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ENMU-Roswell has been a great school to work with! Beginning when I was still in High School with dual-credit courses, this school has been great! Everyone I have worked with has been very personable, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They have gone about and beyond to help me in any way. The online courses have been very good. The professors have been helpful and I have learned a lot. I'm excited to finish my degree at ENMU-R!
I have enjoyed my time here at Eastern New Mexico University- Roswell. The small classes allow for everyone to get to know the instructors and fully understand what is being taught. The cost to go here is reasonable. The advisors and main office aren’t very helpful and can be rude. Overall, it’s good start to anyone’s college education.
I like everything about the college, except for the organization of the nursing instructors. Lack on their part affected my learning.
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I had amazing teachers, they made learning fun and exciting. My learning experience was amazing. My instructors made it simple to understand and I truly am grateful for their help through semester here at Eater New Mexico University in Roswell NM.
I liked that it was local and very good to finish up everything I wanted to do here at this university but what I would like to see change is more things open to students such as more places to study and more student things to do on campus with fellow classmates
There are a number of acedemic opportunities that a student can apply towards there degree plan with a number of different types of assistance and degree plans
Nine learning is effective, easy and convenient
ENMU is a good stepping stone for a great career in health sciences
The classes aren't very big the teaching environment is easy and fun to learn in
ENMU-Roswell is a cost-effective ciriculum that works great for a high paying career if you work hard enough for your degree plan
I am studying in the OT program and I have learned a lot; these learning experiences are good enough to apply in the real world anywhere in the country!
ENMU Roswell , is an affordable scroll with plenty of high paying 2 year degree plans
Group discussions, helps online learning be more manageable
Class sizes are just perfect not to many people
Plenty of room to advance with a degree from this school.
Workload is very manageable. Good facilities that help you complete your work. Learn a lot.
This school is a very affordable school. The teacher's are very helpful and understanding. Overall a great experience for me.
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My school is unique because if someone or something that is going on like in class if we don't know the answer a student or a teacher will come and help us on are question that we have. What also makes Mountain air unique is that it has exams and finals and other test that help us out. there is also special resources in this school that also helps us out
The teachers here are great they know what they are teahing
They are okay with my schedule they work well with my hours
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