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Eastern Suffolk BOCES - School of Practical Nursing Reviews

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Loved all of the teachers there to death. They really do all they can to help you out and push you to succeed. They're the only reason I give this program 3 stars otherwise it would be 0. The administration is extremely unorganized in my opinion. A lot of times when something with the curriculum or just the everyday schedule/order of things would change the students would be the absolute last people to know about it. Even the teachers found themselves being uninformed as well. It seemed as though the whole student body came to an agreement that everything that the administration decided was ass backwards. If I could go back in time I would have told myself to just go straight for my RN. There's also a great deal of favoritism and although that obviously happens everywhere, when it's such a small graduating class it just seems very unfair when we are all working extremely hard to get through it and someone gets away with something that is unacceptable.
Okay so just so everyone knows that I'm not just bashing this place for flunking out, I actually graduated last August 2017, and graduated in the top 10 rankings. This is a 100% honest review, and I felt the need to say this because of my experience on the Brentwood Campus. The office staff, always seems so annoyed and overwhelmed. Almost everyone, with the exception of 1 lady that was pregnant at the time, has an attitude and will scold you for being out of class to ask simple question. Now lets go to Marie Stevens, the administrative coordinator, this lady is a witch. She thinks she knows everything, when in reality she knows absolutely nothing. If you question her she will scream at you like if you are in 2nd grade. We are all adults in this program and this lady acts like a kid. I can guarantee you everyone feels this way about her. I'm running out of room here so I'll leave it at that.
What enjoyed about BOCES was that the professors are very helpful and the experience I had going to externship similar to internship was great. I got to see many things in the hospital and decided what I wanted to do for my career.
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I am very satisfied with my experience at Eastern Suffolk BOCES School of Practical Nursing. I learned very valuable nursing lessons during my 18 months there from very educated instructors with natural talents in teaching.
Expensive & not much financial aide is available.
N/A it's an adult learning center. There is none of that available.
I do love this school. There are some negatives, but you'll find that at every school. Overall I'm learning a lot and enjoying the things I learn there.
Very diverse. You learn different things from your classmates, including different life experiences.
It's a full time program so you can't pick the teachers. Work load is heavy, but doable.
It's difficult at first, but doable. time management is key.
No lie, this is a hard program. You have to make the time for it otherwise it'll be really hard on you
The entire building is set up like a hospital. Instructors teach us about real life experiences during lectures. The administration may suck at time, especially when the school's policies are involved.
The building is set up like a hospital environment. The teachers relate everything we learn to their real life experiences.
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