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The instructors will go out of their way to see you succeed. They have career services to help with employment while attending school and after you graduate. Scholarships are offered on a constant basis. Free tutoring available. Great school for renewable energy!!
I really like this school so far. I am only in my first term but I can't wait to see what happens in the terms to follow. The institute is small enough where if you need any help, you can go after class or set up a time to meet with an instructor. They also have a peer tutoring area set up in order to allow students to be able to help their peers in some of the more challenging subjects. I also really like this school so far because it is very hands on learning.
This school allows students to get up to date training for renewable energy careers. I am overly satisfied of the programs here! Every instructor puts in 110% to give us the knowledge we need for our future work. I love everything about this school and all of the instructors and peers. More people need to know about this college and see if these programs may interest them.
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I took the Ecotech online PV Advanced Training course for the NABCEP program. At first I was skeptical, as you are paying for a service that you do not get to 'try out' necessarily. However, the service is great. The slides are easy to follow, and the information is not too dense. It's broken up into a lot of sections, so do be prepared to spend some time on your courses. I spent about 8-10 hours a week and it took me just less than 2 months.

The main thing that stuck out to me about my experience is the quick response and care that the support team shows for their students. After emailing them a questions I got an answer within 12 hours, and they were extremely helpful.
The online courses are easy to use and extremely handy work full time or are a parent. There is good communication between students as well as the teacher. There is a good amount of work, however it's not overwhelming. 12-15 hours of week is about what I spend.
There is a growing job market in the sustainability fields, and with the help of the career center, I should have no problem finding employment after graduation.
The classes are pretty straight forward. I feel the professors know and like what they are teaching. Online classes are offered to make it easier for people to attend on their time.
I feel that the career services on campus are extremely helpful in finding employment during and after attendance. They are doing a good job, and I have no doubts that they are going to be able to help me as well.
The classes are pretty straight froward. There's a good amount of reading, but it's not overbearing. Right now we are mainly focusing on energy sources, both renewable and non. I do about 12-15 hours a week studying and doing homework.
Learning a lot of new and interesting things.
It's taking me where I want to go
Love the school and concept
ECA is destroying the schools financial abilities by micro-managing the finance department.
Friendly goal oriented and hopeful
My goal is to understand and engineering is the best way to reach that goal
These instructors are some of the best I have ever had the pleasure to be in the same room as.
The staff cares about what the do and the students but financial assistance could use some work. Military transfer credits should be looked at more carefully. I'm almost out of time and may have to take 5 classes I have over 10,000hrs experience in.
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save your time and money. this is a really awful experience and all you'll have to show for it are empty pockets and credits that won't transfer anywhere. You won't get a good job, that's for sure. They'll take your money and run.
a joke - there are no unique aspects of the program. You could just read books by yourself and get the same out of it.
I can't believe they charge people money to go here. I'm leaving after this quarter. I would leave now but I've already paid my tuition. One of the real problems at this school is that they don't tell you that none of the credits you get here will transfer to other schools. They tell you to be sure and read the student handbook (ha ha - joke's on you) -- it does say that in the student handbook, but unless you find it, they'll just let you think any credits you take here could possibly transfer. well, they won't.
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