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It is a nice area for a campus to be placed on. The school is clean and the staff is really supportive. Classes are not impacted and usually easy to make your own schedule if you are able to register early. The parking lots are somewhat enough for the capacity of students but sometimes there is a rush hour when finding a parking. You could find really good professors that actually care for your education.
This is my first year attending El Camino College, and so far the experience I have endured has been wonderful! I am apart of the KEAS program on campus and the counselors and tutors have been so helpful to me. My current counselor checks up on my daily and is always pushing me to do my absolute best. The staff at El Camino are very encouraging to the students on transferring to a four-year University or graduating with a degree. I'm very pleased with my decision of attending a community college first, specifically El Camino because the school is academically good and the professors are great.
My experience at El Camino College was taking couple of classes that were offered at my high school. It is a great program to get some college credit while in high school that would be accepted almost anywhere. They have an incredibly easy to navigate system that anyone can figure out and the counselors are very approachable and helpful. The campus life is also very vibrant, I have experienced the swim program and it is amazing for the price you pay. Truly an amazing college all around. The best transfer junior college in Southern California. I recommend it to anyone of any age.
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El Camino is actually a highly efficient and well run campus. The classes are highly impacted so better find a way to receive priority registration.
El Camino College is one of the best community colleges out there. Offering multiple programs to ensure that you receive the best education and helpful advice possible. The diversity scale is monumental as well. You will not feel alone while on campus as there are plenty of people to talk who more than likely came from the same background as you did.
They have very dedicated professors who love what they do. It is obvious they are passionate of their job and do their very best to assist all the students.
El camino college is like my second home I spend a lot of my day there, The student diversity, the food and the professor make it a safe and wonderful environment. It’s very exciting to walk around the campus and see a lot of students. My favorite spot at El Camino is the second floor in the library it is a very peaceful spot and anyone can go and study, read books, or even a quick nap before class. I go there everyday in-between classes and at times I listen to relaxing music and even meditate before my next class.I enjoy it because sometimes at home its hard to find a quiet spot, and El camino provides me with a relaxing spot to focus on what I value the most which is my education.
I have had an incredible experience at El Camino so far. Community colleges get a bad rap, and none of it (at least in my experience) is true. The professors at ECC are well-versed in their subjects and are obviously there to help students get a higher education. I have grown both as a student and as a young woman at the school. That being said, ECC's counseling department could use some work. It is incredibly difficult to get an appointment with any counselor, and when you do, it is not very helpful. I have had to fend for myself when it comes to making sure that I am taking the correct classes in order to transfer.
Great college, one of the best in Torrance. Has a wide variety of careers to choose from and usually there is very a probably with getting classes as long as you are prepared and ready when your time comes up to pick your classes. The teachers are always usually good and I always do rate my professor before taking a class to make sure.
This is a really good college because the students have many options of classes and the student government of the school care about the students.
Overall I really liked how this school is so diverse. Everyone get along just fine and the teachers are respectful.
From price to faculty, I find Elco to be a great choice. The professors knkw what they're talking about and they are here when you need them. The students take the classes seriously, and it doesn't feel like a competition. I'm happy to be leaving this semester, but I'm glad I went here
The campus and teachers are really nice. They are engaging and for a community college the learning material is pretty good in the harder classes. They are still challenging just with a smaller class size.
I liked that they had everything I needed, classes wise. The school should work on their internet accessibility. It's almost impossible to bring your laptop into the library and look up anything on the internet because the connection is poor to none.
El Camino is a great stepping stone to a four year. Not every professor is the best as is the case anywhere but do your research and ask other students and you cant go wrong. Every staff member is there to help you achieve your goal but you have to put in the work.
El Camino College is a good place to start with a vocation or a plan to transfer to a 4-year university.
This is my second year studying in El Camino College and I believe this is a really good school because there are good classes and also I enjoying ASO that is an organization to help the students with their future.
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The professors I've had here are really friendly and understanding. Some go out of their way to ensure that you're learning and understanding, especially during office hours. The campus is beautiful and clean, and the clubs are very nice as well. Sometimes he clubs are in the middle of the day, which might not be best because many classes are in the middle of the day, but everyone is always willing to help. Many resources are available to students, from free tutoring to even a language lab.. The only problem I can find is with registration/administration at times. Once the website allowed me to take a class that required a prerequisite, even though I had not completed them requirements.. My friends also have problems with financial aid or getting a book when it's sold out in the bookstore.. It's still a good college, but the portal is indeed a mess..
The experience at El Camino College has been great. The environment, teachers, students and staff are all helpful. The environment is really welcoming and friendly.
some of the teachers are honest and willing to help you suceed while others are lazy, dont really teach well. They just give you a hand out an d expect you to figure it out.
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