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I think for the price per credit hour it’s hard to beat a school like EMU. The professors all do a great job and even with a limited budget the university does an awesome job.
Eastern's campus isn't huge so everything is nearby and close together. It's mostly a commuter school though. Living in the dorms is nice because of the proximity to classes being so close but the food isn't much of a highlight. Eastern offers mostly Monday - Thursday classes. It's actually difficult to find Friday courses, giving a large majority of students a three day weekend! Events that occur on campus usually end up going Monday - Thursday as well, but if you're staying on campus during the three-day weekend there's not much around. There are nearby parks and Depot Town, but not very much after that. If you go a bit further, Ann Arbor is not too far away and a great place to hang out at! For incoming freshman, orientation is really awesome (even if you're not commuting). The best way to have fun is to be a part of something!
I am a high school student that takes classes here. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I have been blessed with here. I don't know that much about the party scene but the academics are good.
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What really inspires me about EMU is the diverse community of students and extremely helpful and caring professors.
Terrible sports, terrible people, the rec looks like something from the 80's, professors are very uninterested in instructing, poor services, I've been here four years and still don't want to graduate, the food doesn't have many options( gf, vegan, dairy free, etc.) MSU has these options though, biased, nonschool spirit whatsoever.... all EMU has is its ego.
EMU is a very safe, diverse school with plenty of networking and social opportunities for students. There are plenty of locations to work on campus. My personal experience working in housing and residence life has been excellent and beneficial to my social life as well as career experience and communication skills. I would definitely recommend living on campus to anyone who is interested in attending EMU.
Eastern has a lot of programs for different majors but the food and the dorms could be much better than they are.
I am currently a student and loving it here. The faculty and professors want the very best for you and your college experience. I think this is a great university to attend.
There was a lot to like about Eastern but what stood out the most to me was the beautiful campus and all the different organizations it offered. I would recommend this school if you are looking for a new kind of experience.
Eastern Michigan is an easy transition to college life, they offer a lot of options on activities to get involved with. The campus is very safe and easy to find your way around. Class sizes are smaller and your professor knows your name. Best decision I could have made!
It's a nice school a lot of the newer programs have a very innovative way of thinking. I mean if you are going in to psychology or hard science it is probably not the best choice for you. Or if your field does not really care what degree you got from where it's fine too. If you are looking for something fancy and uppity this is not the place.
The advisors are not reliable here whatsoever. I have been there now for 2 semesters and was recently denied for my program because my advisor did not tell me what I needed correctly. The campus is decently safe but I would always travel with a buddy.
I'm a current student at EMU. So far, I've loved it here! It is so diverse and offers so many options.
Great, down-to-earth atmosphere that allows for professors that genuinely care and want to make a difference for you.
Eastern Michigan University is a great school, with a lot of great teachers. The main campus is amazing and has a lot of nice buildings and a lot of good food. The business campus has nothing. It is very outdated and has no places to get food.
I absolutely love everything about Eastern! The campus is beautiful and the staff is friendly and very helpful!
I am a junior at Eastern Michigan University. I love the teachers at the university. I feel like they are really willing to help you and love teaching. The resources on campus are phenomenal. The have research labs, AA programs, student center,etc. I like that they have a special team of safety staff that will walk you to your car at night so you feel safe. The text alerts are especially helpful so you can be aware of the weather alerts and ongoing safety issues in the area. I like that the campus isn't huge so it can make it easier to get from class to class. It's not overwhelming. I've never had a problem asking for help on that campus.
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The teachers like to act like big fish in a small pond. The career services is not helpful in career placement. They mostly just point you to The academics I didn't think prepared me for my career. They didn't encourage growth within classrooms.
I believe Eastern is a great school. I decided to live on campus, but decided this was not for me. Next year I plan on commuting but still studying at Eastern Michigan University. There is a lot of opportunity here and a great support system. Be sure to check the campus out and all that comes along with this school if it is a place you see yourself in the near future.
Eastern Michigan University is a good school, but continues to raise prices and lower what you get out of it. The food on campus is decent, but the cost of meal plans are excessive. This is my second year on campus and I kept the same meal plan as I had my first year. The cost of the plan went up at least $500, but the amount of money I had to spend on food went down by $75 per semester. That might not seem like a lot, but prices of food at on-campus stores is quite high.
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