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Eastern Nazarene College Reviews

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I love this place. It is a great school. The teachers are down to earth and want to connect with students on a personal level. lastly, the campus is beautiful.
Very nice college in a wonderful location. Everyone is friendly and open. So far this seems like a great place.
It's decent if you find friends to do stuff with. If you just sit in your room and do nothing you will hate it here. If you play a sport, be prepared to not be on a great team but it will still be fun if you make the best of it and also focus on your schoolwork.
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Great School with great people. Pretty good academics, and close proximity to Boston. I have met so many great people here and I can't wait to continue my education here.
I never wanted a big school, and first visiting ENC showed me that I was right to think so. The atmosphere was any typical college type except a more homey feel. The student-professor ratio is about 10:1 creating the perfect classroom. Student life was filled with activities that everyone can enjoy. Athletics are always a good match up and create a good time. Overall, ENC showed me as student that christ and education fit very nicely together.
Do not listen to any of these people I do not trust them.
Get out as soon as you can before you turn into one of them.
Greek life doesn't deserve to be on this campus.
Its a sham. Came here for a turf field that will not be here until after I have my first kid and a specific coach who ended up being a hell of a salesmen.
People there are care and helpful. They willing to help everyone regardless of your physical appearance.
Keep up the good work!!
School is very clique based. Jocks with jocks, and so on and so forth.
The school is good and I already have a job in the field. I am looking to obtain the degree to move upwards in the company.
The program is great in theory. The classes are 6 week periods and involve an entire semester worth of knowledge. the program is supposed to be geared towards full time employed adults, and being such the program requires a lot of time and group projects. These are difficult to manage among varied schedules and scattered distances.
I wish there was more help to get an internship
The cable tv doesn't work in my building but other than that it's fine
I wish they would help me more getting an internship in my field outside of the school
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The students are involved in athletics, going to games, keeping up the spirit
There staff seems knowledgeable but they are slow at getting information out. The program I entered is described one way, but seems to not work out that way at all. There is a lot of misleading information that should have been explained before the start of classes.
Only thing that makes this place okay, are the people. Other than that, almost everything is outdated.
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