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I love the campus, and the overly-friendly campus. Every faculty member seems to dedicated to seeing you succeed, and everyone is there to help you succeed.
I like how the professors are willing to work with you. They are also enjoyable to be enrolled in. I didn't like how the dorms were completely old. They needed to be better kept. Elevators were broken almost every day, the fire alarms go off almost daily. The showers and the laundry is really bad too.
The campus is so beautiful, especially when the leaves start to change colors! Cold winters in Cheney, WA though! Also not much to do in Cheney itself.
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Everyone is super nice. Great professors! Great Catholic Newman Center! Great tutoring helping and the campus is pretty!
So much to do! Live music every Wednesday, Themed dining nights and so many attractions around the small town of Cheney. It is very close to Fishtrap where you can freely target shoot as well as many smaller lakes. EWU has major pride for a very nice price!
I have loved going to Eastern. There are many programs of all shapes and sizes, and great events constantly to include new freshman. There were a few things I had to learn on my own, but I think that adds to the part of learning things as an adult.
So far my experience has been the typical fun college experience. Lost of friendly people and the professors are amazing!
The people on the campus when I went to tour the school were extremely friendly. Everyone was happy an lively. They were very welcoming and it made me excited to graduate high school and possibly attend the University.
Eastern Washington University is a great college for those students who look forward to having an average class size of 30 students or so. Safety in a college campus is always important, here at EWU our campus police have a record arrival time of 2 minutes flat, in addition the campus has 12 emergency stations, with a push of a button help will be on the way. A great upside here at Eastern is the coffee, and it helps greatly to those students who need that extra coffee boost in the morning. The professors here at Eastern are very guide full, you can find mentors/tutors for specific classes in the campus library. My overall experience Eastern Washington University has been fabulous, if you're looking for a 4 year university with a low tuition rate, amazing people and professors, Eastern may just be the perfect school for you.
I love the small town feel, the smaller campus, but access to city and stores a short drive away. So far good communication and access to teachers. Charging to take tests online is ridiculous though when tuition is expensive.
As a student, my experience at Eastern has been like a dream. The dorms are comfortable and clean, food is a short walk from anywhere on campus, and the classrooms are state-of-the-art and incredibly clean. The average freshman scholarship is about $14,000! That's over half of the usual, in-state tuition. Many of my highschool teachers attended Eastern, and they ended up being incredible teachers. The campus is big enough to feel free, but small enough to feel safe when I am walking alone. Security is never more than a minute away. To add to all of this: the buffet is stellar.
What I liked about Eastern Washington University was the atmosphere and the vibe the people have. I would like to see different would be the food choice.
Eastern is unlike any other university I have seen. The layout, the people, the faculty is all unique and very inciting. The campus is always upbeat and even with the cold weather, there is never a dull moment.
It is a small school that has a small town feel. The campus is nicely kept and well organized. It is over all a nice school
EWU is a college in a small town with a large campus and diverse student population. There's people of all backgrounds here, including a sizable Asian exchange programs which some schools don't have. The buildings are mostly up to date and those that aren't quickly are. The professors are approachable and easy to talk with. There's events in the middle of campus so even if you don't know what's going on you'll end up walking past them to classes. The only downside is having to get across campus in under 10 minutes if you have classes back to back.
From what I have seen, it had a nice campus and the students seem happy to be there. Also, it offers my intended major, dental hygiene.
It's a nice sized campus with lots of activities going on throughout the year and the professors are all mostly good at doing their jobs and helping you learn something.
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I transferred to Eastern Washington University from Seattle University and I love my decision. the campus is great, the professors are qualified for the most part and it's just a cool small town vibe thats 20 minutes from downtown spokane
I loved my time here and I will miss it when I leave next year! The professors are great and the campus is beautiful.
All of the teachers were very helpful and seemed passionate about what they were teaching. Great resources for students!
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