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I really liked the diversity at Eastfield I had the opportunity to work with great people from different backgrounds. The professors are knowledgeable and encouraging. I would like the college to have more food options on campus.
my experience at east field has been great. Professor care about students education. For the most part they are understanding and helpful. The only thing I find not so good are some of the advisors, who were previous students that are given the opportunity to help new students are really helpful and extremely rude. Safety is not an issue at east field, through out the day their are officers walking around which is very good! the campus is big but everything is still close. another thing that is very good is how they constantly have different activity's going on! They have refreshment and snack for students.
What I would like to see changed is the financial aid office. Multiple times I had to go to the financial aid office to sort out a few things or ask some questions, and not once have I had a good experience. The people in there are not friendly at all and act like they do not want to help you.
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What I have experienced at Eastfield is simplicity. There are many buildings but you can't get lost. I like how they are slowly making changed to the appearance of the school. I like how they have many study areas around campus so that way I'm not always at the library. If I could fix or adjust anything then I would have to say reserved parking for pregnant women. The women can have a special tag made by the campus/doctor to prove that they are pregnant.
I have had no issues at Eastfield. The admissions workers and counselors are all very friendly and helpful. I have never felt unwelcomed. The teachers have all been amazing as well!
I have taken many courses and have easily been able to access all of the materials I needed in order to complete them. If I needed help, there was always help available, including libraries and online databases that the college provided.
Great, love the administration and how easy the classes I have taken are. Introduction to criminal justice is one of the easiest but most beneficial classes I have ever taken. I love how they offer concurrent courses which has allowed my to take classes that help better my future that my high school does not offer such as Introduction into Criminal Justice. Also the prices are fairly cheap, especially compared to a big university.
I had great teachers that worked with me to help me. They made college seem less scary because they were there to motivate me and help ease the transition from high school to college. They gave me a proper education.
As of now, I love my school! I have had great times with my fellow students and professors. Registration was very helpful and everyone who helped me through the process had a positive and helpful attitude. Starting another semester and am loving the new flex program they have begun!
Testing teacher rude. No compassionate. Didnt want to answer any questions i had for accuplacer. Other people were way more helpful. Counselours were amazing.
Eastfield is a very good school. I have only ever had issues with Financial Aid but who hasn't. Most of the professors that I've had were very kind and the courses aren't too difficult but I am a distance learning student so that could be a factor as to the difficulty of the courses. Overall, Eastfield is a very nice school to attend, at least online.
Eastfield College is about getting in and getting out. There are not that many things to do on campus, it can be boring at times. On the positive side, the campus is nice and small. The teachers are very strict as far as deadlines are concerned. Some of the classes are rigourous as well.
Its great. Professors are friendly and care about students' success. There are a lot of resources available to help students with classes and the extra curricular programs are very engaging. Food around campus is great, too.
Eastfield is basic community college within DCCCD. Depending on what you're doing, it can range from poor to average. My experience was poorer because I was a science major, sometimes the school couldn't give me the quality that I wanted and expected. Most of the professors are subpar but a small handful of them are adequate; you just have to be careful. The student life also is ridiculous and quite embarrassing. They have creepy adults dressed as furries, whom of which I am not sure even take classes there, that roam the lower levels from early in the morning to the evening, and the events are more stylized for elementary students like costume contests and anime wars in the Pit (recreational downstairs area). Not enriching at all; I got my basic credits and left.
I like how everyone is willing to assist each other for the greater good of everyone. People are very friendly
Pros: small class sizes, caring professors, diverse and friendly students, plenty of nice places to study, weekly events put on by OSER
Cons: low quality teachers in the math department
I am a sophomore at Eastfield college I'm finishing my second year. I plan to get my associates in science and transfer. The campus at Eastfield has greatly impacted my life starting from the teachers that are great mentors and the safety the campus provides. When I transfer and come back home to visit I'd definitely take a summer class here at Eastfield!
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Cheap and the professors are very good. If you want to get your basics Eastfield college is an excellent place to start. They also offer Associate Degrees such as accounting, and automotive repair, and many more.
Eastfield College is a good community college to go at. When I went to this college like 1 year ago, it was amazing in my opinion. The professors are great especially when you got exams to study for and then also the campus is great. I graduated from this school like last year which was 2016-2017 academic year and gotten my certificate for Computer Science. So if you want to save your money for a better college then I highly recommend go to this school.
It's a great institution that really cares for its students. It's very easy to get support for classes and schedules. It also has a very relaxed atmosphere and a Subway, so I find it absolutely perfect. There could be more clubs, but with the space they have they make it work well.
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