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I like this school. They actually seem to care about you here, and want to see you succeed. They offer multiple programs and I am in the nursing program. The staff is friendly. The teachers for the most part are decent. The things I would like to see change is that I wish the school would listen to students opinions more.
I chose bad because we don't offer online courses at our school.
Its a good school to go to because they help you find jobs once you graduate.
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There isn't much involving the alumni here. We are are tech school.
The teachers here are okay, but not the best. You kind of have to go out your way to ask for extra help.
I chose to be in the esthetics course. I love it because its very hands on and makes people relax and feel good.
My school that I chose was my first choice, yet it didn't turn out to be what I wanted it to be.
The people that have graduated are well trained.
its flexible, works around work and home.
not taking any online course.
very helpful on helping you with finding extra help with school.
they always post job opening, it doesn't offer alumni, due to it being a technical school.
i'm taking the medical assistant program, its a little intense, but nothing i can not handle, I'm happy I'm here. the workload is whats needed for this career, not to much just enough. they help you get ready for you career, helping with resume and clinical work also. a great school, it more hands on which is perfect for me.
class registration was not hard at all they are actually great with helping you and having you understand. anatomy, we slo do computers, medical assistant hand book, pharmacology . they also offer tutoring and the teacher also offers her help as well. in addition to tutoring. they have a medical library so your able to understand.
my first time taking classes at this school, from my experience it has been great. The Teachers are very helpful, polite and interested in helping student advance and understand the material that is given. i'm very happy with my decision , and taking the need to go back to school, to advance my career.
There are people of all backgrounds and ages in this school
Job placement assistance and resume help available
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Nursing program has last month that is strictly to review for NCLEX which is awesome. Most schools don't have this and students go out and pay ridiculous prices for NCLEX prep classes
The RN program is accelerated and you must stay focused. Learn topics one day tested the next. Could be up to 8 chapters in a test
School is straight forward. You know exactly what to do because it is program based
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