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I would recommend going to el centro because it has a wide variety od opportunities and different ways to relax.
A great place for the advancement of the individual and ideals. A very diverse area of learning. A sense of belonging.
El Centro College is really easy to get to. Everyone is really nice and always help with directions.
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At El Centro, the atmosphere is very inviting despite being in such a busy part of Dallas. The teachers are very patient and willing to work with students to achieve the best. In addition, when there is time in between classes, you can check out the local scene, some of which give discounts for students. The building is well- protected, which was an initiative on set by the students who went there. In addition, you can meet people from all races and cultures, and the diversity adds to the experience, providing different and valuable viewpoints. Overall, the school makes you feel welcomed in this big maze of a city.
The nursing program at ElCentro is rated one the best for the cost. It is located in the heart of downtown Dallas. The Dart rail runs right up to the front door making it convenient to leave the car at home.
It has a great atmosphere! Alot of food options ( or coffee if you are a coffee drinker). The teachers are very outgoing and really do care about their students. The student life always go all out on holidays with either decor or little parties. All the students lift each other up if we are depressed, stressed or personal struggles. We all have a part of our community and we definitely give it back our part by going to college and learning new things everyday!
El Centro is a diverse campus in the middle of downtown Dallas. The people are great, the staff is better. Everyone is helpful and encouraging.
My overall experience at El Centro College is great! What I love the most of this college is that it is in downtown Dallas. The staff there is very helpful and kind.
I Absolutely Love El Centro! Its a great community college with a wonderful staff! When I came to visit everybody was friendly to me even the campus officers. They helped me around the school. I just love how I didn't Feel Left out or I didn't feel like an outcast. El centro is an wonderful school & I would recommend to everybody!
El Centro Community College is located in downtown Dallas, Tx. Being that this college is in downtown, it provides city life and allows students to have access to many different places in the area. In regards to student life, it is very diverse.
I like El Centro College because it is a very diverse college that offers a variety of different courses and classes. This college is very good when it comes to students graduating.
El centro college is a community college. It is located in downtown Dallas. I loved my advisor. I was in the rising star program, and my advisor was the best. She instructed me through our my years in college, and also helped me transfer to a university for the Fall 2018. The student life is awesome, it's a diverse college. Everybody is friendly. El centro tried to keep their students involved in their activities. There are a lot of places to have lunch near by. It is more secure , ever since the incident of the fallen police officers.
They have a lot of help for students who need it. They help you succeed.
El Centro is a great college with a lot of diversity. They offer a lot of help and have great events.
Despite being downtown El Centro is a great College, it's very diverse, the teachers are very intelligent and sympathetic, though they dont baby you they just understand.
El Centro has been a great school for me, and the rising program is amazing. It is affordable yet still gives you an amazing education.
I attend El Centro as a dual credit student studying to receive my Visual Merchandising Certificate. El Centro is located in downtown dallas which is a really nice looking area. Its lots of places to eat off and on campus. They have a nice food court with even better food. Personal I love it. Everything is close.
I like the central location to Dallas, they provide DART passes so it is easier to get to classes instead of finding an expensive parking space.
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This school has wonderful faculty, at least in my experience! People are ready to help you whenever you need help. The atmosphere is very nice and there is an abundance of activities that happen on the daily!
This year it will be 3 years being at El Centro College as a student. I have created many memories with friends, professors, and my advisors. There are many advisors that are willing to help students with their future one of the many things I love about this school. Another thing is that there are professors that are inspiring. They take time out of their schedule for any student when they need help also when they need someone to talk to. There many events that students can participate, and the school is safe they are many securities on every entrance of the school. Not just that, but they have alerts posters around the school where you can text, call, and email if you are concern about something that can danger your life or any person in the school. Furthermore, the best thing is that the school is at Down Town Dallas so there many places to go out to eat, and you can walk around. In my opinion I like the way they run the school and how you can meet a lot of people.
The teachers that I have had since I've been at El Centro College have been nothing but amazing. They are very understanding and they all want you too pass. Also they are willing to help in any way possible!
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