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I attended the PEL program starting with an A.S. and completed B.A. in 18 months...the Professors and staff are among the best you could ever ask for.
The campus is breathtaking, the education is unmatched, and the research opportunities are once in a lifetime.
The college and education itself is amazing. With such a small school you are working very closely with professors and you gain opportunities you wouldn't elsewhere. Their administration needs to get it together though and work cohesively. They also need to stop over accepting students because theyare far beyond capacity.
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Eckerd is everything I've ever asked for. The professors are passionate about what they're teaching and are very open-minded and understanding. I am the rare transgender students and I was welcomed with open arms even. I roomed where I felt comfortable. The campus is beautiful and the facilities are amazing. The students are great. The campus isn't very diverse, but I can tell that there are more people coming from different backgrounds. The advisors are amazing and want to help you succeed. I would recommend this college to anyone looking for rigorous coursework and an accepting community.
A haven for anxiety, depression and societal pressure. Coming to Eckerd will ruin your mental health and social life. The campus is secluded in the middle of nowhere and smells like a dump 24/7 because they CHOSE to build the school next to a water treatment plant to save money. The school pretends to be liberal and activist types but are the actual people causing social injustice. This place lacks diversity in almost everyday you can think of. However, you may get lucky to meet one or two good professors and people but don’t bet on your luck :)
The academics were strong at this school and the professors are great. The lack of graduate students, thus making professor interaction more accessible, and the winter term programs really drew me to this school. I was genuinely excited to attend and live at this school. However, my first year was a let down. I found it hard to socially adjust, being that a lot of students are white, self-proclaimed, rich hippies. I just didn't identify with them, and had a hard time feeling comfortable and making friends. The surrounding city was also a disappointment. There was nothing directly close to the school other than Walmart and the sewage treatment plant, so if you don't have a car, you're screwed. Once you did get off campus, everything was expensive and no one would hire me for a job. I transferred back to a school in my home state after this experience.
The school has a small community feel and everyone tends to know each other somehow. It is good if you want to have lots and lots of mutual friends. You probably won't walk to class without saying hi to at least 2 people you know. This can be good or bad depending on the day. It tends to be that you either really love Eckerd or you don't really fit in great. If you love it it can be an amazing place. The food is not very good at all though. Very white population, not very diverse.
Great party school here! It’s it’s chill and classes are serious. And south beach is beautiful! #knowyourlimits
Best decision to attend. Opened so many career doors for me! Loved being encouraged to travel and to "think outside"!
Eckerd College changed my life. The community is such a unique and positive place. I’ve never been happier with my life and I owe it all to this school. :)
Whenever I contact Eckerd College (EC), the staff has a warm and welcoming spirit. This not only applies to the staff but the students as well. everyone on campus is friendly and connected. This college feels like a home away from home. the palm trees and lakes that cover the campus give a feeling of being one with nature while also being at school.
Great experiences, and great location! It is very expensive but definitely worth the money. You’ll meet great people and really get a chance to experience different kinds of people from all over the world.
It has a very welcoming atmosphere, pet friendly policy, and is an overall unique place. Professors are generally quite helpful and friendly. Academica are rigorous in the sciences.
I would like to see more students of color, be treated more fairly and not judged by my color. The professors are pretty and if you luck up and get one that really cares you learn a lot. The coaches for sports are good but are not really open minded for changes. Some are but some are not.
Eckerd is truly pure magic. You will have amazing experiences and friends. Everyone at this school wants to save the world or have a dream that they are really pursuing. The professors will get to know you and administration is generally very nice. The biggest piece of advice I can give is that you will get from Eckerd what you put in. I know everyone says that, but that's because it's true. The one complaint I have is that Eckerd is definitely a bubble and you can lose sight of the real world (oh and the food... meh). Make sure Eckerd is for you, but if it is you won't even believe what's in store for you.
The department I was in was gutted my senior year. The social scene is toxic, you're either in or out, that's it. Even your friends will probably ditch you at a Kappa party without a second thought. The dorms are ok. Professors blatantly play favorites. Career resources is worthless. I received no advice on what to do as graduation came closer and was told I would be good for a masters program... A month after applications closed and almost a year after I should have started. All of my current earnings are from self learning I did after graduation (a skill I possessed before college). A complete waste of time and money
The campus is stunning. It is abundantly green and surrounded by water almost everywhere you look. The buildings are all relatively new and very well kept. There is even a student beach area where students can do homework in hammocks on the sand. The waterfront rents boats and gives wakebkarding lessons. It is truly incredible.
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Eckerd College is a small, private university with a close-knit atmosphere. I like that the class sizes are small and each professor knows and cares about each student individually. Although the campus encourages an open-minded, liberal environment, I do feel that the school lacks representation and diversity of opinions at times. All in all though, the campus, academics, and student life are amazing.
I came and still go to Eckerd for two reasons. The academics are strong and personal with great professors, and the study abroad programs are well done and easily accessible. As a double major, the workload is very manageable. The mentoring program is excellent and I am very close with my professor mentor, but it is what you make of it. I also plan on studying abroad multiple times, which is only possible at Eckerd compared to regular institutions. Otherwise, the students who attend are self-proclaimed hippies with too much money and weed. There are gems within the community, I love my friends that I have, but the majority of the student population are as described above. The food and housing are mediocre at best, and the party scene is insane and not at all fun. St. Pete kinda sucks and is extremely segregated, and the downtown is just expensive. For the amount of money I am spending, I'm disappointed that the campus life is not up to par with the academics.
Take full advantage of the waterfront activities - paddle boarding, wakeboarding, etc. Participate in the campus activities, however also remember to STUDY!!!!
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