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Awful town unfortunately. Athletics are really good but student life consists pretty much only of watching volleyball and basketball games. If you don't have a car to get out of Torrington it gets so boring.
I take classes from EWC online and through canvas. I like that I can take my schoolwork with me wherever I am, but I am missing so much by not having in-person classes. It is nice to be able to get easy classes out of the way and pass them right from your home, but I wish the online class atmosphere was more engaging.
the school is very clean and nice. it has a homey feeling when you first araive. plus it has free parking .
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At Eastern Wyoming College, there are many different things to be involved in. They have a new cosmetology, and welding building that is very nice, and has plenty of space
The flexibility with the classes and school is very reasonable. If you have to take an emergency trip back home then they will let you do so. Of course letting you know you will have work to make up but at least they let you do so.
I would rather be in the traditional classroom because that is what I'm used to. I do not do well with online classes since I require help at times.
They are all very good. Right now that is all I have to say considering that I have yet to graduate. This is my first year.
The courses are very good and the professor's are great. They help you with anything you need help with and they will not rest till you get it.
The people at the college prefer you to get a job on Campus. The jobs on campus pay you so you can use that money for your textbooks or fees. The services on campus are very good. They help you get the job you need to help you learn more about your major.
The professors for my major are so helpful and they want to make sure that their students achieve their goals and will do anything to do so. They are willing to do one-on-one with a student who needs help and will point the student in the direction of a tutor if need be. The work load is high but it is good. The job opportunities are out of this world.
My overall experience at EWC so far is very good. It is the best school I have ever attended and if I could go to it for two more years, I would. The professors there are so helpful and when they see a student struggling to get a problem done, they have no hesitation to go over and help them.
Came for athletics, it is an absolute mad house. This is a national Juco and it is a buddy-buddy system with the coaches. The AD should't be the AD, BOTH basketball coaches know nothing about basketball. Men's coach never even played. I will give a bad review to all sites asking. Definitely not worth moving to the middle of no where to be treated how the athletes are. Academics were no problem. loved all my teachers
Minimum cost means minimum need for financial aid
As a communications major i have the privilege of working with possibly the best educator on campus in John Hansen. He with the help of others have provided me with ample opportunity including internships.
Seemingly overqualafied educators with a genuine and invested interest in students.
They are all so nice and willing to help new students! We are like a big family!
The office is very helpful and the tuition is a very great price!
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They are willing to help you find your dream job, wherever it is located!
The professors actually care about you!
Whatever you want, they have. It's hard to believe that it is the smallest college in the state!
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