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My experience at Edmonds Community College was a good one. The faculty was very willing to help, and the teachers were very knowledgeable. The area around is not the greatest, but I would recommend this college to anybody looking to get their 2 year degree.
I am super impressed with the community atmosphere. The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful . I dont know about the party scene or the athletics or the dorms because I am an older student who lives off campus.
I like the amount of preparation I was given. The advisors are very helpful, and the campus is not too big, so its easy to navigate. The bus system is very useful, i use it every day. the teachers know about their subject, and teach it well, and most important is I feel like I could ask my advisor anything comfortably and get my question answered. The class sizes aren't too big, and I feel like I get enough attention so that my grades are good.
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I attend Edmonds Community College as a part-time Running Start student and my overall experience has been really good. The professors I had so far are really nice and their classes are easy to understand. If you ask the professors for help, they will help any way they can. The school is really diverse and I found many new friends. Hence, it is a really good school and I am planning in attending there full-time once I graduate High School.
There are multiple of reason on why I like Edmonds Community College. The staff, professors, everyone who works at the school are very kind and generous and will do anything to help you with school or anything you are looking for. Everyone will help you stay on track and to make sure that you are going to succeed and go far in your life. I am currently on the Women's soccer team and all the men and women on the sports teams also want to see you move up to a higher level and to not fail in any classes so that we are able to play the game we love. There is such a wide variety of different students that attend at the school which this brings positivity to everyone and to our community as a whole. The food, drinks on campus are a good price as well and taste amazing too. What I love the most about this school is how many options you have to choose for your academics. I have nothing negative to say about my school because this college is a great school to ahead.
Beautiful campus, great variety of classes, knowledgeable and personable teachers! I had one encounter/quarter with a particularly rude professor (Professor Laminu), however will not hold that against EDCC, because the majority should be able to miss that insolent man.
Edmond's Community College is very diverse school with so many great and interesting people to meet from all across the globe. Not only are the professors very nice people but they also take the time to get to know each individual students purpose for waiting to further their education. Academics from my point of view seem to be very good because they have a lot of programs to offer and the majority of those programs can be used as direct transfer credits to other schools. The only thing I would say could be improved, would have to be the campus itself. I know that to most people that means remodeling of the buildings but to me it more means more lively hood within the campus gardens and more plant life that is actually flourishing throughout campus and is kept up for a more welcoming college experience
Great diversity here, with many international students! Well kept up campus, with plenty of lighting, so it feels safe at night! Parking can be a little tough if you don't come when class lets out and people leave. But once you know the patter, then it is easier!
Overall, it's okay. Food in the cafeteria (Brier) is not so great, but food the the college cafe is awesome! Plus, the price is affordable. Teachers that I've met so far are nice, but I've also heard complaints about some teachers. It really depends on who you get honestly.
Edmonds Community College is a great community college with a population of over twenty one thousand students with great instructors. After one year of being a student at this college I have not had one complaint with any of my instructors. Communication is excellent here and I recommend students to enroll who are planning on majoring in business.
the entire staff is there to help you succeed in your college mission. Every aspect of school has such an amazing staff. There have been a couple of quarter where I have had two instructors who have doctorates in their field. All of the instructors that I have encountered in my seven quarters of Education thus far have all been compassionate, very helpful, and always there when I have needed them
I love the engineering department. I've been taking classes working towards a AS-T and so far the courses and the teachers have been amazing.
I liked Edmonds Community College because It was close to home, I had many friends who had attended there before me and they enjoyed their experience. My professors were easy to work with. They explained to their best ability so that all students would understand.
Edmonds helped me so much to get ready for my first year of college. I was terrified I was going to get lost or even fail. But, all of the teachers and staff really help you out and make sure you’re available to everyone resource they have. There’s no other community college better than this one!
I like to I could start taking classes in the child care industry.The teacher's are very helpful to the students
Well, let's be honest and realistic! Many people expect only the college to offer, but they never think about offering to the college. I'd say: the students are vital in making up a great college life. I've enjoyed attending EdCC because I engaged with it! You'll never see what your school has to offer if you don't explore it yourself. I'm definetly giving a hump up to EdCC because I've learnt in it; I got the opportunity to work part-time and help other students succeed; I've become much open minded due to the amazing diversity; I've enhanced both my social and proffessional life because of the different activities held by our school, and many other postives are still to be mentioned. Again, I've had an amazing journey because I've taken part in it.
Edmonds community college has been one of the best schools. It have many resources for students and feels safe.
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It was a good college, teachers were supportive and helpful, the facilities were limited but the ones that were available were excellent.
This school used to be looked down. But they are improving buildings and parking spaces. Lots of college experiences and club to enjoy.
Edmonds Community College is an amazing school with a lot of things to do in it. They will definitely help you to get into your desired universities, especially for their amazing academic advisors!
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