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My experience at Eastern Washington University has been generally positive. The professors, both adjunct and tenured are passioned and knowledgeable. I also have found the campus lovely if not demure.
I love that Eastern is such a diverse school and that I am able to find many career options here. I love that there are many career fairs and I can take courses that will help me choose my career. I find all of the professors want to help me succeed here and help me reach my goal of becoming a teacher. I also love that I am able to get free transportation to Eastern Washington University via the city bus. This school is definitely so much better than I thought it was even going to be.
The environment is very diverse, which is what I love most about Eastern. They have a variety of cultural appropriate classes as well and have teachers who are educated or are from the same culture as they are teaching. The only thing I dislike is the snow because Eastern students and snow do not mix.
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Eastern Washington University is a wonderful university. It is located in Cheney Washington so it has that college town vibe, but is close enough to Spokane to still have everything you need. Eastern offers plenty of resources to help envery student succeed.
Eastern Washington University is a great place to go to school. The atmosphere is great and there is always something to do around campus. The campus is absolutely stunning. Plus, everyone there is so nice and genuine. The professors are great and are always willing to work with the students. In addition, the facilities on the campus are top notch. Labs have new equipment and the interior of the buildings are always very clean and current. There are many activities to go do at EWU. Many students enjoy attending the football games that are played on red turf. I would recomend this school for anyone who is looking to make great memories!
I believe that Eastern Washington University is a very welcoming and diverse community. I go through my days on campus smiling at all different types of people.
One of the only things that I would change about EWU are some of the buildings on campus. I am aware that they have been remodeling many buildings on campus already, however, I have noticed a few that still need lots of work.
Overall, I really enjoy my time on campus and would recommend it to many other students around the state, country, and world.
Eastern has a lot to offer from its diverse programs and degrees that are really great and has very welcomimg staff and students the school also offers a lot of activities for their student that are free and some for a fairly reasonable price. It does not have a lot a food to choose from but there will be a new building that will offer more varieety in the fall of 2018. The location of EWU is a small town located south of spokane called cheney and is what some people might call a college town.
Eastern Washington University is an excellent choice for a cheap but fantastic university experience. The professors are dedicated to their students and helping them learn. There is a multitude of different people from all over the country and internationally. Ewu's campus is beautiful and pretty big, but not too big; you can get everywhere on campus within ten minutes which makes it easier when referring to making it class on time. The dorms are not in the best shape. There are only two residential halls that are very nice the rest are old and worn out. Eastern Washinton University is in the small town of Cheney Washington. There isn't much in the city there isn't even a movie theater or a mall.
Small Town College cheapest in the state does offer the most bang for your buck. Eastern is in the small town of Cheney there isnt really much to do nut you do have spokane a bigger city not too far away.
Currently a freshman at Eastern Washington University I can say that I truly do love this school. I had was more to offer me than I initially thought. The professors are all round nice people and they care about your success.
Eastern Washington University is an amazing school! I love how the class sizes remain small and how one can really get to know their professors and be able to communicate with them effectively at all times. The staff at Eastern Washington University really care about your education and your studies. The campus is a great size and most halls are very close to each other. Eastern is a great school. Go Eags!
I absolutely adore my university and all it has for it and its ability to adapt to constant change. My only hinder is the limited amount of spaces in nursing school even with the country's demand for nurses.
I have had both good and bad experiences. Professors have very different ways of teaching; a large portion of the experience here is based on the professors you receive.
One thing that I really liked about Eastern Washington University was that I felt right at home once I saw the campus. It feels like the campus is its own little world. Another thing I really liked about this particular college, was that it's division one in sports. Although not in the pact 12 for football, still D1. The bonus of this, even if someone doesn't like sports, you don't have to pay 100 dollars to watch football, you can get into the stadium for free. This goes for any sport at the school. This is a big bonus.
Loved the Computer Science department, did not like the Math Department. They could use new policies and teachers there. Computer Science has amazing teachers and academics.
It's my second year going to school here and i love it. It's a great school, very diverse and located in a small town but you can always find something to do. It's not too big or too small you can reach out to your professors whenever. Overall best decision i've made.
I love the location and the size, but I would like to see better bus routes for the college. The students are great but there isn't very much diversity. Students naturally group with others of their status.
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I love the amazing school spirit and how much fun it is to get involved with the school! Their academics are fantastic too! I would like Eastern to maybe update the dorms and make them nicer but other than that it’s awesome!
Overall a good school. The students are friendly and it is a welcoming environment. There are lots of options for classes and majors and most the professors are great.
It's my first year and just like any other college it does feel like you're on your own sometimes. But when I went through a rough time they did have ample resources at my disposal. Still at times things felt stacked against me.
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