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It allows opportunity for people like myself, who work full-time and cannot attend school at a campus. I would like to see more professional and better educated professors.
Edison helps each and everyone of their students step by step. They offer a large variety of study group options, one on one with teachers, extra curriculums, and so much more.
Edison Ohio is exellent college to go to in the Miami Valley. They have some of the best professors there. It is a very easy drive to get back and forth to.
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Here at Edison, I feel very comfortable. I do not feel overwhelmed nor underestimated, and overall I've had good experiences with my peers. Student activities and collaboration with students has been growing year after year. Almost all of my professors have been brilliant. They are all passionate about the material that they teach and have notable backgrounds related to each topic. It makes learning all the more exciting.
I loved the staff that are hired there. They are very accommodating and helpful, while pursing your educational goals.
Edison cares about education. The professors are easy to contact and communicate with. The nursing program is competitive and has an excellent pass rate for NCLEX.
I went to Edison State Community College for about two years, mainly working on getting my general studies out of the way so that I could transfer to a different school for my degree. The classes that I attended were not all that stimulating (aside from psychology and abnormal psychology), the schedules were all over the place, and I did not feel that my return on investment was all that great. Wanting to go back to college, I looked elsewhere, refusing to go back to Edison.
Okay for now but the school is almost completed the construction of a new sports facility on campus. Everyone is looking forward to that opening next year.
Great school as a launching pad for graduate school.
The campus is relatively safe.
In this state college, the most important degree that is really competitive is nursing. Which is awesome, I know some students that are pushing themselves in order to being part of this nursing program.
I met this professor my spring semester. He was awesome, he taught the class the nature of biology and much more. He was understanding and whenever we had questions on any assignments he had given us, he was willing to help us.
I don't live in campus. This school is a community college. I'm not sure how living on campus is like.
This spring semester in college was merely difficult. It all changed after I met a couple of students who was in my Biology class. Without these girls I don't know how I would've finish this college spring semester. We did study groups for every class we had and that allowed me to become more focused on why I applied to college.
Unless you have friends that party, not that many students really know much about them.
Since its a community college, everybody goes home right after class or their studying is over.
No one really has time to pay attention to these things. People juts go to their classes get them over with and go home.
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I haven't seen any students under the influence.
There is always security going around the campus whether it's for the morning, afternoon or for the evening classes.
A lot of the Classes get full quickly which leaves a lot of students to pick the professors nobody picked first. Some classes should be a little bit bigger especially if you know that a lot of students need that class. The courses are good.
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