opportunities to explore the city and learn. The size of the campus ensures that you can get some fresh air while making your way to your next class.
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El centro college is a great college due to their amazing teacher and staff. The college help me experience college life and it show me how important it is to ask questions. El centro cares about their students
I only attended for a semester and I did not really love the school but also did not have a reason to dislike it. I wasn't close with any staff or peers which made it kind of a boring experience.
the campus was amazing went to the campus on a college trip to learn about colleges that i wanted to attend the inside was big and clean and well taken care of .
overall, my experience wasn't as good as expected. The advisors are lazy so they tend to advise you to take classes that aren't required nor helpful toward degree plan. Also, the downtown Campus doesn't really have parking, and the few parking spaces they do have, you need to pay or your car will be ticketed/towed.
The area around El Centro College is in a fast pace area. The school is located in downtown Dallas. In downtown Dallas, there are many restaurants that students can choose from within walking distance. El Centro College has great professors. The professors care about teaching their subjects and want their students to understand the subject matter. Some professors are willing to work with students one on one during class. The tutors here have taken the classes and helps them through the problems or any issues you have for your homework. El Centro is a very diverse place with many students, being different backgrounds and different ages.
It is very affordable and is easy to navigate around the campus. The teachers were also very nice and also they made it easy to understand the materials they were showing us. The students there were also very friendly and you make friends very quickly.
I found and have heard that the Medicine Program at this school is great. That nurses from hospitals have worked with students from this College and they have been great at what they do.
Is a small campus which makes you feel comfortable but it offers a lot of courses and is cheaper than other schools.
Very good education. Most professors are helpful and comprehensive. I would most definitely enroll again if i change my mind about my major.
I like the inclusiveness of El Centro, the school never fails to support and provide the necessary materials to succeed
The reason I am with El Centro is because I am enrolled in the Dull credit program with Pinkston Collegiate Academy. I can honestly say that my experience with El Centro has been great. The professors were really kind and easy to work with. I truly believe that I learned something with being enrolled in this college.
As a music major, specifically as a future Music Teacher; going to a 4-year institution isn't that necessary. El Centro has provided me with amazing professors that truly find the time and dedication to guide me with courses I need to take for my future. The campus is very comfortable and the food options are endless. The only thing I would change is for there to be more programs like Rising Starr, so students can have all the benefits of knowing what volunteer opportunities and especially have a personal advisor to help with career development.
Just started with them but so far everyone from registration to my first professor has been very helpful....especially since this is my 1st year back in classes in 20 yrs!
I go to el Centro because it is the closest to home, professors care more than others I should have really searched up into who's classes I was signing up for if not I wouldn't have been so far behind. Some professors don't even show up at all sometimes. There are some rude staff members but nice advisers. Other than west end station I feel like this is a safe school to go to, I will continue to come here until it is time to transfer.
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The campus overall is great. It is set up really well and it is really easy to find your way around. The professors are all very helpful in not only academic issues but also personal issues. Every professor that I have had has been very understanding and kind. The lessons that I have learned are not only useful in the classroom but also in the real world. The advisors and other staff are also very helpful and understanding. El centro has great resources that makes things such as transferring very easy. Overall my expirience has been great and I totally recommend it especially if you want to get your basics out the way before transferring.
In the year of 2019 I attended to a college tour to El Centro. I got to observe the students while the professors teached. I also learned about their engineering program, El Centro is connected with Texas A&M therefore, the engineering students are A&M Students. However, my over all experience was great.
I like the school is located downtown because if we get tire of the campus food we can visit local restaurants. The campus is very diverse which allows us to meet new people that are different from us.
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