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Easy classes, flexible schedules, and good professors. Great environment to create new relationships. Professors have good connections with their students, updating on each week on a test or new assignments.
I loved my experience here! There are many opportunities to help students in their classes and the campus is beautiful. Most teachers are great, but just like any school there are a few bad apples in the bunch. The campus seemed very safe when I attended. I recommend this college!
The campus is very pretty and large for a community college. The staff is friendly, but they are hard to get ahold of.
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Edgecombe has been extremely helpful with my education. They are very prompt in getting back to their students.
Edgecombe is Pretty nice all the professors I've had care very much about their job. The advisors are extremely helpful and the facilities are good.
This is a great a school, especially for first year students. They have a program called The Edge that provide workshops and surveys to keep up with how beginning students are doing and to see what can make it easier for students to succeed. Also the student success center and advisors stay in contact with students each semester to ensure that we are on task.
Edgecombe Community College is a great college for those new to college and wanna attend. The staff is friendly and very helpful. The school needs more student events and a better selection of food services.
This is my third semester and Edgecombe and from day one your open up with a welcome hand. It was rocky at the beginning my grades that went from a 2.0 to a 3.0 which was the help from my teachers who helped me every step of the way. I wouldn't change anything about the school except this school is a very supporting school who loves their students. When I was about to give up my advisor gave me the best advice. Never say never because anything is possible. Keep up with what your do and keep all the staff and teachers as well.
So far, within the year I have been at my local college, I have found it to be a good community filled with people that really do care. The staff members are friend and some of the most helpful people in regards to education. There were a lot of things that I was confused with in the beginning of the first semester, but the wonderful people cleared it up for me very quickly so I could get focused on my work and not have to worry excessively. The students who attend are really nice as well. They're easy to get along with and if you ask a question you always get a good answer. I've even had help from some of them with my work when teachers are busy and it's a great thing to have- people that know what they're doing and are proud doing it. If you're looking for a college with great Staff and excellent Students, this is the college to go to.
I have learned my style of learning and after taking some online and some hybrid classes i love them the classes are full and easily addressable.
I have not graduated yet but from the reviews that i have received from other former students I am very positive of the future graduation plans.
so far I have enjoyed my learning experience and with the help of the ecc learning center I have succeeded in all of my classes bring my grade up from a F to an A favorite class so far has been public speaking which is ironic because it was the class i was the most afraid to take .
I want to be a college student to prepare a better life for my children.My collegiate goal is to provide a baseline of education for my children and show them that all goals can be achieved no matter what obstacles occur in life. my future instructors

helped me decided the my current program after doing a brief internship and information session.
I plan on being a respiratory Therapist it s a career that i fell in love with after working with children with breathing disabilities.

a large part of care consist of using ventilators and in extreme conditions performing emergency intubation and tracheostomy procedures.Your knowledge as a therapist take in the extensive information of the lung and body chemistry.
I have been a student here since 2013 and i appreciate everything I have learned.the support system here is amazing and i would recommend this school to anyone who whats to learn in an calm and supportive environment.I hope and plan to earn my associate degree as a respiratory and then go on to receive my bachelors degree.
My experience at this college has been wonderful. I participated in many fun activities, no problems with classes or professors.
This year is my first year taking an online course and I was very skeptical about it at first, but now I wish i would have taken more classes online. The teacher responds fast, you still interact with your peers, theirs not workload because your on your time but you have to make sure you turn your work in on time.
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Post-grad services are great. They have different ways and clubs for helping all students.
The value of a degree from this school is well recommendable. They have different clubs where you go places for jobs, and they have jobs come to the college recruiting.
The class sizes are good, not too many people in one class where you feel as you're crowded, you can actually get help from the professors. The professors are very nice, funny, and helpful. I have never once had a problem with a professor or class. Every professor have their own different learning style and I love that about the courses.
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