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I liked the small class room setting and that the city is investing the the schools football program. Would like for them to expand there class course options. More food options late nights.
I like it at Edward waters college coming from Baltimore city and have the chance to go to school out of state is a blessing I'm proud to go to Edward waters college class of 2020
Edward Waters is definitely dedicated to ensuring that it's students gain the education necessary to become an asset in the professional working society. Their teachers and faculty are deeply involved in their students martriculation and go above and beyond to be involved in their college experience.
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Have to make the most of it. Fun student body with caring teachers, always something to do in jacksonville.
Great experience at this HBCU but the one thing i would like to see improve is the price of the school. Seeing that it is a private College it is kind of expensive.
I am a second semester freshman whom currently attending this HBCU and my experience here has been pretty good so far. I like all my faculty and professors I not a person who socialize much with my peers but the people here are friendly. I've personally learned a lot in the little bit of time being here and the things that I involve myself in has benefited me to benefit my goals.
My experience with the school has not always be good due to the finances office. The teachers and resources help out with the planning of career after graduation with certifications.
I would say i have a lot of experience in everything like dance, art, basketball, football, swimming and also love working in groups i feel that i would more understand things when i would need help i would have my teammates to help me when needed. Although i Feel that Edwards water is the college i would love to be apart of cause i feel that i would learn much more that i don't know and also meeting new people and roommates.
I like how small the campus is. I would like to see more grocery stores that are in walking distance of the campus.
Edward Waters College is a historically black college located in Jacksonville, FL. I like this college because it offers smaller classroom settings which allow more time for one on one assistance with the professor. I am majoring in Psychology and my professors demonstrate concern in my ability to learn and grow as student and person. EWC also have a police sub-station located on campus for any parents concerned about safety. The staff and administrators are very knowledgeable in their fields
This is an amazing school where everyone is like family and we all get the help we need to succeed. We are a smaller college then others so everyone knows each other and you can really get the help you need from your teachers and staff when you need it. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to attend an HBCU !
Its a good school but there is a lot of improvement that can be done. I stay in the honors dorms and you think its for freshmen. The classes are ok.
I feel like more work could be done to prepare students for after college.
The school could definitely be better. Academc are subpar and a lot of the housing is run down.
Somewhat safe, but you should travel in groups.
Everything except the honors village is pretty bad
Very big greek life at the school.
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Athletics are alright, the teams could be better.
Its alright, although the housing could be better.
It's been different going to college when no one else in my family has been to college and I'm trying very hard but it will a,L be worth it in the end when all is said and done
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