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Eastern Oregon University has an on-site location in Ontario, Oregon where I am continuing my education. I have great instructors, and I have been provided an opportunity to continue my education because of this school.
Eastern Oregon University is located in La Grande, Oregon a small city with a great sense of community and togetherness. My school has a great environment with well managed facilities. Faculty and staff enjoy their job and the opportunity they have to impact the lives of their students. The staff and students rally together to create fun and educational activities for both the community at large and the school. The quality of education is superb, for the classes I am taking this fall, all my professors try to lecture with different forms of teaching in other to reach every student. The schools "Safe Zone" program emphasizes zero tolerance to discrimination whether sexual orientation, race or belief. If I can change anything about my school, it will be the weather of La Grande, Oregon but since I can't change that I will attest to how welcoming my college is and how anyone can find their niche in my school, Eastern Oregon University.
Eastern Oregon University is a wonderful college that is home to a spectacular team of professors that constantly push their students to excel above and beyond what they imagined.
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It is a great campus and has a lot of activities. The sports are excellent and the community is wonderful.
Eastern Oregon University is a promising college with many opportunities for many students. However, there seems to be a problem where the staff has difficulties working with you if you have any name difficulties or FAFSA errors in the system. I would definitely like to see that changed. Mostly because I went through a whole fiasco with trying to get my unaccompanied youth status approved at the college, only for me to fill out a bunch of papers that were then useless when the gentlemen that tried to tell us there was a problem with the paperwork found out they had to agree with whatever the High School said anyway based on their handbook.
Eastern Oregon University is a wonderful rural-town university. It's definitely a college town, but has that small town feel. There's also plenty of areas surrounding the campus to get out for some hiking, fishing, or other recreational activities. The professors are of good quality, and it's very reasonably priced for a university. The athletics are some of the best you can get in the NAIA division.
In my experience at living in the dorms, I have actually had a great time. I was able to attend classes with my friends and also made new friends. This makes the overall experience much more fun. The studying, living without parents, and eating with friends gives us a great time. The town is very small though, so there isn't as much to do compared to Portland, but on a positive note it helps save money. The campus is honestly beautiful. The weather can be quite random. Overall I'm glad this University exists since not all students have much money to spend.
This is a beautiful area with lots of things to do. Not only is it a small town but there is skiing and snow boarding near by, there are lots of downtown shop sand places to eat. There is a great outdoor activity program on campus where you can check out anything from skis to a bike to a kayak. The campus is very family orientated. The sports here on campus are extremely fun to be involved in whether you are participating or just going to watch. I wouldn't have gone to school anywhere else and I am not even from Oregon!
It's an awesome school. I enjoy going to EOU for many reasons. I feel safe. I feel welcomed. I feel connected. Everyone is so helpful, especially the faculty. I can't see myself going anywhere else. I highly recommend students to go to EOU because it's like home to me and I'm positive others will feel that way too.
I came to Eastern Oregon University in the fall of 2013. My original plan was to major in Exercise Science. I soon changed my mind and decided to take on a double major. I enrolled into the Agriculture Science program that Oregon State University offered through Eastern. I also picked up a major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. My favorite aspect of Eastern is the small class sizes and the friendly staff. I'm glad I can still walk into my old professor's office and strike up a conversation.
I am a freshman at EOU and I absolutely love being here. The professors and instructors are very nice and very willing to help with any questions you have about the work in class.
Eastern Oregon University is an excellent choice if you are considering pursing a college degree. I am currently in my Senior year at EOU and they have been more than accommodating to me. The advisors are excellent. The general education requirements are reasonable, and the staff is phenomenal.
I like the flexibility of taking online courses but this also poses a challenge when trying to connect with instructors.
Great location for the adventurous. Not a great connection to the community. Many clubs for all kinds of interests. Small! Hardworking club leaders. Personal attentions from professors.
I attend online so I am not sure. I do receive email with security updates. Just the location of this school makes it a safe place. It is very peaceful and beautiful area.
Everyone whom I have spoken with has been very helpful.
I chose this school because I know family and friends who are attending or have attended it and recommended it as a good school. I am attending online. I enjoy college very much!
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I wouldn't recommend this University at this time. There are alot of big changes happening at our university and is scaring the students. The University just found out that many of our BS degree and our OSU degree programs were not actually meeting the Oregon standards for many years, this invalidated many degrees that were handed out between 2004 and 2014. Kinda scary not knowing if my degree I've paid $30,000+ for is worth the paper its written on.

Cheating is wide spread throughout the campus. This is because of a few reasons, first off is that many courses are online and do not require proctoring for tests and exams. Many courses are online only because EOU does not have enough students on campus. This has lead professors to get lazy and only use test bank answers. If you google the questions on any exam, you will find a word for word question and answer online.

Limited hours!!! Want to take night classes? Well you cant at EOU. Want to cram all night in the library before your tests? You can't because the library has terrible hours. Want to go to the gym at 8pm? You cant because the gym closes super early. Want to grab dinner at the cafe on campus? You cant because it closes super early. EOU has cut hours everywhere and has ruined the on campus environment. EOU please if you are reading this please make the Library and gym 24 hours a day. I pay over fifteen thousand a year for a sub par education, can I please go into the library to study whenever I want?

The housing on campus is really good and clean. If you are looking to socialize though you are at the wrong college. There are no events worth going to and the dorm layouts are set up like a retirement home. You will meet your roommates and not many other students. If I could do it again, I would not have came to Eastern Oregon University, my advice is to look towards OSU or WOU.
No student sections at any event! This leads to very little student involvement. Also the gym hours are sporadic and suck, the teams frequently use the weight room which is tiny. They drive all the students out of the gym, and many like me are forced to pay for anytime fitness because of the limited hours and equipment.
Class are fairly same and you get to know your professors on a personal basis
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