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I have just registered to ECPI. Thus far all have been very helpful and cooperative. They have been very approachable. Great communication: email, phone calls, text messages. The course schedule is workable between online and in class. Very understanding of most students work full-time as well as a lot are parents.
I went to ECPI's culinary school and had a fantastic time. This was before the dedicated baking program and Portsmouth location, but it was great. The chefs were readily willing to help students an
They're highly organized and guide you through the process. People in this program show up to succeed and the communal support even through study groups has been phenomenal. Highly recommend.
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I really like how everyone was helpful. They have been quick to respond to emails; or even answering any questions that I have. I’ve had a great experience so far. Financially it is more expensive, but since I’m applying to the nursing program my tuition covers my 2 pairs of scrubs, books, nursing equipment, which saves money in the end. Since the school isn’t a campus with dorms and stuff, it won’t be like seeing the same faces every time I’m there because classes are at different times.
The school is good for a fast pace program and people who are looking be done within 18 month time frame.
ECPI University has been a great experience. Not only do they provide tutoring, they have career advisors. The career advisor assist with resumes, prepare for interviews, and finding a job.
I love that they care about their students that have to work while earning their degrees. This school had been a great choice for my life and my furture career.
ECPI University offers fast pace classes to get you into your desired field much faster than any other college or university around. I am looking forward to future classes and starting to work in my career.
I enjoyed mostly everything about ECPI University including the staff and students. I loved how the teachers will make sure you know the material taught before you walk out the door. And if you don't they offer tutoring for students who struggle with the material told. I enjoyed that my peers and teachers give me positive and/or negative feedback on my work. I dislike that the prices in the cafeteria are pricey ,especially, for a private campus where students have to pay so much for tuition already. That's something I believe the school should change if they could because I believed it'll help students save money.
Better professors and employees who’s able to not stereotype certain races. They’re library is awesome and cafe. Parking lot can get filled quick during the day. Some of the advisors are very helpful.
the school is fast pace like I want, so that I reach my goals as quickly as I can. the school is expensive and offer very few financing options.
I am attending for Licensed Practical Nursing, the facility has advanced practice dolls with lifelike movements and systems that are able to mimic the actions of a real person. The program is a fast paced course which I would not recommend for someone who isn't organized and able to manage their time well.
The teachers really know what they are talking about and really help you and want you to succeed. Having teachers that really want you to succeed is so helpful, they have no problem staying after with you to help you with anything you don’t understand. Something I would like to see change is admin becoming more organized. It’s really hard to keep a job while going to school because they give you your schedule sometimes the day before classes start. It’s hard to make any plans and you can’t really give your employer your schedule until it’s too late and they have made the schedule already.
I actually go to the ECPI University Newport News campus/ MCI (Medical Careers Institute) I am a Practical Nurse student bridging to the RN program. I have enjoyed each term! The instructors are helpful and want the students to learn the skills necessary for the real world! The administration is wonderful!
ECPI University has the best staff all around. They help students every step of the way when it comes to continuing their education. The hands on learning is top notch. They make sure that every student gains the knowledge needed in order to grow in their career choice. This is beneficial through the small class sizes that truly focuses on interacting with each and every student.
Fantastic school. Get your degree fast (2 years for a bachelor's). This is no easy feat and I will tell you that one must keep proper time management and be persistent in order to achieve this degree. The school is uniform and each week has expected guidelines. Loved every tough week at this svhool.
I love the faculty and staff. I like that all my classes are straight to the point we dive in on the first day! This University is accelerated learning so it may be to fast paced for some, but I enjoy it! Would highly recommend ECPI to anyone and everyone wanting a better life!
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What I liked about this school was the location. It's close to gas stations and restaurants. I liked that the school is relatively small, so it's easier to find classrooms.
I would like the management to change. Management has personally lost some of my papers that were supposed to be on file. I would like to see clinical schedules posted at least one week before the start of clinicals. They usually post it the night before the beginning of the term, so you really don't know if you will have clinicals the next day until about 9pm Sunday night. It's really inconvenient.
Great staff, and willingness to help students succeed. Tutoring available at all times. NCLEX pass rate for PN is 100%
Majority of the staff is very friendly and really want you to succeed. Each instructor is required to have tutoring hours. So someone is available weekly if not daily.
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