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Eastern New Mexico University - Ruidoso Reviews

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It's in a small town, so the student body is small, and the classes offered are limited, but if the degree is available here, most instructors I have attended class for really work with their students for success. The science department has a decent variety. The most valuable aspect of this college is the free tutors on sight at almost all times for students. Furthermore, the encouragement of students here is a real focus on campus. I really enjoy ENMU Ruidoso, they have helped me with keeping up with all my assignments so I can get my degree. Come take a look if you're interested. Definitely not the campus for socialites. They still got some kinks, but it's a work in progress.
Overall this college is very meh, some of the teachers are tremendous. But they are neutered by the fact that the administration is incompetent and greedy. The advisers are generally unhelpful and don't provide you with any helpful information and you often leave just as much if not more confused than when you went in.
Classes are very flexible. The student advisors try to make it as convenient as possible for students to achieve their goals.
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The online courses are as good as being in a classroom. There is a great ease and convenience to the online classes.
There are several opportunities available to all students.
The classes have fewer students than average. I view this as a plus. the professors have more one on one time and more time for class discussion. it feels more comfortable and personal. Students have a much easier time communicating with instructors and each other.
There is a lot of help and services available. Including Leadership societies, PTK,and local opportunities.
I am a psychology major. My student advisor is well educated and experienced in the field of psychology and is a great help. The curriculum applies not only to academic success but to everyday life as well. Critical thinking is encouraged. There is assistance available to help students apply to grad school programs, internships, and career opportunities.
I will continue my education at ENMU for as long as I can. The staff and faculty strive to help the students succeed. I never thought I would enjoy school, but my experience at ENMU is truly a joy.
Excellent teacher always there to help
The class sizes are not big at all so that is a great advantage to many because there happens to be more interaction with professors and students. Also, when someone is confused or needs help in any way automatically the professor has time to see and help the student with anything. The courses are hard but they are classes that I will definitely be proud I took in the near future. I see my classes as a guide helping me understand what I will be facing in the real world. There are not much courses offered is the only bad thing because if they did, there would be no hesitation on my side with wanting to finish getting my degree there.
The college that I recently went to see if that is the right college to be able to finish in getting my degree was a great campus. The programs that they offer seem to have a lot of interaction with different people, gaining great knowledge, and seem fun. They also offer many fun activities for students and internships.
The student body at my school is good everyone tries to help each other in every way that we can. Since the college is small everyone knows each other because we get to see the same students every day.
Thoughts about my school's tuition and financial aid process is great because not only do the advisers help students fill out FAFSA applications, but also the tuition to attend this community college is inexpensive. I wish the university that I will be transferring if accepted will be good on my money's worth. Yes the value of my education I am receiving is definitely worth the tuition I paid. My experience with the financial aid office was good because I was in and out of there fast.
Since I attend a community college there are not many job opportunities that associate with my degree because where I live is a small town.
There are not many of the classes that are required for my field in this community college. The professors are very helpful and take much of their time to understand the material that needs to be covered on a daily basis. The class registration process is complicated because I was told by taking certain classes they would get me closer to accomplishing my degree and now those classes that I ended up taking were completely unnecessary. Now I have to take one extra class in the summer in order to get my degree.
The unique aspects of my program is gaining knowledge of all typed or organizations and businesses out there. Also, getting the experience to travel and meeting new people each and every day. The workload seems like it is not going to be easy but I love staying busy so it should be okay.
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The community college that I am attending does not have athletic centers or much activities.
The professors are helpful, and knowledgable
I am a student hire at this school and love helping others. It has made me a better person. I hope that other student apply and learn as much or more than I have.
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