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It's a very welcoming place, with great student environment. Along with the resources to help students, and the help of great professors.
As an online student, the course curriculum and learning objectives have helped me on my way to becoming a licensed social worker. However, the online accessibility can be hard to work with sometimes, through both Blackboard and other sites and functions.
Eastern New Mexico is in a small town so it is easy to get to know your peers. The campus is easy to get around. Great learning experience.
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Eastern New Mexico University is a great school! The professors are incredible and the campus is gorgeous! Wouldn't change anything about it!
ENMU is a small campus full of friendly and supportive. The town is small, but the school host many events for students entertainment. Lots of school spirit.
The professors are interact well with each student and they have great connections that students can relate to. They make it easy to understand. As for the campus as a whole, the environment is amazing and it is so easy to get along with other students. The staff is also friendly and helpful in every way possible.
I have loved my experience with ENMU thus far. I have learned so much as a long distance student and most professors are great at responding and assisting with anything I have needed. I gave them 4 stars only because I have had one teacher that made my experience a bit rough. She was too unorganized to be teaching an online class. These type of classes require the professor to be very organized, otherwise it makes it difficult for the student to get anything out of the class or follow along.
My experience at ENMU has been the best college experience I’ve ever had. There are so many things to do and activities going on throughout the year it’s impossible to not have something to do.
The university itself is small but that isn't a bad thing! The smaller class sizes really help when you need to communicate with you instructors. The university offers many ways for academic help.
It is very small. I like small. The programs and teachers are very engaged and interesting. The facilities are nice, also.
I have not attended yet but have heard great things about enmu and am anxious to attend in the fall, I am looking forward to starting my career path, I have chose to become a speech pathologist and I am ready to start helping people
Eastern New Mexico is very inviting, the teachers are great at their jobs, and has a good atmosphere.
Small college so you get a lot of help from the professors. They care about you and your success. The town is just very small with not much to do but it is perfect if you don't want distractions.
Well from my stand point I can't say I would change anything because I am going to be attending Eastern New Mexico University in the fall. But after a visit and talks with the coaches and staff I can say that this campus is very welcoming. It feels just like home.
ENMU is a great place to be. It is very cultural and very lively. There is always something happening on campus and everyone is very involved.
Eastern New Mexico University may be located in Portales, a tiny town on the edge of the state, but it's atmosphere is very welcoming. Most of the class sizes are small which makes it easier to learn the course material.
I’ve been there for multiple thing. Such as band and choir and I feel this college will be perfect for me!
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Great environment, staff, and professor! People were really nice and my experience was great. My roommates and friends loved their professors. However, my favorite place was the library. Their new library is big, has food, and a great place to study.
Very diverse and very willing to help you succeeed. All professors are there to help and make you feel like a student not just a number.
Enmu has a beautiful campus with a very active student life, in my 2 years here I have really enjoyed all it has to offer, the only reason it hasn't gotten 5 stars is because most of the roads have large pot holes.
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