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I love this campus I wouldn't want to go to any other school. Food can be quite overpriced depending on where you. Just need to go to the right places. And most of the time there's always something going on, whether it be a college day or some club having a fundraiser outside the library lawn. I recommend
I've been allowed to find myself through this school. I ve spent some time finding out that my Spanish is so terrible, I failed it twice. I got up to advanced Ceramics, and intermediate sign language. I took welding and decided , although I've executed a "perfect pill" that it wasn't for me. I joined a health club that met in the center of campus under a tree. I've been able to experience a "Deaf Night" at a Shakey's for an assignment, and it was so fun ; welcoming. I have come back to pursue the foundation of my career as a therapist. I'm going to transfer eventually, but I'm so glad its from this place. It really is a world within a world of California.
El Camino is a good school. We are so diverse and so friendly. The professors are willing to work with you and really want you to succeed. They have a wide variety of career choices.
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While the campus is nice and the wide array of classes is great for all kinds of students, I feel like it's necessary to address the fact that most of my professors have been teaching the same way for quite some time. They need some kind of change to their routines of yesteryear so students in this day and age get a more modern look at subjects that have been taught since before they were born.
My experience here has been amazing the staff truly helps students here. The professors care about students and their success. They provide sufficient amounts of office hours per professor. Teachers there are there for students unlike universities where teachers are there for research. The campus always has clubs and resources for help. They have math building that provides tutoring up to any math everyday from morning until late evening. We also have a writing center that helps with preparing our essays to revising them. Our additional support is the library where we have additional tutors in almost every subject. No appointments are needed for any of our resources. Parking at el camino I would rate it as great compared to other schools. I always find parking even if it is a mile from campus. They are building another new parking structure.
El camino truly cares about their students. They help their students grow and guide them through their educational and career path.
El camino college is great start for freshmas. It very diverse in many aspects, such as students and clases
El Camino College was a decent community college in comparison to the only other local option. The campus was well maintained and campus police was abundant especially at nighttime. The courses offered were diverse and sounded interesting, but a majority of the professors seemed uninterested in teaching their subjects or disregarded the student learning outcomes and just taught whatever they felt like. The weakest professors I experienced were in the math department. A statistics professor taught us how to use Excel and would test us on statistics, without ever teaching it.
As a student I have certain expectations to abide by. The counseling and financial aid system for students needs some work. However, many professors at this campus truly care about teaching, enabling students, and making the world a better place.
There are a lot of campus advisories about robberies and sexual assults. Some teachers love their jobs and some simply do not care. You get what you pay for since the classes are not as expensive as Universities. I loved learning from each teacher I had since all of them took pride in teaching their subject.
After coming out from high school, I was surprised at how amazing the professors were! They are more strict, but a lot more informative. I could tell that they come to teach, help, and leave. There are usually about 30-40 students per class. I think that is a good number, because we are all able to communicate and participate.
The professors usually understand if people are juggling work and school. Some try their best for us not to be too stressful, but sometimes it becomes too much.
I have been taking online college courses since I was a senior in high school. At first, I was confused on how to use some of the technology, but I have gotten used to it. After getting used to it, I could say that it is very easy to use. It is very straight forward.
I have heard many positive things about the transfer programs at my school. I am currently in a program called Honors Transfer Program, that allows students to get a better chance on getting into other schools.
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At first, I felt very discouraged and scared to go to El Camino college. But when I started going there, I have heard many people transfer out and getting into amazing universities!
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My professor taught us a lot of interesting things about sociology. She taught us about problems going on in the real world, and how it connects to sociology.
El Camino is a great community college! The counselors are great, and professors are informative, and the campus is pretty! There are many programs that will help you to transfer to another university smoothly.
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El Camino Community College is an overall well rounded institution for students. It's professors are withstandable, and plenty are truly dedicated to engage students into their learning. Parking is troublesome.
El Camino does a great job at making their students feel right at home as well as making them feel comfortable throughout their duration of stay. Classes are flexible and work around students work life as well their personal life which is great. The counselors go out of their way to make sure we are all taking the classes that we need in order to avoid taking those that we don't need. Overall, my El Camino College experience has been fantastic.
The counselor that I had helped me get into the nursing program, and I appreciate everything that she did for me because I was completely lost and did not know where to start with the application process. She made sure that I knew everything that I needed to know and that I took all the right prerequisites.
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