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The values, staff & campus are amazing! The school is terribly expensive. They don’t work with you when it comes to cost. They assume everyone going there is above a certain income. I know several people myself included that had to leave due to cost. The academic staff actually encourages leaving and getting more for your money elsewhere. The on campus living situation is poor. As well as diversity and inclusion
This school is great for students when it comes to classroom settings, professor help, counselor help, and connections outside of the campus. It lacks in residence halls, food, and bills.
Edgewood is a great place for the student community to come together. Most of the staff and faculty try to make The Edgewood Environment to be open, comfortable, and trustworthy. It would be a great improvement if all of the staff and faculty could participate, as well as the students.
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Edgewood is amazing with being a smaller school. There is always someone to help you. The professors are awesome and the dorm life is great!
Fantastic professors. Welcoming environment. You really get what you pay for. Tuition may be expensive but the small class sizes assure that the teacher actually cares for you and your education. Resources to assure you succeed in school are plentiful on and off campus.
My experience with Edgewood College so far, has been wonderful. The campus is beautiful and so close to many businesses.
The classes are small, which gives you a more one on one with your professors, which truly enhances the learning experience.
Edgewood has many extra curricular events that encourage students to bond and become a bigger part of the school.
I feel very safe and confident in knowing that I am a member of such a wonderful school.
Overall, it was a great pick for me. I'm from Madison and enjoyed being able to stay in the town I grew up in as well as go to a smaller school in a larger city. The school is very expensive and sometimes doesn't seem worth the money.
Great school for mom's returning to college, instructors who care about your success, classes for every interest, flexible schedule, beautiful campus
It's a safe and happy environment to be at Edgewood college. The professors are dedicated for you to succeed and you are not just a number there.
Edgewood College holds a very small, diverse campus. What I've enjoyed most about this college is the class setting. It is much easier for me to learn in a small class setting when I can confront the professor when confused as opposed to a larger class setting. Along with the class setting it was very interesting and neat to have a diverse campus, you get to meet many people from different cultures and learn their stories of how they grew up.
A small school that gives personalized attention to students. Teachers and staff are easily accessible. Good school for commuters. Small class sizes.
I have so far enjoyed my time at Edgewood College. The class sizes are small, and I have been mostly satisfied with the professors. I do wish that the higher up staff would be more in touch with the students and their needs, especially with how small the school is.
I am currently a Sophomore at Edgewood College, I am pursuing a degree in Nursing. Overall, I have loved my experience here. My professors have always been there to give me extra help and notice if I am not understanding something. Edgewood has a lot of extra help available, I have taken a lot of use out of that, both my freshman year and sophomore year I have tutors that Edgewood pays for. I have been able to get close with my classmates because it is a small school. We work with the community, many classes really emphasize the strength of working together. I believe being here has and will continue to push me to being not only more educated but a better person in total.
Edgewood provides smaller learning environments with the caveat of high-price tuition, limited and expensive parking, expensive food, and a lack of overall diversity among students.
My experience with Edgewood has been amazing. We are a small campus in a big city. We are 5 blocks away from one of the biggest campuses in the United States. The class sizes are very small. The biggest class I have had so far had 22 students. Also is very easy to get the one on one help you need. Plus every teacher knows your name. It is very simple to get an on campus job. Our campus food gets a little repetitive and easy to get sick of. But the good thing on being in Madison is there is a lot of food options so when you get sick of the food you can just get something else. Edgewood is easy to make friends.
I am currently a freshman at Edgewood College, and when I came, I felt like it was a very welcoming place. It is a small college, and I like how I can have many of the same classes as my friends do so that we can work on classwork together.
Edgewood College is a small sized college which makes it easy to get to classes. The classes themselves are challenging yet fun to take. It is a school that takes pride in their values and live up to them. One area that Edgewood struggles with is diversity.
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It is a good school. It is a small liberal arts college, in a big city. They have great academics with one on one help from professors. Sometimes it is too small because you see the same people and boy to girl ratio is drastic. They treat you like a your check is all that matters when it comes to everything other than academics. It is very over priced for what you get.
I love the small class sizes and the professors are very well educated and really have a passion for what they are teaching. It is a bit pricey as far as college goes but they really try to help you out with scholarships.
Edgewood is one of the safest schools I've seen. It also has the perfect small-school feel in a big city, making college life extremely great. Also, the relation to the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is extremely strong, and benefits are able for everyone at both schools without additional costs.
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