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Love it!! People are great, professional, and loving! I would not chose anywhere else to be! This is such a great place to be! Go Hounds!!!
They are so helpful and friendly. Always able to get the right answer to your questions and willing to help.
I really like the learning environment and the professors. The class sizes are kept between 20 and 45 students, which means it is easy to get help from professors and have a better connection with them. The advising center and some of the other workers (non professors) are not always very helpful and some of the students lack some drive and determination in their studies.
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I recently finished my freshman year of college here and I love it. The professors are understanding and are willing to work with you if you need. The campus is beautiful, and there are tons of activities on campus to do each week. I love my college experience thus far, and I highly recommend you attend!
I love ENMU, they have been so understanding and flexible with my situation. About a month before school started I found out I was pregnant and decided staying home would be best, but I still wanted to attend ENMU. They were able to switch all my classes to online and were more than willing to work with me. It has been a great experience, and am looking forward to finishing my degree there.
Eastern New Mexico is the perfect small campus school. Everyone here in Portales is so friendly and very welcoming to all the students in town. It is easy to find where your classes are located and all of the classes don't have many students in each. This provides a more one on one connection with the teachers as well as the other students in the class. The teachers are more than willing to help you do your best and can help you get on track to finishing your degree.
ENMU offers a wide variety of accredited programs available at a distance, aligning exactly with on-campus courses and programs. Accredited by the ACBSP, their business programs offer generalist managerial scope coursework led by experienced and engaging faculty. The distance courses are maintained using industry leading software, and the school has an organized and diverse set of resources available for research.
At Eastern New Mexico University, the professers are very kind and helpful. The class sizes are typically small, making it easy to communicate with your instructors and receive help. They have some really great online courses as well and the school full of friendly people. What I would like to see change is a more helpful experience from the advising center as it is kind of difficult to schedule out your major plan as they make this seem more difficult than it should be.
I enjoy this college very much. I feel safe here, the academics are excellent, and everyone in this town is very kind. The campus is very beautiful, green grass and trees are everywhere. Families walk their dogs and children ride their bikes around campus daily. It’s a very family friendly school. There is always activities going on around campus, it’s a very pleasant place to be.
I enjoyed the setting. The campus is often very quiet and the community is very respectful. Due to the small campus it is more than likely that one has seen the majority of students. In addition, professors are very understanding and will often try to help you the most that they can. The one thing I would like to see change is the food options. While the food that is offered mediocre, there is always room for improvement.
ENMU is a fun place to attend college if you are not from the area. For those who have lived there their whole life is is rather boring. Very affordable and good place to gain an education.
Professors are personal and smaller classes are great. Very friendly university. I liked the smaller school however the town was not my favorite. Not much to do in Portales.
Located in eastern New Mexico, ENMU is a beautiful campus, with a diverse student body. The faculty and staff are very attentive and have always been available to help me when I contacted them. I am currently working towards completing a Masters in Education of Administration and have found everyone to be extremely helpful. If you are looking for an excellent four year university with a low tuition, located in a small town with a low crime rate, ENMU is for you!
I like the activities and how involved everyone is on the campus. Portales is a small town, but the university always has some sort of activity for the students to be able to participate in. The professors and students are friendly and the campus itself is very easy to navigate from class to class.
I first was an employee at the college in the health services department. The staff on campus are friendly and helpful. The student body is very diverse, as this university is one of a handful that welcome students from many different countries. It is rated high in the nation on the Anthropology program, only miles away from where the "Clovis Man" was discovered. The Allied Health Services have also received very high reviews. The Speech Language Pathology program is exceptional. I am currently working towards completing a Bachelor's in Nursing (BSN) degree. The university has built the BSN and MSN program from the ground up, and have improved each year. If you're looking for a 4 year university with a home town feel, low crime rate, and very attractive tuition, this is the place for you.
It's a very diverse community and the people do as much as they can to make everyone feel right at home.
Eastern New Mexico University is a great campus. The campus is fairly small, which makes getting around much easier and faster. The professors are all great and most are very easy to reach whenever. The classes are mostly specific so that definitely helps for the degree you're trying to achieve.
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I am currently a music student enrolled at Eastern New Mexico University. The campus is beautiful. The town is small, but the college could not be more lively. There is always an event going on somewhere.
I like that Eastern New Mexico always keeps you up to date on what you need for college and what you can do to get in the school. You
I love the campus, the entire thing is beautiful. I also love how small it is and being able to have a lot of one-on-one time with teachers without having to make a plan weeks in advance. The campus has many things to enjoy like a gym and a pool and all the dorms are lovely to stay in. Teachers remember you after you pass their class and are always willing to help you in future classes.
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