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Eastern New Mexico is a very good looking college. Ive heard from many others and also seen it on videos how the surroundings and how the student culture are around the area. It seems like when i step foot on campus its going to be a great feeling the reason i say that is because the education is good and the graduation rate is high. If i feel like if i step on campus and off the first feeling (the feeling like home) have me feeling awesome then that's the move for me.
The campus is perfectly suited for people that do not prefer the large, crowded, party scene. ENMU has many courses that you normally wouldn't be able to find in larger colleges
It's very personal. The staff is the most helpful staff. The teachers are looking out for you and your personal growth. They want to see you graduate and become educated people.
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Their SLP program is very intense and requires a lot of hard work but it is preparing me for my future career more than other programs out there. I do not like how unorganized the program is.
I love it at Eastern! I love how the town of Portales is a small college based town, so it is easy to live here and go to school. You have small sized classes which help and the professors get to know each of their students, this has helped me do well in classes and be comfortable getting help when I need it. Not only is the classroom environment great, the administration and students are very friendly and welcoming. I would change how unhelpful advisors are.
The online classes are amazing and convenient and the advisors work with you quite well. The campus is beautiful and overall visually appealing. I would definitely recommend people to look into this college.
I met with a college representative a few weeks ago and he was so kind! He made me want to study in this universitg
Very supportive and professional environment for learning and furthering an individuals career and provide resources to students who request them.
Beautiful campus, good professors, affordable, friendly atmosphere. I have enjoyed attending here. All departments,I have had contact have been helpful.
The price of tuition should have this school with more enrolled students that it does at the moment. I am in a graduate school program, which is harder (in a good way) than most big name school; however, low professor numbers keep classes from being offered every semester.
Beautiful campus. Smaller classes. Portales community really supports the school. Very easy to get around and professors work with student athletes to ensure their success
Eastern New Mexico has been a great experience for me it has been easy to apply and the administrative staff is knowledgeable and outgoing. I have been to Liberty U, the University of Virginia, and applied at Western New Mexico; Liberty and Western were a complete waste of time for me. Liberty had great instructor but I was unable to get a set scheudle and regieter for my classes with out major delays from the advisors who were not knowledgeable. Eastern has been a breath of fresh air for my Mr. Lucero got me what I needed and did it without delay; everytime I need something he is always there and gives me immediate assistance. Great school very affordable and knowledgable staff.
Love it!! People are great, professional, and loving! I would not chose anywhere else to be! This is such a great place to be! Go Hounds!!!
They are so helpful and friendly. Always able to get the right answer to your questions and willing to help.
I really like the learning environment and the professors. The class sizes are kept between 20 and 45 students, which means it is easy to get help from professors and have a better connection with them. The advising center and some of the other workers (non professors) are not always very helpful and some of the students lack some drive and determination in their studies.
I recently finished my freshman year of college here and I love it. The professors are understanding and are willing to work with you if you need. The campus is beautiful, and there are tons of activities on campus to do each week. I love my college experience thus far, and I highly recommend you attend!
I love ENMU, they have been so understanding and flexible with my situation. About a month before school started I found out I was pregnant and decided staying home would be best, but I still wanted to attend ENMU. They were able to switch all my classes to online and were more than willing to work with me. It has been a great experience, and am looking forward to finishing my degree there.
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Eastern New Mexico is the perfect small campus school. Everyone here in Portales is so friendly and very welcoming to all the students in town. It is easy to find where your classes are located and all of the classes don't have many students in each. This provides a more one on one connection with the teachers as well as the other students in the class. The teachers are more than willing to help you do your best and can help you get on track to finishing your degree.
ENMU offers a wide variety of accredited programs available at a distance, aligning exactly with on-campus courses and programs. Accredited by the ACBSP, their business programs offer generalist managerial scope coursework led by experienced and engaging faculty. The distance courses are maintained using industry leading software, and the school has an organized and diverse set of resources available for research.
At Eastern New Mexico University, the professers are very kind and helpful. The class sizes are typically small, making it easy to communicate with your instructors and receive help. They have some really great online courses as well and the school full of friendly people. What I would like to see change is a more helpful experience from the advising center as it is kind of difficult to schedule out your major plan as they make this seem more difficult than it should be.
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