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I am attending for Licensed Practical Nursing, the facility has advanced practice dolls with lifelike movements and systems that are able to mimic the actions of a real person. The program is a fast paced course which I would not recommend for someone who isn't organized and able to manage their time well.
The teachers really know what they are talking about and really help you and want you to succeed. Having teachers that really want you to succeed is so helpful, they have no problem staying after with you to help you with anything you don’t understand. Something I would like to see change is admin becoming more organized. It’s really hard to keep a job while going to school because they give you your schedule sometimes the day before classes start. It’s hard to make any plans and you can’t really give your employer your schedule until it’s too late and they have made the schedule already.
I actually go to the ECPI University Newport News campus/ MCI (Medical Careers Institute) I am a Practical Nurse student bridging to the RN program. I have enjoyed each term! The instructors are helpful and want the students to learn the skills necessary for the real world! The administration is wonderful!
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ECPI University has the best staff all around. They help students every step of the way when it comes to continuing their education. The hands on learning is top notch. They make sure that every student gains the knowledge needed in order to grow in their career choice. This is beneficial through the small class sizes that truly focuses on interacting with each and every student.
Fantastic school. Get your degree fast (2 years for a bachelor's). This is no easy feat and I will tell you that one must keep proper time management and be persistent in order to achieve this degree. The school is uniform and each week has expected guidelines. Loved every tough week at this svhool.
I love the faculty and staff. I like that all my classes are straight to the point we dive in on the first day! This University is accelerated learning so it may be to fast paced for some, but I enjoy it! Would highly recommend ECPI to anyone and everyone wanting a better life!
What I liked about this school was the location. It's close to gas stations and restaurants. I liked that the school is relatively small, so it's easier to find classrooms.
I would like the management to change. Management has personally lost some of my papers that were supposed to be on file. I would like to see clinical schedules posted at least one week before the start of clinicals. They usually post it the night before the beginning of the term, so you really don't know if you will have clinicals the next day until about 9pm Sunday night. It's really inconvenient.
Great staff, and willingness to help students succeed. Tutoring available at all times. NCLEX pass rate for PN is 100%
Majority of the staff is very friendly and really want you to succeed. Each instructor is required to have tutoring hours. So someone is available weekly if not daily.
Although I have not started class yet, ECPI University has already helped me so much with my future goals. The staff is very friendly and willing to walk you through every step of the enrollment process. I plan to get my Associates of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology and so far, everything has been super easy and convenient for me and my schedule.
Overall attending this school has been an experience. There are a few people that are just wonderful. However their admissions process and scheduling could be a little better.
Very helpful staff and online classes are easy to navigate with plenty of extra help from programs like mac tutor and APA format writing tutors
I liked that ECPI was a small school and everything was included. You didn't have to go to the book store to get books, It was there the first day you walked into class. I loved that it was an accelerated program to help me get done faster with my program.
The school is very unorganized. Even though it is fast pace , the teachers don't work with you one on one like they should. They should hire way more teachers.
I love going here, such a warm and inviting environment, the Students here always form study groups and are willing to help each other out. And the professes are always ready and willing to explain something if you don't understand it the first time.
I love this school! The faculty is very very involved. No matter what you need someone there will help you get to it. They truly set you up for nothing but success!!
The college advisor and financial advisors have been really helpful trying to get me enrolled into school.
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So far my experience with ECPI University has been okay. I had no complications with my enrollment and getting my classes together. My career counselor was very helpful. I did have a few issues when it came to the school's financial aid department. I found out that I may be eligible for financial aid, so I applied. My career counselor and financial aid counselor advised that I go ahead and start my classes early so I wouldn't be behind. I started my freshman orientation class, but little did I know my financial aid was not secure. Three weeks into a five week course, I find out that I'm not eligible for financial aid and that I will have to pay for the course out of pocket. I did not appreciate my counselors allowing me to start the class without financial security. Now I'm in a situation where I have to find funding soon so that I can pay for this course. Besides this situation ECPI is a great school.
It is a great school that has many helpful advisers and great tools for learning. I just wish there was more for students that have to take courses online.
I am a ECPI/MCI student and so far have enjoyed my experience here. We do need better food options and prices. We also need an ATM so many need cash for fees and other things and have to leave campus to find an ATM. Other than that the Newport News campus has been great. Amazing staff and faculty. It is very easy to find help here for any question. People are always willing to help or find someone who can help you. The classes although fast pace are very informative. The professors are very big advocates for the students and want to help them in succeeding.
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