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Eastern Oregon is a beautiful campus that has a close-knit community. They have many different programs and also have a superior outdoor program that really helps students be part of the environment. The classes are small, and you are able to connect with the professors. Additionally, this college provides affordable accommodations. All in all, EOU is a perfect option for those who want to find a smaller reasonable college, bustling with activities and clubs.
I've been taking college classes part time online while working full time for years. Eastern Oregon U is the first 4 year institution that offered an online English program for continuing education students like me. I know they're one of the few, I've done the leg work. The classes offered are unique, the administration and advisors are quick to respond, and overall it is one of the friendliest and most welcoming institutions I've been a part of.
Great experience at this school so far. I love the weather during Spring and there is so much outdoor activity to do.
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I like Eastern Oregon University because the class sizes are smaller than they would be at larger universities like Oregon State University. There is a lot of great staff who are willing to help when you need it and if you just ask.
So far i have loved my experience. There are faculty who are set knowledgable in their field, and I have learnt a lot from them. A negative is that there isn’t many scholarship opportunities.
As I have almost come to an end of my first year at EOU, I have enjoyed it. I have enjoyed all of my professors and have met some awesome people. There are great opportunities on campus and in La Grande.
The small campus is great for being able to interact with instructors more. The classes offered aren't varied as well because of its size, but they are quality classes.
Eastern Oregon is located in La Grande Oregon. This university offers online classes for a reasonable price. It's classes are small where professors are able to help you more.
I am an incoming freshman this coming fall. I have toured twice around the campus and really like the location and the dorm rooms. I haven’t tried the food yet but I have heard great things.
It is a small, quaint college. The access to food and drinks is available breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The faculty members are extremely helpful and patient. They are also very nice. The online facets of the school are set up well so we students do not have trouble accessing course materials and submitting due assignments. The bookstore has several versions of required reading materials along with leisurely reading materials. Clothing and snacks are available there as well. Purchases can be made with cash or credit, or digital money on any one student's account. Diversity is also a large concern with the school. Many students from many backgrounds attend Eastern Oregon University because of the school's persistent work in recruitment.
There are many great students that attend the college and there are also many great professors there that care about your education and success. However, I think a student could do better with their education somewhere else. A student would find the tuition somewhere else worth it for the value of the education that they would receive. The faculty, such as the financial aid office, is not the best at helping the students afford to go to the college and can even be frustrating at times. It's a great community but I think any student could find a better option of a college to attend to rather than this one.
I like how EOU is very diversed, I see a lot of Pacific Islanders at the school, Latinos, Asians, Americans, and others. The teachers, staff, and faculty members are very welcoming and nice towards me in terms if academics and social life. EOU is a peaceful school and I feel like I'm at home.
It is really sad that they saw an opportunity and started charging people more money. Now i have to change my degree again because I am desperate to get my bachelors degree and then now I want to be a teacher. So at first I was set up to take two classes I need to finish a bachelors so I can attempt for a mat....teaching in elementary school. I looked it up 1900 dollars two classes for business administration ,I can't afford that. I now have my counselor searching for another avenue for my bachelors degree and classes are coming up and I am not even sure what to do. I think it is extremely unfair that eou charges extra money for being online and extra money for business econ.
Eastern Oregon University has an on-site location in Ontario, Oregon where I am continuing my education. I have great instructors, and I have been provided an opportunity to continue my education because of this school.
Eastern Oregon University is located in La Grande, Oregon a small city with a great sense of community and togetherness. My school has a great environment with well managed facilities. Faculty and staff enjoy their job and the opportunity they have to impact the lives of their students. The staff and students rally together to create fun and educational activities for both the community at large and the school. The quality of education is superb, for the classes I am taking this fall, all my professors try to lecture with different forms of teaching in other to reach every student. The schools "Safe Zone" program emphasizes zero tolerance to discrimination whether sexual orientation, race or belief. If I can change anything about my school, it will be the weather of La Grande, Oregon but since I can't change that I will attest to how welcoming my college is and how anyone can find their niche in my school, Eastern Oregon University.
Eastern Oregon University is a wonderful college that is home to a spectacular team of professors that constantly push their students to excel above and beyond what they imagined.
It is a great campus and has a lot of activities. The sports are excellent and the community is wonderful.
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Eastern Oregon University is a promising college with many opportunities for many students. However, there seems to be a problem where the staff has difficulties working with you if you have any name difficulties or FAFSA errors in the system. I would definitely like to see that changed. Mostly because I went through a whole fiasco with trying to get my unaccompanied youth status approved at the college, only for me to fill out a bunch of papers that were then useless when the gentlemen that tried to tell us there was a problem with the paperwork found out they had to agree with whatever the High School said anyway based on their handbook.
Eastern Oregon University is a wonderful rural-town university. It's definitely a college town, but has that small town feel. There's also plenty of areas surrounding the campus to get out for some hiking, fishing, or other recreational activities. The professors are of good quality, and it's very reasonably priced for a university. The athletics are some of the best you can get in the NAIA division.
In my experience at living in the dorms, I have actually had a great time. I was able to attend classes with my friends and also made new friends. This makes the overall experience much more fun. The studying, living without parents, and eating with friends gives us a great time. The town is very small though, so there isn't as much to do compared to Portland, but on a positive note it helps save money. The campus is honestly beautiful. The weather can be quite random. Overall I'm glad this University exists since not all students have much money to spend.
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