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El Camino is a great stepping stone to a four year. Not every professor is the best as is the case anywhere but do your research and ask other students and you cant go wrong. Every staff member is there to help you achieve your goal but you have to put in the work.
El Camino College is a good place to start with a vocation or a plan to transfer to a 4-year university.
This is my second year studying in El Camino College and I believe this is a really good school because there are good classes and also I enjoying ASO that is an organization to help the students with their future.
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The professors I've had here are really friendly and understanding. Some go out of their way to ensure that you're learning and understanding, especially during office hours. The campus is beautiful and clean, and the clubs are very nice as well. Sometimes he clubs are in the middle of the day, which might not be best because many classes are in the middle of the day, but everyone is always willing to help. Many resources are available to students, from free tutoring to even a language lab.. The only problem I can find is with registration/administration at times. Once the website allowed me to take a class that required a prerequisite, even though I had not completed them requirements.. My friends also have problems with financial aid or getting a book when it's sold out in the bookstore.. It's still a good college, but the portal is indeed a mess..
The experience at El Camino College has been great. The environment, teachers, students and staff are all helpful. The environment is really welcoming and friendly.
some of the teachers are honest and willing to help you suceed while others are lazy, dont really teach well. They just give you a hand out an d expect you to figure it out.
After graduating from high school, I had little to no encouragement into attending a community college. After going through some reviews about El Camino College I decided to give it a try, and it was a great decision. From the moment I walked into the campus, I felt welcomed. There's amazing staff, student resources, as well as clubs & activities. The campus has a writing lab that helps you in creating the best essay or research paper, as well as outstanding programs that guide you through each semester. No regrets attending.
The school is all in all the most helpful community college you can go to. They’ve got plenty of programs to be apart of, plenty of free tutoring all of the school and plenty of clubs and all the teachers are absolutely great!
El Camino College is a great school that offers a wide variety of classes with excellent teachers. The resources this school offers are also above average with countless classes and councilors available to assist in the transfer process.
I like how the buildings are easy to locate, it’s a very spacious campus. It was easy for me to find my classes that I’d enroll in. I also enjoy how friendly the administrators are who work there. They are very helpful and assists me very well when I need help with something.
El camino provides opportunities to succeed which helps a lot. The communication professors are all great and have personalities and minds that I strive to obtain.
There are good professors here at El Camino. They are patient and wanting to help students succeed. I came to Elco as an architect major and about a year and a half into school I decided to change my major to film. It took a while for me to get to where I wanted to be but the learning curve wasn't terrible because of the professors here.
El Camino College is a very good school, it has amazing professors and they give you advices. At El Camino college, they also have a variety of sport where you can fit.
It’s a good school. Professors here at el Camino are also great. It depends on what professors you take. The school isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough to start new and experience something new. That’s what most of the students decide to come to a community college like El Camino College is for second chance. Students here at El Camino have an opportunity to take different classes and see which subject they really want to take to the next level. The campus itself is alright at the moment, but there have been a lot of construction around campus. Overall is a good school.
I've found amazing professors on this campus. However, I'm a 4.0 student and my upon my registration appointment I find the classes I need to have full waitlists. This is unacceptable. The administration is not very effective and helpful, as you'll wait hours on the phone, get bounced to different departments, and they clearly don't enjoy their jobs. I am grateful for the classes I have attended and the knowledge of my hard working professors.
If you're looking for success, El Camino is the college for you. El Camino offers tons of academics to insure the students become successful in their studies. Not only that they also have professors who are always there for them when they need help.
El Camino College is a great community college with many resources. A majority of the professors I have come across are passionate about teaching and helping their students.
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El camino is a great school for nursing . I wanted to transfer out but I am most likely going to stay here at El camino, because they have helped me so far and so far I do like the nursing programs .
They need to make a parking structure. But overall is a good school. Teachers are really nice & campus is not as bad as people think. It's in the city of Compton but it's not bad at all.
El Camino is a great transition school. Classes are usually small, professors are helpful and always available.
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