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Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College Reviews

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They are so helpful. I believe this college will help me to reach my overall goal with no problem at all!
Eastern WV Community and Technical College is a great place to get your college education started. It's a lot more affordable than most other colleges and the majority of the courses are transferrable if you wish to go onto further education. The professors care about the students and aren't against working with them one-on-one if necessary.
I'm majoring in Psychology and the school has a lot of really good classes and the curriculum is understandable. If you're struggling and you need the help, they take the time to get you back on track. The staff also works with local hospitals and doctors' offices that work with my major. It allows me to internship and job shadow to help me get my hands-on learning. It's extremely excellent.
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I've really enjoyed it. Great staff and fellow classmates. They have multiple clubs and groups, and the teachers actually take the time to help you with grades and with future college admissions. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose my school over and over again. It's by far the best learning experience I could ever do.
I enjoyed the small class size at this school
the overall experience at this school as great!
the courses and professors were great. the variety of courses offered is great considering the area in which the school is located.
the student body isn't very diverse due to the location of the school.
The academics offered at Eastern are great for the location of the school. The professors were all very helpful and just wanted the students to succeed.
The academic experience at Eastern has been great. The workload isn't too much, the curriculum was great. There aren't any internship opportunities.
I think Eastern has the best academic flexibility that they can with the resources they have. It would be nice if they offered more science classes/evening science classes.
there isn't an athletic center on campus. The campus lacks a lot of resources due to the rural environment it is located in. The library could be bigger/better than it currently is. The student center is sometimes crowded and there isn't really anywhere else in the school for students to do homework or study.
the financial aid office can be slow getting checks out to students. Students need to keep on top of their financial aid and be diligent in calling the financial aid office if they suspect an issue.
the work load was comparable to a traditional classroom experience.

the professors worked closely with the students and there was peer-to-peer interaction through message board questions
The teachers vary. Some teachers are very strict about class attendance, participation, and assignments. Most, however, are willing to listen to questions and will often excuse tardiness, late assignments, etc. if the reason is good.
Some classes are very easy. Only a few classes have truly challenged me. I would say that the work could be harder.
Class registration is very simple. The advisers are all extremely helpful. The faculty genuinely cares for the students.
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Truly, EWVCTC is an extremely welcoming school. Everyone has a place here. the students are friendly. There is some diversity and I've never felt discrimination.
They have great acedemics here
They have everything I need here
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