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Very nice school, just a little to pricy. Wish there was more diversty and teachers can be alittle more understanding about life. Most students aren't as friendly as you thought they could be.
Edgewood college is secluded with intimate class sizes, yet close enough to UW Madison campus to have the feel of a large campus social atmosphere. The buildings are beautiful and have great spots to study. The athletic facility is free for student use, but leaves a lot to be desired.
Edgewood has provided me with a great experience so far. The professors are always more than willing to help, there is a variety of resources for students, dorm living isn't really "dorm living" (luxury compared to other schools), there is a diverse population, and the academic experiences and opportunities provided here are outstanding.
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I love the small class size at Edgewood. I get to know all of my professors and they get to know me. The campus is easy to navigate and is close to downtown Madison.
I am a graduate student at Edgewood College seeking a Master's degree in Bilingual Education. Edgewood is nestled right off of a lovely little lake that provides great scenery, a bike path to a nearby nature preserve, and a short walk to great independently owned restaurants and shops. The professors and administration are very helpful and supportive. I would highly recommend Edgewood to other graduate students - if they can afford it.
The low student to professor ratio and small class sizes are amazing. The professors really care about you as a person and a student. The campus is pretty, especially in fall. The food is subpar and the dorms are expensive. They try hard to be inclusive but the student body is not diverse.
Despite graduating with honors, I had a terrible experience at Edgewood College. I wish someone would have told me to go elsewhere. Many of my instructors were clueless and unable to answer basic questions in lectures. Administration in my program had no interest in student concerns and feedback. If you want to prioritize your education and save your money, attend a different school.
the atmosphere was great and the other students and staff were friendly. they helped me throughout the process of applying and any questions i had.
The professors at Edgewood College are amazing. they are very attentive and helpful when you need it. If they can't help you during class then they have office hours. The diversity of the campus is something that could improve but it's not a huge factor in the overall college campus and student life. There are numerous student-led organizations that incoming freshmen or transfer students can join. I am content with
The values, staff & campus are amazing! The school is terribly expensive. They don’t work with you when it comes to cost. They assume everyone going there is above a certain income. I know several people myself included that had to leave due to cost. The academic staff actually encourages leaving and getting more for your money elsewhere. The on campus living situation is poor. As well as diversity and inclusion
This school is great for students when it comes to classroom settings, professor help, counselor help, and connections outside of the campus. It lacks in residence halls, food, and bills.
Edgewood is a great place for the student community to come together. Most of the staff and faculty try to make The Edgewood Environment to be open, comfortable, and trustworthy. It would be a great improvement if all of the staff and faculty could participate, as well as the students.
Edgewood is amazing with being a smaller school. There is always someone to help you. The professors are awesome and the dorm life is great!
Fantastic professors. Welcoming environment. You really get what you pay for. Tuition may be expensive but the small class sizes assure that the teacher actually cares for you and your education. Resources to assure you succeed in school are plentiful on and off campus.
My experience with Edgewood College so far, has been wonderful. The campus is beautiful and so close to many businesses.
The classes are small, which gives you a more one on one with your professors, which truly enhances the learning experience.
Edgewood has many extra curricular events that encourage students to bond and become a bigger part of the school.
I feel very safe and confident in knowing that I am a member of such a wonderful school.
Overall, it was a great pick for me. I'm from Madison and enjoyed being able to stay in the town I grew up in as well as go to a smaller school in a larger city. The school is very expensive and sometimes doesn't seem worth the money.
Great school for mom's returning to college, instructors who care about your success, classes for every interest, flexible schedule, beautiful campus
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It's a safe and happy environment to be at Edgewood college. The professors are dedicated for you to succeed and you are not just a number there.
Edgewood College holds a very small, diverse campus. What I've enjoyed most about this college is the class setting. It is much easier for me to learn in a small class setting when I can confront the professor when confused as opposed to a larger class setting. Along with the class setting it was very interesting and neat to have a diverse campus, you get to meet many people from different cultures and learn their stories of how they grew up.
A small school that gives personalized attention to students. Teachers and staff are easily accessible. Good school for commuters. Small class sizes.
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