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I find the campus to be very beautiful and the people very friendly. They do have strict rules though which can be an annoyance.
I love the atmosphere of the campus and the environment that is attributed to the campus. The teachers a very accommodating and approachable, especially the psychology department. I would change the food and the way the campus spends money. Other than that, it has been a great experience.
Some of the rules are a little bit much considering how much the school has changed since it first opened up. In a safe neighborhood and very quiet which is great during the week. For weekend get always Philadelphia is only a 30 minuet Drive and there’s tons to do. Professors are generally caring and want you to do well. Athletics are growing quickly to be a main factor in this campus
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I will be starting this spring 2018. My experience thus far has been great from the information sessions, financial aid sessions, to the application process and acceptance. Everyone that I have encountered has been extremely professional and helpful.
Eastern University is a godly school, people are very loving, like dean, teachers/ professors, facility,and people that attend the University. What I like about how they teach is they accommodate their student with the education that is conducive to them. And I am excited about being a student at the University,etc.
I like that it's a Christian college and the core values of the school is faith justice and reasoning.
I am in my second year of graduate study and so far I love it! The classes are tough but worth it. I am pursuing a master's in counseling and I truly believe that Eastern is preparing me for a successful and rewarding career.
Eastern University is a college that requires a certain taste from its students. The college is very small which allows for the student and teachers to have relationships that would not be found elsewhere. This allows for students to bond and thrive in certain classes. The downside of eastern is that the food is subpar, and the facilities are just as bad. For students who are looking for state of the art facilities, Eastern is not the place to go. Christians may find Eastern disappointing because of its liberal stance on things, and students who are not Christian may not like it because some rules may not make sense. All in all, Eastern is a good school if a student is looking for great relationships with teachers, and students. These relationships help get opportunities that others may not find. However, If one is looking for a school with state of the art academics and equipment, Eastern is the last place to look into.
Eastern University is a wonderful place to engage in important discussions in a Christian environment. The campus is clean, safe, and has a community atmosphere. Going to Eastern was the best decision I could have made - the professors and staff are dedicated, the people kind and welcoming, and the education engaging and bold.
My experience has been really well at Eastern. The staff is amazing and the campus is beautiful. However the food is not as good as it was during open house or the overnight they had. The walk to town is pretty great. There are not a lot of noises and there is a lot of animals on campus so you will always be surprise what you’ll find there.
Eastern does a great job of caring for their students. If you come here, you will be known by your professors, by the resident life staff, and by so many others on campus. You will be challenged in your way of thinking but you will be supported the whole time. Eastern is not the perfect school in any way, but it could be the perfect school for you. I like to think it was the perfect fit for me.
I love that this is an institution where my same values, practices, and beliefs are welcomed and shared.
I like the friendly family environment. I like the small class sizes and how the professors are always willing to talk and help you with anything you need. The food is not the best. There are also quite a few rules but overall, a good college.
I liked this university the best, because as soon as I walked on campus I felt like I belonged there. Also it is really close to the King of Prussia Mall, but the campus is surrounded by woods.
Eastern University is an excellent Christian school with great students and professors. I especially love the clubs and organizations. I was able to start my own club, The Eastern Conservative Club. Eastern is a very diverse university with students from as far away as El Salvador and Japan
I love the people near and the atmosphere. They also offer a lot of scholarships too. The food is okay, but is a great place to meet up with friends.
It has a lot of potential. Gen eds are decent, core classes are pretty good. Great if you're a strong Christian, though if you're on the fence or hesitant then it can go either way. The biggest negative about the school is they promote dependency, as a student you are not allowed live off campus (unless its from your parents home), you can’t close the door with the opposite sex in the room (though LGBTQ couples have been known to room together), and the in room opposite sex rules are unpopular. For example, if a person of the opposite sex is in the room one person must sit up at all times while the other may lay down, and blankets may not be shared. It is of my personal opinion that if you wish to have those beliefs, it is your right to practice that. However, I do not believe that it should be a school rule. The school means well, they want to promote community. However, at the college student's age, it is certainly taking steps backward away from adulthood as opposed to toward it.
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I love the community at Eastern University and am glad that I decided to go there for college. The professors are dedicated to your success
My experience was wonderful. What I really like about Eastern University are academics, the campus was peaceful, and all the professors are nice. I don't want to change anything.
Eastern University has far exceeded my expectations for what I thought college would be. The professors here take every chance to get to know the students on a personal level, and truly care about the success of the students. It is a Christian university, and thus the Christian worldview and fundamentals are integrated into the classroom and all throughout campus. The quality that I cherish most about Eastern is the family-like atmosphere that surrounds the campus. The students, faculty, and staff are all very close and supprotive of each other, which makes the college experience that more special.
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