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I absolutely loved my online learning experience. I truly thrived as a student within the distance learning community. The resources and all the help that was provided to help me be a successful student was truly the best. I am confident that I am prepared for my next step which is transferring to CSUDH this Fall.
I truly enjoyed my experience at El Camino from the counselors to financial aid staff to the Professors helping along each step. The best part was the transfer counselor. I owe so much to Rene' Lozano who helped me with my transfer units.
It's a great place to get what you need to be done. Great opportunity to organize and prepare your life for the future. Also if you find the right programs and manage to find a job while attending school, you are setting yourself up for the future so you won't break the bank attending the school you transfer to.
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The only online classes I have taken are due to COVID-19. But I can say my professors were really underprepared, which is understandable especially because nobody saw this coming. The only problem I have with it is that the professors, that I have at least, don't understand that it's really a different thing altogether. It's so much harder to take stem courses online, yet they expect us to have the exact same performance and really haven't made accommodations to help the student. For example my professor for physics expects up to continue and provide the same results we did before, without adjusting the tests and grading scales. Obviously I can only complain so much. This is their class so, therefore, similar to when we were on campus, we need to put all of our efforts in.
You can be as productive or as lazy as you want to be at El Camino. How well you do is completely up to your personal drive, as little help is actually offered to set you on the right path for transferring. That said, the professors are wonderful and the school clearly cares about its student body.
El Camino prepared me very well to move out of state and get an athletic scholarship to a 4 year college.

Enjoyed my time there immensely.
Absolute garbage school. Their Website is absolute trash. You have to jump through so many hurdles to clear things. I submitted an appeal (this is my last semester here at El camino), they're requiring me to have an educational plan and some kind of lock in form for the classes I am currently enrolled in..... Are you stupid? THESE ARE MY LAST COURSES AT ELCO.... WHY WOULD I NEED AN EDUCATIONAL PLAN..... WHY AM I HAVING TO WAIT FOR A COUNSELING APPOITMENT NEXT WEEK FOR SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN CHECK UP ON IN COUPLE OF SECONDS.... YOU'RE METHOD OF DOING ANYTHING IS OUTDATED AT BEST. PLEASE IF YOU'RE READING THIS, CHOOSE ANOTHER CC.... EITHER THE CALIFORNIA SCHOOL SYSTEM IS COMPLETELY TRASH OR ELCAMINO REALLY NEEDS TO STOP TEACHING...
El Camino College has always been a fantastic school. And now, with the pandemic, they have shown how dedicated they are to helping their students and community. Counselors are ready and available to assist students, the Admissions and Financial Aid Offices answering all of our questions and walk us through the steps we need to submit our applications. They are really top notch.
I loved it here. I definitely recommend this school. The teachers are so helpful and flexable. If I could do all 4 years at this school I would. I will miss this school for sure!
El Camino College is a great college to start off your college career. It is very diverse and offers more support to students because it is not a very large campus. Not only is the cost of living around this area is lower than most, but they also provide affordable tuition and fees that works great for someone like me who's a first generation student. They have various high-quality professors. Almost all of the professors I have had the opportunity partake in their classes were very passionate about their jobs and actually care about their students' success. This school also gives a sense of a small community because of the clubs and facilities that it offers which allows students to easily connect with their fellow students.
El Camino College has been a great experience starting off with my professors. Most of my professors that I've gotten really care about my education and myself as a person. The methods they use to teach and motivation really helps. El Camino has been growing every single year and has not let me down. The staff and service is really helpful so many programs to sign up. Signing up to a program can get you many advantages such as priority register. I'am in two programs and having walk ins to talk to a counselor is a plus. There are many resources students can use. For instance, statistics is not my strongest subject and there was tutoring Monday- Friday and the hours were very flexible. I ended up with an 84% in class which I would've never thought. I had a lot of help starting off with the professor her lectures were very clear, tutoring helped me with struggles. I really do enjoy my time at El Camino College and believe is a great place to start they are very helpful.
The counselors have been beyond helpful at this school. they really take time to help you out and answer any questions you might have.
It's currently my first year and so far it's been okay. I am lucky enough to have had amazing professors. The campus is a lil bigger than I expected and it has a nice atmosphere.
Enrollment is competitive and hard to get classes you need. The campus had improved a lot over the years, and parking is a struggle. The price of tuition is fair but not much guidance or help is provided unless you reach out.
This is the college I attended when I first came to the USA. I was worried about society since it's different for the conservative country I was from but this college made me love the culture. I had a great 2 years in this college and had helped me in many ways to be open about myself and gain independence. This gave me many opportunities. I love how the faculty and staff are always trying to give the students the best and how friendly they are.
I liked the FYE (First Year Experience) offered at El Camino College. This program helped with my transition from high school to college and having that one-on-one with the counselors really helped boost my confidence about the classes I should be taking with my major.
I love El Camino, it's given me so much time to save my money and really figure out what I want to do. I really appreciate all the help I've gotten.
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The campus is currently being renovated and I love how fresh it looks. The atmosphere is really great and the other students are all super nice and helpful. I have also had really awesome professors who really care about us. The class sizes are perfect!
El Camino College is an amazing community college. It is very easy to apply and take classes. The people at Student Services are very helpful with answering any questions you have. Academically, I think El Camino offers a lot of good classes. The area around El Camino could be slightly sketchy, especially at night. Overall, I think El Camino College is a good school.
Most of the professors at El Camino are outstanding. They genuinely care about your academic success. Even those who push harder don't want you to fail; rather, they want to know who has the courage to ask for help and the stamina to successfully complete their courses.
El Camino is an excellent launchpad for transfer. Spend the two years or so figuring out what you want to do as a career, then transfer to a four-year when you have decided. Attending community college is a smart decision that saves money...a lot of it. If you don't want student debt, start out at El Camino and work your way to a larger school. As previously stated, the courses and professors will give you more than adequate experience in a college environment that will prove invaluable at university.
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