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The campus is stunning. It is abundantly green and surrounded by water almost everywhere you look. The buildings are all relatively new and very well kept. There is even a student beach area where students can do homework in hammocks on the sand. The waterfront rents boats and gives wakebkarding lessons. It is truly incredible.
Eckerd College is a small, private university with a close-knit atmosphere. I like that the class sizes are small and each professor knows and cares about each student individually. Although the campus encourages an open-minded, liberal environment, I do feel that the school lacks representation and diversity of opinions at times. All in all though, the campus, academics, and student life are amazing.
I came and still go to Eckerd for two reasons. The academics are strong and personal with great professors, and the study abroad programs are well done and easily accessible. As a double major, the workload is very manageable. The mentoring program is excellent and I am very close with my professor mentor, but it is what you make of it. I also plan on studying abroad multiple times, which is only possible at Eckerd compared to regular institutions. Otherwise, the students who attend are self-proclaimed hippies with too much money and weed. There are gems within the community, I love my friends that I have, but the majority of the student population are as described above. The food and housing are mediocre at best, and the party scene is insane and not at all fun. St. Pete kinda sucks and is extremely segregated, and the downtown is just expensive. For the amount of money I am spending, I'm disappointed that the campus life is not up to par with the academics.
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Take full advantage of the waterfront activities - paddle boarding, wakeboarding, etc. Participate in the campus activities, however also remember to STUDY!!!!
A very good liberal arts school with a focus on understanding different perspectives. However, too expensive (tuition) for what is offered to you as a student. The campus itself is very taken care of and the landscaping is always worked on. Besides, a good education and a nice landscape, the buildings need to be updated and students should receive more amenities for the tuition paid.
Visiting is like a vacation, gorgeous campus and amazing diverse food. Extremely expensive though. Although you get a lot of bang for your buck, it's still hard to fathom how much debt you'll have after you graduate.
Eckerd is a very small, but great liberal arts college in Saint Petersburg. Everything is great here like the small class sizes so you can really interact with your professors and are not just a number. Everyone here is so driven and hard working. Not to mention everyone is super nice and accepting. The small classes really give me a chance to excel while still living in paradise with my friends from all over the country. I could not picture myself being part of any other college community, this is where I belong.
There is no diversity but it looks like it might be changing. Depending on the class makes you feel if you are gaining anything. Campus is pretty.
Eckerd is a medium sized college located right on the waterfront in beautiful St. Petersburg Florida. Their admissions counselors and professors are very supportive in creating a program that best suits your career goals. They assign you a mentor who works closely with you to fine tune your program. They have a strong international travel program. There a wide diversity of clubs to get involved with and activities on campus every day.
Choosing Eckerd was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Eckerd has changed my life tremendously, in a way I could never have imagined. I have made incredible friends and been exposed to amazing opportunities. Eckerd truly lives up to its reputation of one the top 40 colleges that change lives.
It's a great school. Everyone is very nice and welcoming, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It's right on the water, which means you always have a beautiful view. The campus is great, it's so nice to be able to hang out outside and study.
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Eckerd college has many opportunities that allows students to risk becoming their best and having multiple opportunities to succeed.
Everyone is very welcoming, the 'Eckerd bubble' encourages you to discover yourself and your passions, and equips you with the resources to do so.
Eckerd College truly is a "college that changes lives." I was initially drawn to the warm climate and laid-back environment of Eckerd, but the professors, classes, and extracurricular activities are top-notch. Through my four years at Eckerd I was able to study abroad multiple times, participate in several different community service projects, and expand my horizons through meeting a diverse group of people.
Very fun and engaging. Eckerd University has a beautiful campus and a quite pleasant social scene. Beyond the sandy beaches and sunny faces the academic and club potential is quite sufficient. Also if you like to party, that does go on.
Eckerd is a beautiful "summer camp". I love how small all of my classes are and I love the environment here. This is a very inclusive, liberal arts school where students are given a lot more freedom than most universities. Eckerd will change your life.
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The atmosphere, socially and academically, is amazing at Eckerd. I wouldn't change a thing! Longboarding to class barefoot and spending the afternoon tanning on the field or jumping off the pier are some of the things that make Camp Eckerd truly amazing.
I love Eckerd. It is a tight-knit community that has proven to able to cater to each individual student. While tuition and fees can be a steep financial burden, and the administration's sometimes lax attitude to actually helping you, the all around experience definitely makes up for it. My professors are great people, who really want to see me succeed. The community, though clique-ish at times because of Eckerd's size (<1800 students), is unique and fun-loving once you find your crowd.
Eckerd College has such a beautiful campus and the fact that the campus has its own beach puts the cherry on top. Not only that, the academics are rigorous and really challenge your intellect to learn as much as possible.
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