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Love being able to communicate with all my peers and professors. They put me to ease with anything that I have questions on. EVMS is focused on community impact and always gives back when they can!
Professors are very friendly, very willing to help when help is needed. Great learning environment - utilizes "practice" patients to hone skills learned prior to entering rotations.
I get the general appearance that professors and physicians think we are lazy and do not want to learn and therefore, the education we get here suffers. For eg, if students don't show up to an in-person lecture because lectures are recorded & posted online then the professor takes it personally instead of realizing that we may simply prefer to learn via the e-lecture which allows us to pause and rewind as needed to learn.

Any progress to make change to improve the school/education is slow and has red tape from the administration and is stunted by the fact "we are a small school"&"care a lot about our reputation".

Further, contrary to much of the press the school promotes, the preclinical curriculum the school provides does not adequately prepare students for the clinical years as there gaps and the standardized patient encounters don't teach students to think on their feet as far as the questions to ask during a patient interview or maneuvers to perform in a physical exam.
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I love EVMS and it's small-school atmosphere. Most folks are very friendly and we have some top-notch professors and staff!
Super fun, lots of different types of food for all events and situations!
There are more cons than pros. Hampton roads is a very crowded area. Housing tends to to be over priced and the tunnels make for a longer drive than most will expect. One pro in particular is that most landlords with give college students cheaper renting rate compare to other tenants.
Diversity on campus is great; this includes instructors as well as students. This is largely due to its location. Hampton Roads is a military town and the vast majority of people come from different walks of life, so diversity is extremely high within this region of Virginia.
The financial aid office was available for questions and help when I needed it
The campus is really pretty
There are no sports on campus - we have discounted YMCA memberships
It's okay - could be more diverse
I haven't met everyone yet
Most of the campus has been remodeled in the past few years, so everything is new and state-of-the-art.
Campus security is 24/7 and very visible anywhere students go. They're all extremely friendly, and you can get escorted to your car at anytime, anyday. All students get free physical exams at the health center, as well as a limited number of psychiatric counseling, if needed.
All students get free (aka...built into your tuition of course) on campus parking. Nothing to complain about
There are a fair number of institutional scholarships, though not as many as in other, older schools. However, it is still definitely possible to get outside scholarships if you look diligently.
I did receive admission to some more "prestigious" schools, but my main draw to EVMS was the atmosphere of the student body. I'd never seen medical students who were so genuinely happy and who supported each other even in classes with curved grading scales.
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The majority of students on campus are medical students. Here and there, you'll encounter some MPH or PA students, but they tend to have different schedules and use different parts of the buildings. The workload is as to be expected at any medical school, but students here are very apparently happy and able to enjoy their social lives outside of the classroom.
We use sort of a traditional / systems-based hybrid curriculum. Core subjects are still taught separately, but the order of content in each course is somewhat structured so that each organ system is covered with a good amount of overlap between different subjects.
Campus dining is so-so. As far as quality goes, it's about as good as you'd expect in any dining commons or hospital cafeteria. However, EVMS students get 30% off their entire purchase at the cafeteria, so the value is well worth it!
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