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EDP University of Puerto Rico - San Juan Reviews

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It gives you a good academic experience, but it could be better if the school had the necessary technology the fashion programs has to offer
Apart from not being an exclusive and hard to be accepted school, it has a great fashion program, which is based on Liza Thon's courses. Has great teachers too
Working Students – The student body consists of mostly adult switching careers, and about 75% are married. Therefore everyone's priority is studying. Socialization is limited mostly to the lunch hour becouse of jobs and family. About one third of yhe students are from the Dominican Republic or Cuba. This makes for interesting socializing.
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A School for the Working Student – What I like about EDP College is that the course work structure is oriented to the working student. 90% os my classmates are working and going to school, like me. Therefore, there is very little academic life outside the classroom. However. the teachers are very knowledgeable and have extensive clinical experience that they are able to impart. Overall, I am very happy with my choice.
They Know Their Stuff – Although I am not the typical EDP College student, once Financial aid understood my stituation, they took care of everything. Overall the service was fast and efficient.
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