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Edinboro is an amazing school with lots of opportunities. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because the food is not always the best, but thats pretty normal on a college campus. The staff and professors here are so awesome and truly want to see you succeed in your major. There are also lots of opportunities to become involved, whether it's greek life, campus ministry, sports, community service and outdoor recreation to name a few. Not to mention, Edinboro has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.
I am a current student at Edinboro, studying in my freshman year after enrolling as a transfer student. My professors have been amazing so far, and although the classes are very in depth and can be difficult at times, the professors are very understanding and do everything they can to help you succeed. Excited to continue my Pre-Medical degree at Edinboro University.
Edinboro University is a very excellent university that has a very good art program. The main campus is beautiful, the people there are friendly, and they have very interesting clubs and organizations. The professors at Edinboro are very helpful and caring.
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I have had some issues with the financial aid department. They take forever to get anything accomplished and are not very organized in my opinion. However, the campus as a whole is very updated and modern. There are a few old buildings that could probably use some work, but overall they are all up to date with the "times." There are many extra curricular activities for students to take part in if they choose. The professors from my experience have all be very supportive and helpful. Anytime you have a question they normally remember you by name and are able to help you with the material if you do not understand it.
Edinboro is very lively and come with many cultural diversity on campus. Being almost a replica of the country Scotland; Edinboro Unviersity has its own Highland games, a potter fest, even going as far as to having a fashion show.
They really need to elect a president or dean that actually cares about the school and it’s students. Also, some of the tenure staff need to be let go because they couldn’t care less about their students failing or falling behind.
I really enjoyed the whole campas and all of the people there. They did not try to kiss up because instead they were real and honest in a very nice way. I have only toured the University while looking for colleges so I am not sure about how it would be to actually attend the school, but hopefully I will be able to know next fall.
Edinboro is a great college. The art program is very good and has taught me alot. They have a candidacy program wich allows you to work on projects there and then submit them to see if you can get into the program rather than most programs that make you submit work before you can even get into the college. Wich was very nice for me because I was not an experienced artist when I applied. The dorms are very nice but the more nice the dorm is the more money the dorm is. Its a little expensive for out of state students but if you are in state then im sure its fine. All in all i realy enjoyed my experience there.
Edinboro University feels like home to me. The community of staff and students have made me feel welcomed and I feel as though I have progressed a lot as an artist by going to this college. The only problem I have is I don't think funding always goes to where it is needed.
Edinboro is a beautiful learning environment with a diverse group of students. The only thing that could possibly make our University better would be campus jobs that better fit the student/student athlete lifestyle.
I loved how clean and welcoming the campus was. It made me feel more comfortable as a transfer student. It will be my first time away from home and I am excited for the experiences I will have.
Great college low tuition and amazing campus and professors. Brand new dorms and new food options are awesome. You get an amazing education without owing thousands of dollars in student loans!
I loved my classmates and the majority of my professors. They were always up to helping when you needed it. The location could be better especially in the winter time. The University does not like to close even if there is a snow storm.
I have personally not experienced any issues with Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I have had very nice professors and enjoy the nursing program here. A beautiful campus, however, the food could be better considering the price of it and it needs to accommodate more trees to the campus scenery.
So far my experience with Edinboro has been a negative experience. Some of the issues I have had with transferring to Edinboro were credits that did not transfer over, and I have had to take classes that I already had taken from another college. Another issue I have had with the university was with the sports facilities cleanliness.
Edinboro University many programs to offer. The professors are very kind and very helpful. The students there are also very kind and inclusive. I'm happy i have chose to attend this university.
The University could make wiser decisions about which programs it cuts. However, the atmosphere is enjoyable, everyone is friendly and always willing to help.
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Edinboro University is an okay school. It is far from the best but it is not horrible. Overall student life is very poor. But, the school is fairly cheap.
I am currently a sophomore student-athlete at Edinboro University where I am a business major with a concentration in Marketing. Edinboro University has been home to me for two years and I love it. It is a very cute town with a friendly atmosphere and a charming town.
Edinboro is a smaller school in terms of class size, which helps immensely with one-on-one feedback from professors. The campus is very inviting and holds a lot of opportunities for students to get involved and have fun. Both the faculty and staff are helpful resources who want nothing other than to see the students succeed.
I made a great choice by coming here, I hope you will too!
Edinboro University is a great school. All the teachers and students I have met were very friendly and welcoming. There are so many different major options as well as activities and clubs available, so everyone is bound to find something they love to do here.
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