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Eastern Shore Community College Reviews

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I like the Eastern shore community college because it's really affordable and they have really good teachers there.
So far everything is going great at Eastern Shore Community College. The school has friendly students and excellent teachers. One of the things I'd like to see change is more night classes being available.
The college is not the best nor the worse. It could use some improves on the professors who teach there as in quality and teaching methods. College is intended to be a challenge, but it doesn't need to get harder with a professor there. Professors are there for teaching purposes and to provide information over the majority of the material. I would like to see great professors such Professor Duffman, Moore, and many more certificated professors. A professor as a nightmare would be Professor Craig Jensen who teaches Physics online and on campus. The professor was hard to work with and barely interacted with his students. If I were to ask a question, he would give a harder question to answer which was no help at all. I stressed day and night, even dropped my grades down with my other courses. I failed the class because his exam were extremely hard and the material wasn't enough to pass. I even paid a tutor for help and still failed. No student should go through what I suffered.
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I think this is a wonderful college. It's convenient for the ones who live on the eastern shore of Virginia.
Great school if you just want to learn. Also, you'll get the same education you would get at a four-year plus real life experiences at a fraction of the cost!
The payment plans and schedules are wonderfully flexible. Everything is easy and laid back. Even deadlines are flexible.
It's not like being in a class, you don't have the one on one with a teacher quite like you would in class. It is a bit detached.
There are a few options for degrees here. The options are quite transferable and useful. With choices like welding, there are some off-the-bat job options as well.
I enjoy all my classes thus far. The classes are small, so all students have a chance to talk to the professors. The variety of classes is pretty decent for a two year college, especially including the online classes.
Being a two year college, the advancement in career options is limited. The main point is to have a cost effective way to get your basic courses done before going to a more expensive four year college. However, with the new options, such as welding, there are career options from going to the community college.
While not everything is well funded as it should be, the teachers are easy to understand, well rounded, and willing to help. The options for classes are constantly expanding with welding, microbiology, and physical training options.
I have found myself enjoying this college a lot. All the teachers are very informed in their subject and enjoy teaching. All of the staff are easy to approach, friendly, and helpful.
Its good if you like taking online courses but for me personally I'm not an online class person
don't really know much about it
Academic experience is great all my professors so far where wonderful and are passionate about what they teach.
Its a great place to start out and get your general education classes out of way so when you transfer you can dive right in to your major classes. Also Its small but still have nice number of students enrolled considering the location of the school.
I'm currently enrolled in the General Studies program in which has and will continue to better me for my future.
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My overall experience at ESCC is great tons of caring staff and students work together to better theirselves along the way
The community helps provide job opurtunies for students who are attending ESCC.
They're are many of the same classes offered at different times to work around the students life outside of school
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