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Overall attending this school has been an experience. There are a few people that are just wonderful. However their admissions process and scheduling could be a little better.
Very helpful staff and online classes are easy to navigate with plenty of extra help from programs like mac tutor and APA format writing tutors
I liked that ECPI was a small school and everything was included. You didn't have to go to the book store to get books, It was there the first day you walked into class. I loved that it was an accelerated program to help me get done faster with my program.
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The school is very unorganized. Even though it is fast pace , the teachers don't work with you one on one like they should. They should hire way more teachers.
I love going here, such a warm and inviting environment, the Students here always form study groups and are willing to help each other out. And the professes are always ready and willing to explain something if you don't understand it the first time.
I love this school! The faculty is very very involved. No matter what you need someone there will help you get to it. They truly set you up for nothing but success!!
The college advisor and financial advisors have been really helpful trying to get me enrolled into school.
So far my experience with ECPI University has been okay. I had no complications with my enrollment and getting my classes together. My career counselor was very helpful. I did have a few issues when it came to the school's financial aid department. I found out that I may be eligible for financial aid, so I applied. My career counselor and financial aid counselor advised that I go ahead and start my classes early so I wouldn't be behind. I started my freshman orientation class, but little did I know my financial aid was not secure. Three weeks into a five week course, I find out that I'm not eligible for financial aid and that I will have to pay for the course out of pocket. I did not appreciate my counselors allowing me to start the class without financial security. Now I'm in a situation where I have to find funding soon so that I can pay for this course. Besides this situation ECPI is a great school.
It is a great school that has many helpful advisers and great tools for learning. I just wish there was more for students that have to take courses online.
I am a ECPI/MCI student and so far have enjoyed my experience here. We do need better food options and prices. We also need an ATM so many need cash for fees and other things and have to leave campus to find an ATM. Other than that the Newport News campus has been great. Amazing staff and faculty. It is very easy to find help here for any question. People are always willing to help or find someone who can help you. The classes although fast pace are very informative. The professors are very big advocates for the students and want to help them in succeeding.
So far ecpi has been a great experience with advisors that really care about your success at the university. I am looking forward to a fantastic experience.
Great atmosphere professional staff from recruitment to registration staff. Everyone assist where they can, had the most memorable interview with admission advisor. She was pleasant, calm, patient & caring.
I am a veteran and when I saw this school and how military friendly they are I decided to check them out. I am absolutely shocked how they have been there for me and followed up on everything and anything I have inquired about. Two amazing individuals who I have dealt with are Charles Chestang and Irwin Silver. It has been a pleasure knowing that anything I need explained or taken care of they have both been right there. I am so excited to start this new chapter in life with this school. Thank you ECPI University
I went to ECPI University for Dental Assisting. I knew I wanted something fast and a career that I would enjoy going to everyday. The Professors and advisers made my time there fast and enjoyable. They provided me with tutoring whenever I needed it. Maintaining a great GPA granted me the chance to be a part of the National Technical Honors Society. ECPI also gave me the opportunity to give back and volunteer in many events. I graduated there with a great GPA and an outstanding resume.
I enjoy ECPI because it gives me the ability to go to school and work full time while in the military service.
I like the small class settings and the teacher to student ratio. I like how ECPI encourages continued education. I wish I could change the cost.
I am currently enrolled in the HealthCare Administrator program, receiving my Bachelor's degree and will be complete by May 2018. The staff is great, and helps out in any way possible. They go above and beyond to help their students succeed. The school is very diverse in the people that attend, they have military and people from very different backgrounds.
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ECPI is great for working adults. Accelerated courses make earning a degree possible. However, there are times that classes aren't available for students to take, causing a student to 'sit out for a term", postponing the path to graduation, and interfering with financial aid.
My overall experience at ECPI University was wonderful. I immediately felt welcomed when I sat down with an advisor. My advisor gave me assurance on my classes and the program I was interested in. It was very beneficial for me to be able to do a walk through on the campus. I think ECPI University was a great choice for me because of it being so close to my home and it being a hands-on school, this will allow me to get real world experience for my future career in the health field. If there were anything I had to change about ECPI, I would not change anything.
Starting at ECPI I never had a doubt that this school wouldn't be the right fit for me. I have not met one staff member that didn't say hello to me in the hallway , all faculty were very welcoming. I am satified with my decision to go right into this medical program out of high school while I find it a bit challenging because the nursing area is a very competitive field ,you have to be wise and on ur game. Many of the people I go to school with are older than me also more experienced so I feel lower but in a way it causes me to push myself harder. My teacher has the ability to incorporate humor while still getting the point across and I find this helpful because it keeps me interested and helps remembering the subject better
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