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It's a good community college with professors and staff that care about seeing their students succeed.
I enjoyed how professors were willing to spend time with you after class and help you with issues may have had even if it was small. The campus has a lot of events they hold for students and interact with to get them involved and informed about the things going on around them, clubs are very active and offer huge opportunities.Some issues with the college is that the counselors don't seem to be of much help and try to get you to take classes that you do not need for your major and simply want to take your money and waste your time. At times they don't even know what you need to be taking and have you running around in circles around campus looking for your answers they should have. I would say like any campus it has its ups and downs but the professors really do try to help especially in the history department I would recommend people to go to Eastfield for a good experience to get you started on your path.
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I enjoy going to Eastfield the professors are willing to help you succeed in life and it’s never hard to ask for help when you need it. During my time at Eastfield I would say that it is a really friend school I never had to worry about my safety.
Starting my first semester at Eastfield this July and can not be more excited. They registration was very easy and they are very helpful.
I chose to Eastfield for many reasons but I do not regret it. The classes are affordable and it is a very welcoming school. The minute I stepped in to ask about registration I was immediately greeted and was asked if I needed any help which I was honest with them by telling them yes. My first semester I struggled balancing work, my personal life, and school work. My professors listened to me and understood the issues I was having at home which is why they worked with me. For that I will always be forever grateful for. I cannot stop thanking Eastfield for giving me the experience and I cannot wait for next semester to start.
I really liked Eastfield College due to the online program they offer. Most of the degrees can be accomplished fully online which is the best fit for me.
Eastfield college is an excellent college. Eastfield has made me have a wonderful college. The campus is beautiful and the teachers are very nice and helpful. I have been successful with my classes and overall career studies.The college is really secured because the police is always around.
Eastfield College has friendly administration that is willing to help you. I really liked how experienced my advisor was and put me in classes that would count towards my major.
Eastfield is a very easy school to get accustomed to. I felt right at home attending here. The people here are very friendly and helpful. I never had any problems with anyone here whatsoever. I felt safe and welcomed.
I really liked the diversity at Eastfield I had the opportunity to work with great people from different backgrounds. The professors are knowledgeable and encouraging. I would like the college to have more food options on campus.
my experience at east field has been great. Professor care about students education. For the most part they are understanding and helpful. The only thing I find not so good are some of the advisors, who were previous students that are given the opportunity to help new students are really helpful and extremely rude. Safety is not an issue at east field, through out the day their are officers walking around which is very good! the campus is big but everything is still close. another thing that is very good is how they constantly have different activity's going on! They have refreshment and snack for students.
What I would like to see changed is the financial aid office. Multiple times I had to go to the financial aid office to sort out a few things or ask some questions, and not once have I had a good experience. The people in there are not friendly at all and act like they do not want to help you.
What I have experienced at Eastfield is simplicity. There are many buildings but you can't get lost. I like how they are slowly making changed to the appearance of the school. I like how they have many study areas around campus so that way I'm not always at the library. If I could fix or adjust anything then I would have to say reserved parking for pregnant women. The women can have a special tag made by the campus/doctor to prove that they are pregnant.
I have had no issues at Eastfield. The admissions workers and counselors are all very friendly and helpful. I have never felt unwelcomed. The teachers have all been amazing as well!
I have taken many courses and have easily been able to access all of the materials I needed in order to complete them. If I needed help, there was always help available, including libraries and online databases that the college provided.
Great, love the administration and how easy the classes I have taken are. Introduction to criminal justice is one of the easiest but most beneficial classes I have ever taken. I love how they offer concurrent courses which has allowed my to take classes that help better my future that my high school does not offer such as Introduction into Criminal Justice. Also the prices are fairly cheap, especially compared to a big university.
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I had great teachers that worked with me to help me. They made college seem less scary because they were there to motivate me and help ease the transition from high school to college. They gave me a proper education.
As of now, I love my school! I have had great times with my fellow students and professors. Registration was very helpful and everyone who helped me through the process had a positive and helpful attitude. Starting another semester and am loving the new flex program they have begun!
Testing teacher rude. No compassionate. Didnt want to answer any questions i had for accuplacer. Other people were way more helpful. Counselours were amazing.
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