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I am a sophomore at Eastfield college I'm finishing my second year. I plan to get my associates in science and transfer. The campus at Eastfield has greatly impacted my life starting from the teachers that are great mentors and the safety the campus provides. When I transfer and come back home to visit I'd definitely take a summer class here at Eastfield!
Cheap and the professors are very good. If you want to get your basics Eastfield college is an excellent place to start. They also offer Associate Degrees such as accounting, and automotive repair, and many more.
Eastfield College is a good community college to go at. When I went to this college like 1 year ago, it was amazing in my opinion. The professors are great especially when you got exams to study for and then also the campus is great. I graduated from this school like last year which was 2016-2017 academic year and gotten my certificate for Computer Science. So if you want to save your money for a better college then I highly recommend go to this school.
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It's a great institution that really cares for its students. It's very easy to get support for classes and schedules. It also has a very relaxed atmosphere and a Subway, so I find it absolutely perfect. There could be more clubs, but with the space they have they make it work well.
Eastfield College is great! From taking Dual Credit Courses during high school now being a freshman here, enrolling and getting started has always been a breeze thanks to the amazing staff!
This college is located so close and the teachers are very nice and helpful with helping me register for my TSI and tell me about the school and what classes they have.
Eastfield College was a great experience! I like being able to take classes online and they are a great price. The teachers have always been wonderful.
I like how professor where kind and want to help you suceeed. However the only food choice is subway which can get tiring.
I took Dual Credit classes my junior and senior years of high school at Eastfield. I took half of them online and half of them on campus. All of my classes were pretty easy; I would say my Intermediate French class was the hardest just because I was trying to take a foreign language course online. Overall, the faculty and professors were all really great and knew their stuff, and I didn't have any negative experiences with Eastfield.
Eastfield is an above average school. This school is not in a good area. The teachers are somewhat friendly or helpful. The food is not very good. However, this school does have some perks. The rich diversity within the school and across the area has helped me become a better person. After experiencing many cultures, I see things from different perspectives. My political views have also been altered to advocate for equality for all no matter what race, gender, or any superficial factor. The clubs and activities that are present in the school is also a positive thing. Eastfield is an above average school.
I am planning on enrolling there for the education program. It has been my passion and I already work for a school as a teacher assistant and I enjoy the kids everyday ! My friend actually goes there and well I've heard great things about it so I just hope i can get in and continued with my education
I had an amazing time and the teachers were very helpful and to be quite honest my speech teacher was the greatest teacher I ever had. He was extremely helpful and knew how to connect with us.
Eastfield College is a part of the Dallas County Community College District which includes six other campuses. Out of all the colleges in the district, Eastfield is the most profound college. They offer Duel Credit classes for Mesquite ISD which allows high school students to obtain college credits and campus experience prior to graduating and attending a university. Most courses are easily transferable and affordable. I'm currently paying for tuition out of pocket which is costing about $800.00 per semester for 12 hrs. Eastfield also offer multiple forms of help for students who are struggling with a course and the staff is adamant about helping each student succeed. The classes are structured small so that each student has the opportunity to grasp the material as easily as possible. I would recommend this campus to anyone who prefers a one-on-one learning environment surrounded by a loving and caring staff on a friendly and helpful campus.
Eastfield is a great way to transition into a four year university. It offers many different degree plans and they want you to succeed outside of Eastfield.
What I like about Eastfield is that they keep you updated on what's going on. They sent you messages and they even have their own app. In G building they have white boards everywhere so students can use it to study.
The one thing I like about eastfield college. Are so many things, the one thing I enjoy the most is that everybody is friendly. You can walk around campus and be a friendly person. No drama what so ever, the police are really patrolling the campus. Always see them around the parking lots. When I first started lots of people complain that eastfield, had one of the bad advisors in campus, I'm not going to lie it did. They were bad, we did not get as much help as we thought we did. So we made a table in the pit, which is where all the student gather together and we ask them, what they felt about the advisor mostly everybody agree they were not doing their job the proper way. Other than that the school has changed, and we have helpful people in campus. I really recommend eastfield.
Eastfield College is a great way to start off your college career. It's inexpensive, academically challenging, and they care about their students. They're currently partnering up with many high schools of the District of Dallas to offer college classes to high school students in the early college programs.
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Great start for getting the college experience. Great people to meet and great professors. The classes can be challenging and they are and they offer many different opportunities.
Being an early college student it is quite easy to become a part of the culture at Eastfield. There are lots of support systems to help struggling students.
Most professor's will help you succeed as long you have good communication with them. If you find yourself failing they will help, but that's if you ask. The campus is very friendly and they will soon change the food restaurant either Spring or Fall 2017. Right now we have Subway, but you will get tired of eating it eveyday.
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