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When I first heard about Compton college I was worried I wouldn't receive a good education just because of the name. However, this school has subscribed all my expectations and has me set to transfer next year. The first year experience program here is better than the other community college's programs, and every professor I've had really cares about their students. The campus itself is dated in the main wings but they will be updated within a few years. Since the campus is smaller than others, there is a lack of spaces and I've found that there will only be one professor available for one subject. This makes it hard to find classes that don't conflict with your schedule. Overall I'd recommend this school to anybody looking for a school who's professors and staff care for your success, and for those looking to get away from over crowded campuses.
I liked the fact that they were very welcoming and patient not only to myself but other new students as well. Some changes I would like to see are probably the restrooms,although they are very clean most of the time, most are pretty "old" one can say.
Very easy school to obtain classes. Every process is smooth and easy from admissions to counseling. Financial aid department employees are very knowledgeable and helpful.
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Financial aid is terrible. I hate faculty and staff. Partying is barely around. Greek life is extremely low. Overall, DON'T COME.
My experience at El Camino College was excellent. I transferred from Long Beach City College and that was the best decision I made. The professors at El Camino really care about their students. The professors really want their students to succeed. I highly recommend it there. Best community college!
The atmosphere on this campus is warm. Yes, I'm sure for some, the city Compton alarms you, but this is one of the safest campuses I've been on. There are professor's that actually care and take time to know your name. They will work with you as they understand the ups and downs of life.
El Camino College - Compton Center is a college where you can tell people care about you. The staff there is extremely helpful towards the student and are always available. For the two years I was there, I never had an issue where I could not find help. All of my professors had office hours and were there to help students out when help was needed. However, I did wish this institution pushed the students a bit more. Most professors tend to be more lenient and that can be a problem because some students tend to not give it their all in the classroom.
I love how good the teachers are and how dedicated they are to thier students. I came to this college not knowing if the the college was going to be worth it, but it reminded me of high school how the teacher actually try to help a student out.
It is great because the classes are small and there are plenty of opportunities available. The resources are also readily available providing students with the tools to succeed.
A campus in a convenient area that boasts a diverse student body with a student population from Compton, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Carson, Gardena and so on. There are some fantastic professors here and some great counselors that will happy to help you stay on track and move on to get a certificate, graduate and/or transfer to a four year university as I did. This campus has a brand new library and several opportunities for students to move up in the world and be exposed to new and better things!
El Camino college staff where very helpful as well as supportive the whole time I have attended the college they made the transition very easy for me the one thing I would like to see is the amount of parking change as we definitely don't have enough space.
If you like to complain, don't come here. If you have an attitude, don't come here. If you don't like authority, don't come here. If you're going into nursing for the money and not because you genuinely care about people, don’t come here I think you're getting the point. I went there one year and It was ok. The lounge and labs have been upgraded. So have most of the rooms. Yes, you will run into some issues, but the staff has been very helpful at helping me when I have needed it. Even when I got in trouble, they did everything in their power to accommodate my needs in order for me to stay with the class. Some teachers will be better than others, but that's everywhere you go.To me It is a gross school. It has water damaged dirty rooms, no toilet paper, soap or paper towel in the bathroom.
I learned how to be humble at this school. Many of my peers had similar or worst backgrounds than me. I met many people that made me grow in to an individual with ambition and goals. The professors were very easy to speak to. They interacted with their students often. I lived my experience here. If I could redo my time there I wouldn't change a thing.
the school need to connect more with the students. also they should invest more into the programs at the school to help more students pay for classes.
Compton Center is a great campus! Because the name and location where it is from, people automatically think otherwise. This campus has the most attentive, hardworking, helpful professors. They are willing to go to great measures for their students. They want them to succeed and transfer and do bigger better things. Compton college center is a great college!
The classes flexibility at my school were great because the process was smooth. I was able to get classes whenever i needed and sometimes I was placed on the wait list for a class but i always showed up to the class and ended up getting the class with an add slip. So overall it was a great school to transfer from.
The online courses at El Camino College are great due to the fact that the professor are actually in campus if ever needed for help in an assignment. They are usually full time instructors who have office hours to help each student who is in need. They are always there and are more than happy to help us.
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Transfer Career Center is the best at my school. The counselors available to a great job in helping students with their transition to a four year university. They set you up with the right ED plan so that you can start on the right track, taking classes needed for the transfer to which ever university the applicant would like too attend.
El Camino College is doing okay when it comes down to the quality of courses it offers to professors and the classes offered. Most classes offered are filled up slowly do to the enrollment rate. Professors are great instructors to their subjects.
El Camino College does have an okay connection with outside employers and internship opportunities. There is a great amount of help for student workers but not many of alumni network.
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