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EHOVE was very effortless when it came to the applying process. Everyone was so helpful and ready to further your education. The information session was so informative that there was not need for other questions. I can not wait to start school in January 2019!
The electrical class offered at EHOVE is horrible. They actually had us sign a form that we completed a lab working with conduit that they never had. One teacher told us he never beg conduit before... But he was an electrician before... And we repeatedly sat in the room and did nothing but stare at our phones because they had nothing for us to do and would not let us go home. This isn't high school... Stay far away.. They are abusing the States money. Feel free I contact for details. JOKE
→Feb 04 2017
I'm just currently starting so I'm not sure to complete this answer
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I'm just currently starting so I'm not able to complete this answer
I'm just starting so i don't have too much of a opinion just yet. but so far everything is going well
a degree from this school will helpe me look further into jobs. and it will look good on my recommendation letters
i have yet to review any courses online. i am just starting
i just started so i don't really know too much about the student body i haven't met much people
i think its a little expensive, but its an accredited college , credits transfer, and jobs will look for a better learning experience rather then a jvs vocational school. the financial aide helps a lot. i found out i was qualified for grant.
this is the first time the school is offering this program so there is no post grads yet
i love the hands on materials. everyone is friendly, makes sure each individual understands the material. they also will do job placement for you as well.
its a lot to go over on day one. class registration is a lot
everything is great there. the teachers, the directors, the help, everything. theres always some one around to just say hi to you make sure your day is going well. see how things are going. they make sure you get all that you need. theres a little snack room/cafteria in there thats good.
EHOVE is an amazing school. I went there my junior and senior years of high school and it's full of caring teachers and mentors, all of which are very prideful. Since I've been there, I have learned many things that will help me in college and in the career I want to go in.
Ehove has an early childhood program where students teach preschoolers and toddlers.
The Convience of Ehove – Ehove has been very convenient for me. The school is not too far from where I live, so it makes the drive really easy. They are very accepting of anything you want to participate in at your home school. I am in band at my home school. Ehove allows me to go to my home school every morning for first period band class, and I then arrive at Ehove a little later than everyone else. This is very helpful to me.
Ehove Academics – At Ehove, there are many academics to choose from. To start, you have to choose your main area of focus. For example, I'm in Interactive Media Technology. There are also many others such as Cosmetology, Nursing, Construction, Criminal Justice, Green Science, Computer Networking, and so much more. You also have the chance to choose your normal academics that you would normally be taking at your regular high school. Ehove also allows some student with a high enough GPA to leave campus and attend BGSU Firelands for some of their college classes.
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There are many reasons why Ehove Career Center is set apart from the other schools in our area. Ehove is a hands-on learning environment. You get to choose your main area of learning here. They also run on block scheduling as opposed to periods. For example, in the morning, I am in my Interactive Media Technology lab for the first three hours of school. I then go to my second, third, and fourth block classes. Each block is 80 minutes. After fourth block, I return back to my lab classroom for BUG (bring up your grades) period, which is about a half hour. Also at Ehove, the school is set up sort of like a college campus where you have to walk from building to building. Here, they allow you to leave campus and attend BGSU Firelands. This allows you to really get a head start on your future by recieving college credits.
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