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At first this was a great school for me. I grew so much in my spiritual walk with Christ. I cannot imagine what my life would of been without it. But after being there i learned some things about the people in the school and what they were doing to me. I had to leave and wouldn't recommend this college to anyone.
Its very safe firstly we are each others keeper, there is also security personnel guarding the school with cameras in place.
The degree is of high value there are a lot of job and internships prospoecrs. The quality of the career centre on campus is great and employment reqruiutmenbt is high.
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Living on campus is okay becau its convenient for me to get to classes on time. Dorms are not the best options they have no privacy but the coist is affordable and atmosphere is friendly.
Non Greeks don't treat Greeks indifferently if you are not part of them. The social atmosphere is great with them around and no housing is available for now.
The facilities are okay and the support from both students and administration is awesome. The teams are good always in high spirits and give in their all.
The school offers the best education and its has a very unique friendly atmosphere. I love the fact that its a xgristiasn school and we meet for leadership mentorship programs which are very essential in one's career.
I honestly love the friendships that I have made here at my school. Though they are few, I find my friendships to be genuine and amazing. There is this one person who is like the older sister I always wanted. The teachers can be really helpful, and understanding as well. They bring a new perspective to learning, growing, studying, and bridging the gap between students and teachers.
Whatever type of food you like, you will find it in Springdale or a town close by. The cost is reasonable to and most places will give a student discount if you ask.
Safety and Security on campus in not always where you can see them but they are on guard to protect the students and anyone else on campus.
The school supports athletics very much so. Since the school is in the country, sport events can be the highlight of the school.
It does snow a lot (this year anyway). But since I love snow it has been great. I do have to be careful driving. Over all the weather is great.
Springdale, AR is in the center of so many attractions. The most that I enjoy the most is the scenery. The town is very friendly and businesses is very good at making the students feel welcome in their town.
My main goal is to get a bachelor degree and to still be able to play basketball. Therefore I am able to overlook the things I do not care for about the school. The main building has areas for students to hangout. The disadvantage of the school, it does not have the gym finished yet. Therefore we have to travel to gyms near by to practice.
The option for food is not good. I do like to eat and there is not availability to eat in the evenings. I have to drive to a fast food place to eat.
Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Even though it is a small school I feel they are able to give me the education that I need. I did get a partial basketball scholarship and the interesting thing about that is how young my couch is. Because I do love to play basketball, the coach was interested in me and I knew I would still get to play.
I have no complaints. The process went very well.
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Because the school is located in the hills of AR, it sometimes does not get good connections to the internet. Not able to do homework in the dorm much. Mostly have to go to main building to get homework done.
The dorms seem to be cheaply made. They need upgraded and cleaned good. The social atmosphere is not bad. Everyone seems to get along with each other. Because of the surroundings of the campus, it seems everyone feels they are in the same boat therefore they stick together.
Transportation around the school is non existence. You have to depend on your own vehicle or a friend to drive you where you need to go.
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