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Eastern New Mexico University is fantastic. The faculty is generally amazing, and their clubs and organizations are great. The only issue I have with ENMU is that not a lot of help or information was given to me about financial aid. I found out about scholarships that are available only to incoming freshman when I was registering for my second semester and no longer eligible for them.
Overall, ENMU is a fun, small campus. For the price you get a safe campus, a strong education, and a tight nit community. If you're looking for a small, safe campus to focus on your education, this is your ticket to it.
The university itself is great, but the surrounding town can be a downfall for those who aren't used to small towns. Many degrees and programs to choose from, and the professors are great.
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I love the staff they are full of excitement and are really motivational. There can be improvement in the dorms. The RA's need to be more demanding, alot of stuff gets returned damaged.
Great university! A sort of hidden gem. Fantastic anthropology program, the entire department is virtually flawless. The campus is well maintained with some beautiful buildings. It's difficult to come by an unfriendly person in the entire town. Only complaints are that it's in middle-of-nowhere, bible-belt New Mexico, and the campus food could due with some improvements. I'm so happy I chose Eastern! The small campus and welcoming atmosphere are perfect if that's what you're looking for!
It is an amazing college. They are so friendly and the college helps you with anything that you are having trouble with. They have been helping get through most of my toughest times.
Everyone is their to help you and fun activities and is a really good school you get to meet new people from different back grounds the teachers are nice and students and teachers help you with anything you need
Eastern New Mexico University is the perfect combination between a small town college and a large university. I fully feel I was able to have a healthy and fun college experience, while still being close enough to home to see my family, but far enough away to find my footing as an adult and easily pursue my career and education goals.
Overall it is an ok University, the only reason I am coming here is because I get a waiver through my work. It puts that one step closer to go finish my degree.
I was awarded a full ride scholarship to play football at ENMU. I was hesitant at first coming from a big city to a small town but the charm and friendly people make it inviting and it grows on you. I miss it now and intend on going back at some point and potentially retiring out there and opening up my own business.
I am so glad I choose to attend Eastern New Mexico University for my bachelors degree in social work. ENMU staff is very helpful whenever needing help or I was confused about something my freshmen year they helped me out as much as they could. I love the enivorment on campus it is very welcoming, very good environment for students who may be home sick. I highly recommend this university to every future college student especially ones who like that one on one with their teachers.
I enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Eastern New Mexico University. It is a small school, therefore, you connect more personally with the professors. I myself have connected with many of the professors, and when you connect with a professor the information that they are providing begins to just flow through your mind, it becomes very easily retainable, and makes the entire college experience just that much more awesome. I have learned a vast amount of knowledge from Eastern New Mexico University, and it doesn't show any signs of letting up. I love this school.
Right away I knew that ENMU was the right school for me; from the moment I first stepped foot on the campus I felt welcome. It's a good sized school that as a home-like feel to it, much like the feel of the town I went to high school in. I am definitely looking forward to making tons of great memories at my new school.
very clean campus with lots of activities for the students and help centers. Great place to learn. I would have changed some of the policies for the dorm rooms about having kitchen supplies, forks, knifes, etc... to be allowed.
Eastern New Mexico University is composed of a diverse student body in an easily accessible area. I have found that it provides all of the opportunities needed to be a successful student and ultimately a successful human.
The staff is very friendly and is ready to answer any questions you may have. Overall great experience!
Love this University. By far the greatest decision i've ever made. The communications program is second to none. I would recommend this university to everyone.
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What I love about ENMU is that it is small campus and you get to know everyone. The class sizes are small so you can get a great one on one connection with the professor. The campus is very beautiful and is very well maintained year around.
The staff members at Eastern are amazing individuals. I was so nervous about coming to college and they have helped me with my entire transition, not out of obligation but out of desire. They truly care about every students well-being. I only wish there was more on-campus student events at various times of the day/week just because I, like many students, have a job and it is hard to attend the nightly events.
I loved the class sizes and the relationships you could build with your professors. The school emphasized learning, and the music program was especially amazing. One thing they could improve on is their work to retain professors. All of my best and favorite professors stopped working there either during my three and a half years or soon after. They were amazing professors who moved on to greater things, and I think Eastern needs to try to realize what they have before letting such wonderful mentors and educators leave their midst.
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