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I liked Edmonds Community College because It was close to home, I had many friends who had attended there before me and they enjoyed their experience. My professors were easy to work with. They explained to their best ability so that all students would understand.
Edmonds helped me so much to get ready for my first year of college. I was terrified I was going to get lost or even fail. But, all of the teachers and staff really help you out and make sure you’re available to everyone resource they have. There’s no other community college better than this one!
I like to I could start taking classes in the child care industry.The teacher's are very helpful to the students
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Well, let's be honest and realistic! Many people expect only the college to offer, but they never think about offering to the college. I'd say: the students are vital in making up a great college life. I've enjoyed attending EdCC because I engaged with it! You'll never see what your school has to offer if you don't explore it yourself. I'm definetly giving a hump up to EdCC because I've learnt in it; I got the opportunity to work part-time and help other students succeed; I've become much open minded due to the amazing diversity; I've enhanced both my social and proffessional life because of the different activities held by our school, and many other postives are still to be mentioned. Again, I've had an amazing journey because I've taken part in it.
Edmonds community college has been one of the best schools. It have many resources for students and feels safe.
It was a good college, teachers were supportive and helpful, the facilities were limited but the ones that were available were excellent.
This school used to be looked down. But they are improving buildings and parking spaces. Lots of college experiences and club to enjoy.
Edmonds Community College is an amazing school with a lot of things to do in it. They will definitely help you to get into your desired universities, especially for their amazing academic advisors!
I like this college because they have so much opportunities to build up experiences. For example, I joined a club there called Society of Women Engineers where the Engineer teacher there at EdCC becomes the supervisor and gave us a budget to build something that would help other clubs or the school. I also got a job as a Chemistry & Biology lab assistant and the supervisor allowed me to only work one quarter just for the experience. Also, the professors were very helpful and caring, and definitely shows that they want the student to be successful in their academics. EdCC also provides great classes but the only downfall is they don't provide many classes with different schedules for science classes especially higher level ones.
I would like to see Edmonds Community College improve their computer science department, as it stands there's only one teacher in that department that's worth taking. On a positive note there have been teachers from other departments that were very good that I would take again if they taught the courses I needed in their designated fields.
All the teachers are experts and strongly encourage coming to see them if you need extra help. Campus is big with lots of buildings but there are a lot of maps and everything is easy to find. Great campus resources and sports team. The only downside is that parking can be hard to find especially around 11am. Edmonds c.c. is by far the best community college I've gone to and I've tried 3 others in the area
Edmonds Community College is a diverse campus. I really enjoy being part of it's loving community. During attending the college I have met great people that impacted my life in a positive way. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to be a student at Edcc.
Edmonds Community College has a lot of good professors that will be there for their students and help them when asked. There are a few professors that a get a bad rap, but that's pretty normal for any school you go to. But most of them are really good.
I attended Edmonds Community College as a part of the Running Start program when I was in high school. I found that most of the teachers were engaging and challenging, and the materials were interesting. I had a few teachers who struggled to keep up with knowledge of the technology used by the college including the online class host system, and the projectors in the classrooms, etc. A couple of my teachers were untalented and not good at explaining the material. But most were excellent. It helped me to look up reviews before signing up for classes on
Most professors really care about what they're teaching and about the success of students. Nice environment with tons of resources, free tutoring, 24/7 technical assistance, and friendly faculty.
I enjoy my life at EDCC. With great diversity and academics I'm growing as a student. My professors are helpful and great mentors in my education.
Overall I believe this is a fantastic community college that offered a lot more than I ever expected. I originally came to this school because it was the only community college with a Horticulture program that had more than just landscaping. The classrooms and facilities are well equipped and comfortable. The quality of the teachers however, can vary widely; some are fantastic and others are horrible. Dorms are nice but incredibly expensive, the local are is mostly boring with decent shopping and food, campus food is good with decent prices and athletics has a much bigger program than I would ever expect for a community college. Safety is alright but, I have seen few warning emails a year about some crimes on campus that come along with safety tips. EDCC is a fantastic college with high transfer rates and fantastic facilities and programs. I continue to attend even with an hour long, congested traffic commute.
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I like that EDCC is really diverse. They have a large student population for a CC. It's really diverse, there is all walks of life that study here from freshman right out of HS to people in their 50's. One thing that is horrendous is the parking..... the parking here is horrible honestly it tales you like half an hour to find a spot and its a true miracle if you do.
Nice teachers, old technology, programs for specific degrees are not organized well. Good [place to get general AA though. Parking is horrible!!
This school does an excellent job of catering to every student's needs. People of all different backgrounds and ages can all get what they need at this college. As someone who attended during high school to earn high school and college credit, I felt like an equal to everyone else, despite my young age. Overall the teachers, opportunities, prices, and students were great.
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