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Edmonds Community College provides a great experience for those looking to explore different majors and take care of general education requirements. Teachers are great and classes are small
Edmonds Community College is great! They offer so many degree/certificate programs and the staff and students are diverse, competent and friendly.
Edmonds Community College is wonderful for non-traditional students, like myself. They are supportive of their LGBTQ+ students, students of color, international students, students with disabilities, students who are supporting a family, and working students. Now that they are offering 4 year degrees, it has gotten even better. I also love their "self-care days" that are offered around finals week. Free therapy dogs to pet, massages, snacks, and games for students.
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I think that for being a community college, having a 2-year ATA program that transfers into a 4-year Bachelors is great.
The Fact that it is small minded in the diversity department is a somwhat letdown.
i liked the campus but not the amount of cultural diversity or the attention on transgender students.
Edmonds Community College has been really great so far, the diversity in people is amazing, without it being completely overcrowded like I see all of colleges being. The staff care so much, that means the teachers, the administration, and even the student workers. Everyone is ready to help and on top of what they are doing, so not much confusion going on and you feel taken care of. I am really enjoying my time at Edmonds.
Employees are always available to answer questions which makes my life so much easier. This a very diverse school with mostly younger generation. The cafeteria has a large variety of meals to chose from. The classrooms are nice and they offer financial aid to those who qualify.
I really like how open minded and inclusive the community is. It feels like everyone gets to start a new chapter in their lives and be a new person. It's so easy to make as many friends as you want and though there are groups, anyone can join and there isn't a lot of drama like in high school. The teachers are also very friendly and care about the students' understanding of what is going on in class. The grading is also usually fair. The only thing I dislike would be the gym, but I know there are plans on renovating it so I can't complain.
Instructors are very professional. The brier hall offers very delicious foods especially their cheesecakes. Besides, EdCC has a lot of computer labs. You won’t regret it to study in this college!!!
I love being apart of the EdCC student body. I began my journey with the Edmonds Community Summer quarter of 2017 and loved it ever since. There is nothing that I would change on the campus.
I love attending EDCC. Everyone is very welcoming and make sure that you stay on top of your work. Unfortunately, I slacked off my first two quarters here ( fall and winter) but I have a few fantastic staff here that are making sure I will graduate on time.
Pretty good college. The campus is larger than other community colleges ive been too but easy to navigate around. Staff is helpful and easy to get ahold of when i have questions.
What stood out to me about my academic experience at this community college is the cultural diversity. You get to meet people who share your cultural customs and also great opportunities to learn about other cultures by interacting with your classmates.
The faculty and staff are pleasant and professional. In every department there is someone that went out of his or her way to make sure that I am taking classes that fit me, and classes that I understand. The people working at this community college really want the student to be comfortable in the environment provided. The scenery on and around campus is rather calming because the school is nestled in the woods a bit. There are creations of art on campus that I can not totally describe, but I appreciate them just the same. No one working there seems too busy to help someone and that is a plus. I actually look forward to school, and I feel that this institution will be beneficial to me. I enjoy learning new things so I feel that this experience will be a big plus as well.
My experience at Edmonds Community College was a good one. The faculty was very willing to help, and the teachers were very knowledgeable. The area around is not the greatest, but I would recommend this college to anybody looking to get their 2 year degree.
I am super impressed with the community atmosphere. The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful . I dont know about the party scene or the athletics or the dorms because I am an older student who lives off campus.
I like the amount of preparation I was given. The advisors are very helpful, and the campus is not too big, so its easy to navigate. The bus system is very useful, i use it every day. the teachers know about their subject, and teach it well, and most important is I feel like I could ask my advisor anything comfortably and get my question answered. The class sizes aren't too big, and I feel like I get enough attention so that my grades are good.
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I attend Edmonds Community College as a part-time Running Start student and my overall experience has been really good. The professors I had so far are really nice and their classes are easy to understand. If you ask the professors for help, they will help any way they can. The school is really diverse and I found many new friends. Hence, it is a really good school and I am planning in attending there full-time once I graduate High School.
There are multiple of reason on why I like Edmonds Community College. The staff, professors, everyone who works at the school are very kind and generous and will do anything to help you with school or anything you are looking for. Everyone will help you stay on track and to make sure that you are going to succeed and go far in your life. I am currently on the Women's soccer team and all the men and women on the sports teams also want to see you move up to a higher level and to not fail in any classes so that we are able to play the game we love. There is such a wide variety of different students that attend at the school which this brings positivity to everyone and to our community as a whole. The food, drinks on campus are a good price as well and taste amazing too. What I love the most about this school is how many options you have to choose for your academics. I have nothing negative to say about my school because this college is a great school to ahead.
Beautiful campus, great variety of classes, knowledgeable and personable teachers! I had one encounter/quarter with a particularly rude professor (Professor Laminu), however will not hold that against EDCC, because the majority should be able to miss that insolent man.
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