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I loved my classmates and the majority of my professors. They were always up to helping when you needed it. The location could be better especially in the winter time. The University does not like to close even if there is a snow storm.
I have personally not experienced any issues with Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I have had very nice professors and enjoy the nursing program here. A beautiful campus, however, the food could be better considering the price of it and it needs to accommodate more trees to the campus scenery.
So far my experience with Edinboro has been a negative experience. Some of the issues I have had with transferring to Edinboro were credits that did not transfer over, and I have had to take classes that I already had taken from another college. Another issue I have had with the university was with the sports facilities cleanliness.
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Edinboro University many programs to offer. The professors are very kind and very helpful. The students there are also very kind and inclusive. I'm happy i have chose to attend this university.
The University could make wiser decisions about which programs it cuts. However, the atmosphere is enjoyable, everyone is friendly and always willing to help.
Edinboro University is an okay school. It is far from the best but it is not horrible. Overall student life is very poor. But, the school is fairly cheap.
I am currently a sophomore student-athlete at Edinboro University where I am a business major with a concentration in Marketing. Edinboro University has been home to me for two years and I love it. It is a very cute town with a friendly atmosphere and a charming town.
Edinboro is a smaller school in terms of class size, which helps immensely with one-on-one feedback from professors. The campus is very inviting and holds a lot of opportunities for students to get involved and have fun. Both the faculty and staff are helpful resources who want nothing other than to see the students succeed.
I made a great choice by coming here, I hope you will too!
Edinboro University is a great school. All the teachers and students I have met were very friendly and welcoming. There are so many different major options as well as activities and clubs available, so everyone is bound to find something they love to do here.
On-line graduate programs are a great fit for someone like me with a family and a full time career. There were many graduate program options. The professors stay connected with you and the advisors connect with you right away.
The college appears to be generally fantastic. They are limited and accept almost everyone, but they are affordable and known to be effective in their work with students.
Currently in my second year and 4th semester as a Sophomore in Edinboro University. For my area of education so far I've been taught with very good teachers who all have helped me to complete my classes. In honest I have really no complaints about any of the courses taken my past years. Though one thing for improvement on the school would be allowing more courses to be open for each semester instead of only a select few every other semester. As it can cause difficulty on getting a certain amount of classes due to same hours or even cause an issue on ones needed to attend. Other than that I enjoy studying here and living among the campus while I go for completing my bachelors degree.
Edinboro University is a very welcoming and well kept school. With many different major options as well as activities and clubs available, everyone is bound to find something they love to do here.
I like how involved my nursing teachers are in my success. I love the advisor idea so you always have someone to guide you
I liked that the sizes of the classes are small, makes for a better, more relaxed learning experience. I would like to campus police not be so aggressive with underages
Edinboro University has a very nice campus, with plenty of clubs, sports, and other organizations that a student can join. The food is good, though it gets tiring after some time and it is mostly fast food. Several of the classes can be difficult, but they are still very informational.
I chose Edinboro as my Graduate School because a few of my classmates from undergrad also went to this school and loved it. We are in the Masters of Social Work program, the teachers are pretty fair, though keep in mind this is a graduate level program and they do pile the work on! The best part about this program is that they allow us to intern with our place of employment! How easy does that make life for us?!
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is a very good school for the price. I would hope to see the president and other of the school start to climb to new acheivments.
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For the past year and a half, Edinboro has taught me a lot that I will cherish forever. My number one thing that I have enjoyed the most while being here is the bonds I have created with other people. I have met individuals from all over the country that I know will be in my life forever. Also, this college has taught me a lot about myself. I have learned how to be independent and not having to rely on anyone else. I'm becoming more mature and learning how to be my own person all thanks to Edinboro.
Has been good so far, a few things that could be nitpicked, but you could do that for any college. I don't have a doubt that as long as you do well in your studies, and network, then graduating and having an enjoyable time is not a far-fetched dream.
So far mt experience at Edinboro University has been very positive. Most people are friendly and willing to help.
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