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Eastern Oklahoma State College Reviews

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This college is a great college to start off your career. The campus is really into the school spirit so all the sporting events are always super fun to go to. The professors are also very excellent teachers and care if you are learning and doing good in their class.
Excellent professors, large parking lot, the couches in the lounge could use an upgrade! I have no complaints. This is as good as a community college can get I suppose.
The college is very beneficial to our area. The classes are very inviting to people of all ages. Some students are new high school graduates and some are older people that have decided to go after their academic goals.
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My experience so far with EOSC is pretty good. Every thing I had a question about, they had an answer. The instructor's are great with meeting them to get help or to talk about the academic path or help choose the right path. Every worker is helpful in just about every way possible. It is great!
Fall of 2017 my freshman year started in Mcalester campus, EOSC was were a I attended and still do. At eastern there is a program called (MAC) its a room of teachers whom help with homework. I personally use the mac three to four days a week. My overall experience so far with Eastern is very high. academically your teachers will test you. And who doesn't love a challenge.
I have enjoyed Eastern Oklahoma State College and there has not really been much that I have disliked. It is nice to be local and all of my professors have been great! I have felt safe at the campus and that is something that is very important to me. All of the professors and administrators try their best to make the students happy and successful and I really see that in them. It is also great for your professors to know your name and are willing to help you out if needed. I definitely recommend this college to students!
I am a Concurrent student at Eastern College which has been very different/ exciting. I`m in my free period and have homework to get done and other scholarships to fill out. Thank you for considering me for the scholarship.
This was my first college to attend and I do have to say that I am a very satisfied student. I attended eastern and also graduated not to long after getting my foot in the door. I would recommend this college to follow friends and family. All the staff is very friendly and I got all the help I asked for. As far as wanting to change anything about Eastern Oklahoma State College, well honestly I don't really have anything bad to say. This is a wonderful school if I could do it different I wouldn't.............
Wilburton is a very small town. The fact that this quality 2 year Jr. College is available in a small, rural area is great! The campus is nice and the faculty and class options are great as well.
Love it!!! I am only a Freshman but so far it has been a good experience. The Staff is very helpful and have been eager to assist me though out the entire process of registration, class selection and financial aid. Class sizes are small and I am able to receive 1 on 1 assistance.
I'm in the Sophomore level of the RN program, it has been great so far. I just completed the Transition class in May and I am so thankful that EOSC offers the nursinh program through the Idabel campus as well.
Eastern Oklahoma is a very good college if you like a home town feel. The school itself is great. The staff is very helpful, the professors are very good at what they do, and the students are kind. Wilburton occupies the main campus and there is also McAlester branch, both of which are excellent. I have been thoroughly impressed with my experience at this college so far. People in the surrounding areas do not give the college enough credit. If you enjoy tiny towns, friendly people, and very little traffic, Eastern Oklahoma State College is your place. You won't get the personal experience with the professors anywhere else. The classes are small enough that most of the professors will actually learn your name, which is rare in college.
This school is not going to prepare you for a university. Most of the credits you take at this school will not transfer to any other school. If you play sports, they pick your classes and throw you in the easiest major just so you can stay eligible. They don't care about future goals, they are just money hungry.
I have not started the academic year however they have been amazing with helping my get ready for school with grants and scholarships
Eastern Oklahoma State College is a very unique college it is very secluded in a very nature looking area of Oklahoma. The campus is a small campus but that also means that you can go from class to class in a matter of minutes. You can have a lot of office time with your professors.
Smaller classes allow for more one on one time with their students.
I play basketball at my school so its pretty flexible.
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the classroom ratio is often 12:1. the teachers know you.
They don't really offer internships but they do list jobs.
The professors are challenging and have challenging work.
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