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El Camino College is a great way to figure out where you want to go with your educational experience. They give you options to graduate and immediately start working or transfer to many great universities. With hard work and dedication, you can have a great college experience or work a good paying job.
Helpful teaching staff and many resources and programs dedicated to helping students achieve in all their classes. The transfer center also has many resources that help students find and transfer to other universities.
I love how El Camino College works and how it is all set amd ready to admit and test , i am barely a freshmen at El Camino and im already impressed therefore i would come again amd do it all over again as a freshmen at El Camino College
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I have only recently started my school career at El Camino College. Out of the three classes I have taken there, I have enjoyed all of them and think two of the three professors were really great teachers.
This is only my first year but I really like the school. Many people are really kind and nice to one another. The atmosphere is great there is not judging or criticism. Everyone just goes there to learn and further their education.
I went to el Camino college from 2015-2018 and I’m transferring to William penn university. I played men’s soccer at el Camino college for 2 years and it went pretty well overall with class and schedule around my trading and games. Also the workers and counselors are super nice and helpful. People are friendly and nice and helpful. I am transferring because i want to play soccer still so I’m going to William penn university and I’m looking forward to transferring to continue playing.
I am currently a student at El Camino College and it is a good school. The school is very diverse. We have different clubs that gear towards what you want to learn and what is your interest. As well as giving you an open-mind on different cultures. The academics of the school are wonderful. They have teachers who are passionate about the subjects that they are teaching. The overall experience of the atmosphere is calm and soothing. We can sit under the trees laugh and have a good time and unwind outside of class and studying. Overall I love this school and would not change anything about it.
Perfect for the dedicated student. If you apply yourself, you can excel. Best community college in the South Bay.
I really like how the transfer program works with you and cares about your achievement. I also like how responsive their campus security is. One issue that I would like to see resolved is the process on making a counseling appointment.
I enjoyed my time at el camino college. Mostly all the professors I took were excellent. Grounds are well maintained. Renovations are being made, making the school even more appealing to incoming students. The new parking structure does ease the parking issue they had.
I like that El Camino has very good 2 year programs if you don’t want to do the 4 years at a university. What I would change about El Camino is that the classes get full really fast.
I liked the fact that El Camino College was a great place for me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life without having to break the bank. Meaning, I didn't have to go into financial debt over switching my major multiple times, or taking more than the necessary amount of classes. I believe there is nothing that currently needs to be changed drastically at El Camino. Only improvements I can suggest are actually currently being improved therefore, I really don't have complaints, excellent community college.
The school is great but it really lacks when it comes to places to eat or sit at. The area around is is not as agreat but its ok. Sure there are places to eat around campus but all the choices inside are average at best. Theres also no coffee place or condaments to put on your food if you'd like. Even more annoying the option to use your credit card instead of cash is not always avaiable
Amazing jc to get your pre-reqs done.Campus is big and has lots of diversity. There are some amazing professors who really do want you to succed. Great tutoring and writing center!
El Camino College is a great chose for anyone how is trying to advance in their education and a great school that helps you though out your educational goals.
El Camino College gave me the tools I needed to achieve my goals and challenge myself. Without the support faculty and staff I would not have been able to transfer to my dream school!
El Camino College offers science classes that help transfer students. They provide resources and are very supportive.
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The teachers really care about your success and are available for assistance whenever you have difficulties.
Community colleges are a great place to figure out who you are and what you really want, without breaking the bank on GE's. El Camino College is a good place to do that. The college offers a wide variety of majors and programs, but I think if you're willing to explore a few classes you've never considered it might make your experience all the more awesome. I initially went to school with the intention of one degree, took a journalism class and then decided to become a journalism major because I loved it so much. Writing for El Camino's newspaper and magazine was very rewarding, opened a lot of doors, and provided me with experiences that I don't think I would have received if I had gone to a 4-year first. A community college shouldn't be looked down on, it should be seen as a stepping stone in ones education.
Good place to take required courses for transfer to a four year program. Numerous courses to choose from for electives. Some studio art classes that meet requirements for transfer to a four year art college.
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