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I have attened summer quarter three years in a row. Now I am going to begin attending full time this upcoming school year. Over all I have had a good expearence talking with admitions, advisors, and other staff members. The campus is just the right size for me and I couldn't expect more.
Eastern Washington University was a fair priced school and very diverse. Although, it is a small town, I didn't fear for my life or felt as if there were bad neighborhoods or places to avoid. That being said, the places to eat or have tasty food isn't necessarily in Cheney, but Spokane isn't too far away and the bus system is wonderful!
Great university!!! Incredible Honors program!!! Have loved my time here!!! The Honors Program professors are INCREDIBLE!!!! Very wise people!!
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With poor intellectual sophistication and a low focus on academics, Eastern Washington is only satisfactory in its diverse students and an overall encouraging attitude. In general, I highly regret being too poor for Gonzaga.
Overall, EWU is a good school. The campus is very beautiful and there is plenty of grass to lounge in between classes. It's a multicultural school focused on increasing diversity. The professors are willing to make time to meet with students. However, there is a limit to how many students can attend a class due to limited seating. So be ready to sing up as soon as you can to get into a class. Otherwise, EWU is a great school.
I love Eastern!! If you want the best bang for your buck in education in the state of Washington, come to Eastern. This place is awesome. Everything is withing walking distance and the town buses have good routes if you want to take them. I personally have a car, but I needed it when my car broke down and it worked out.
it is a very pleasant lace to come study. the cost are significantly lower than other university's and it offers a lot of programs much students are interested in taking. this school is much recommended to those looking to further their educational careers.
eastern is such an amazing school, you get such a great atmosphere and vibes from everyone. the diversity and the different kinds of culture around is great, you feel like your at home everyone gets together with others and meet with one another. this is going to be your second home and second family. I would tell everyone to come here they have such great academic, financial, and health support around the campus. always having different activities around if your trying to have a little fun, a stress relief, or just meeting new people. i have had some much help from tutors here and study groups around, helping me with improving my grades and seeing a big difference. especially when I'm leaving in the dorms, i get to my classes faster it's so much easier and you get to interact with different people with different backgrounds which is such a beautiful and great experience to have. so i would love for people to join the eastern family. :)
I am very unimpressed and I am extremely suprised that it is the top 1000 anything. This place is disappointing; a joke, as are some of the people. I am sure people are very much capable of succeeding here, however the students I have met either need a serious attitude change, or some mental health support. Safety here, too is poor. You get what you pay for here.
I visited Eastern Washington University in January 2018. It was a beautiful campus that was full of student life and there were many buildings that said there was diversity among the students. I was welcomed very kindly while visiting the school.
This campus has such a good environment. The professors and staff are very friendly and are always here to help with anything. there's so many resources around campus and theirs always so much to do here!
This is the best school in the area, the campus is wonderful, I love my dorm and my neighbors. The air smells fresh, the professors are professional and most importantly, it feels like home to me.
All of the classes I have taken were great. The only thing I would like to see change is the architecture; most of the buildings look as if they are from the 70's or 80's.
Enjoyed my time at Eastern. I like that it is located in a small town, but students can always drive or take the bus 15 minutes to the much larger city of Spokane. The professors are great and are very personable with students. The campus is easy to navigate and students are nice and friendly.
I really enjoy the atmosphere of EWU because the professors truly care about their students well-being and they do all that they can to create a safe and welcoming environment for the students that attend Eastern Washington University.
Small, welcoming campus. Easy to navigate, nice staff. I am in the Visual Communications Design program and all of my professor so far have loved their jobs and are very helpful.
I'd like to see more curriculum emphasis on applying to internships and increasing the network between local and regional companies and the school within the science majors. I found this a bit lacking in the Biology Department, especially those seeking opportunities in the biotech sector. I felt very underprepared and underqualified for these positions upon graduation when competing against students who graduated from other state schools, like UW and Pacific Lutheran.
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Eastern Washington is a very safe university. A small town and a very close-knit community. There are a lot of things under construction at the moment, but it will only make for an even more beautiful school.
I have been at Eastern Washington University for 4 years. I have come across amazing professors who have gone above and beyond to provide great knowledge to the students they teach. One thing I would like to see a change on campus is the diversity. Often times racism is presented often and it can impact others academic skills.
Eastern Washington university is a great school for those who don't like small schools but feel overwhelmed with big schools its the perfect size and the teachers put an effort to learn your name they really want the best for you and give you many opportunities to get the best grade possible. Eastern had a very beautiful campus and its one you won't get lost in.
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