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I like how the teachers are passionate about teaching. They enjoy helping students succeed. The food is great. What can they change is the dining hall and add more food places. I like this university education wise. They have so many programs such as Fast pass to help you succeed. They accept everyone no matter race or what you did in your life.
Eastern University is an amazing Christian school outside of Philadelphia. The professors are top notch and the community amongst the students is irreplaceable. If you are looking for a college based on a Biblical worldview this is the college for you, I will always cherish my time at Eastern University and the education and life long friends it's given me.
When I first came to this school, I did not like it at all. Coming from a massive high school I did not know what a small school would be like. However, now in my sophomore year, I can say that I really do like it here. I have met wonderful friends and have great professors. People really do care about you as an individual here and it shows.
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Eastern is such a great environment, I feel like I’m home when I’m at eastern. The teachers and staff are so kind and the friendships you create are the best!
Eastern University is the epitome of what a Christian University should look and be like. With an emphasis on service to others, the close-knit community that is created by the students (who are quite literally— from all parts of the world) and faculty members was always something that stood out to me, even prior to starting my academic journey here. As a Freshman, I can hands-down say that have never felt more at home elsewhere than I do at Eastern. The Professors and academic programs are phenomenal. Now, of course no College is perfect; Eastern has it’s flaws: From the sub-par food & dining services, lack of a Football team, to other minor inconveniences, strict drinking policies, etc. However, I can definitely tell you from a student’s perspective, that Eastern is a fantastic University for not only Christians, but for ALL students. The academics, professors, student life, campus and surrounding area are quite unique from other colleges in the greater Philadelphia region.
Eastern has a very nice environment and a decent cafeteria. If you're looking at a small university with a friendly environment. Eastern is a good choice.
I enjoyed my time at Eastern because this is where I met some of my closest friends. I had really great professors in the Psychology department and I was able to connect with people of different beliefs and backgrounds as me. My biggest complaint was that it was not diverse enough for my liking.
The community is and forever will be the best part about Eastern University. Although I am just beginnning my journey here I have found that it is to be compared to that blank canvas or a fresh sheet of notebook paper. Where all of the things are possible and your imagination is never to far to reach for. I imagine that like car rides home from fun experiences always seem shorter on the way back, my time here will, because of the amount of fun I am having, seem cut to short. I am excited to experience life on campus, life in community, and life after Eastern.
They weren’t clear with one of the grants that they awarded me- later taking away. Other than that, the staff and everyone has Been so helpful.
The experience I had made me want to go to school there to get my career it’s the most comfortable feeling I’ve ever got at a school
I love the close knit community Eastern University offers. I appreciate the fact that class sizes are small enough that teachers know students by their first names. This in turn builds class unity and overall campus closeness. Also, the academics are highly regarded, and Professors go out of their way to ensure students are grasping the concepts discussed in class. I am excited for the my future career in Physical Therapy, and I know that Eastern University is preparing me well to serve others with physical impairments.
Absolutely love it. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. The teachers take time to get to know you and they are always willing to help.
I was excited to visit eastern cuz my bf lived across the street at cabrini but I hate cabrini so I was like ok let me try eastern. anyway, when I first got there I walked onto the campus and felt like I was trapped inside a little dollhouse with weird people who only talked about the lord and mary and joseph. they don’t seem to care about education only church. there’s weird rules about boys and girls being together. anyway my stupid mom made me commit so i’m now entering my 2nd year and couldn’t be more miserable. the ribs are good and the fries but sometimes food isn’t even enough to keep me happy & that’s saying a lot cuz I love food. eastern sucks don’t go there unless u wanna become a priest or the virgin mary.
The campus is beautiful especially during the spring and fall. The professors and faculty are wonderful and are willing to help you.
I enjoy the beauty of Eastern’s campus. I also enjoy how small their classes are. It brings a level of intimacy in the classroom that you could not get in a larger school.
I am a current graduate student at Eastern. The faculty are caring and I feel like I am getting an excellent education here.
I visited Eastern University for registering for school. While my visit was short it was enjoyable. The staff were very helpful and the students were all around welcoming. The atmosphere was set for learning, there were classrooms with up to date technology. The facilities were really clean and modern. There was nice lounge areas and encouragement throughout the hallways.
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Eastern tends to charge for every little thing and as much as we pay to go there, its discouraging that every little thing cost money and the food is awful.
I find the campus to be very beautiful and the people very friendly. They do have strict rules though which can be an annoyance.
I love the atmosphere of the campus and the environment that is attributed to the campus. The teachers a very accommodating and approachable, especially the psychology department. I would change the food and the way the campus spends money. Other than that, it has been a great experience.
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