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Love it!!! I am only a Freshman but so far it has been a good experience. The Staff is very helpful and have been eager to assist me though out the entire process of registration, class selection and financial aid. Class sizes are small and I am able to receive 1 on 1 assistance.
I'm in the Sophomore level of the RN program, it has been great so far. I just completed the Transition class in May and I am so thankful that EOSC offers the nursinh program through the Idabel campus as well.
Eastern Oklahoma is a very good college if you like a home town feel. The school itself is great. The staff is very helpful, the professors are very good at what they do, and the students are kind. Wilburton occupies the main campus and there is also McAlester branch, both of which are excellent. I have been thoroughly impressed with my experience at this college so far. People in the surrounding areas do not give the college enough credit. If you enjoy tiny towns, friendly people, and very little traffic, Eastern Oklahoma State College is your place. You won't get the personal experience with the professors anywhere else. The classes are small enough that most of the professors will actually learn your name, which is rare in college.
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This school is not going to prepare you for a university. Most of the credits you take at this school will not transfer to any other school. If you play sports, they pick your classes and throw you in the easiest major just so you can stay eligible. They don't care about future goals, they are just money hungry.
I have not started the academic year however they have been amazing with helping my get ready for school with grants and scholarships
Eastern Oklahoma State College is a very unique college it is very secluded in a very nature looking area of Oklahoma. The campus is a small campus but that also means that you can go from class to class in a matter of minutes. You can have a lot of office time with your professors.
Smaller classes allow for more one on one time with their students.
I play basketball at my school so its pretty flexible.
the classroom ratio is often 12:1. the teachers know you.
They don't really offer internships but they do list jobs.
The professors are challenging and have challenging work.
The school is very friendly and the atmosphere is very home-like.
I'm sure I will be hired quickly
It's small and easy to get around
Needs to advise you with more in depth talking
The campus has many jobs.
I have had a lot of fun, and learned a lot.
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I'm personally not very good at online classes but the ones at eastern are a little easier.
The professors are great. A lot of the assignments are online which is helpful.
My major is nursing. It's great at Eastern, their program is really competitive and rewarding.
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