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I like that everyone on campus is very friendly and very helpful. The teachers are also really great and they are very approachable. There really isn't anything I would change about Eastern, I love it here.
Current enrolled in all online courses, excellent experience so far. Instructors and all staff have been helpful with registering and enrolling in courses.
My experience with Eastern Michigan university has been really good from a young age my parents would take me to the campus so that I would know where I was expected to go I have wanted to go to this university for as long as I can remember it is my dream college and I strive for my dreams.
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My favorite part about going to EMU is the diversity there. Not just among the students, but the professors and area of study as well. It's a great place to find out who you really are and to establish your values and view on the world happening around us.
I love Eastern Michigan University because of the feeling it brings to me. It has a friendly, warm aurora. The people that go here help make the school even better. To start, the professors that teach here are helping and kind. They offer chances to ask plenty of questions and they try to help you in any way they can. This means that if a student is struggling, they will do their absolute best to make sure that student succeeds. Also, the administrative staff there is exceptional. They make it a point to see that all of their students succeed and that if there are any problems, they will be taken care of. They help students with their classes and with their future. Lastly, the actual campus itself is what makes Eastern a place everyone should want to go. Their well being of the campus and the upkeeping of their facilities are exceptional. In all, these things are just some of the reasons to why Eastern Michigan University is one of the best ones to go to.
I love how diverse it is, the professors are great and the students are very kind. I enjoyed my experience although I only attended the University for less than 2 years.
There online information is great, and I was able to gain more knowledge about another program offered I hadn't thought about from an advisor.
I like the diversity of Eastern's campus and how helpful staff and other students can be. The campus is very large with places to eat, lounge, work on school work, hang out with friends and attend classes. I enjoy the staff and the way they teach students along with the material they spend time preparing to explain in a way student's will understand.
Experience with family I have a brother that attends Eastern Michigan University and he tells me the fun he has and how it’s a decent campus and food. I also have experience from college tours
My mom is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University. The staff and students are friendly and very welcoming. The school is nice and clean and offers many different areas to go hang out with friends or just tot eat.
Eastern michigan university was the perfect school for me. Since enrolling i’ve been able to make friends all over, as well as maintain good relations with professors.
I like how close the campus is together and the updated halls. I would like to see the parking pass price go down.
Eastern is a great school for people who would like to pursue a degree in education, business, or accounting. There's a Chicfila on campus that's amazing. One problem the school doesn't like to admit is that its trying to fund a dying football program and students have to pay for it. Prices for classes, living, and parking have skyrocketed every year and other good sports programs (Mens wrestling, swim and dive, softball, etc.) are forced out. Not alot of school pride either. Teachers are hit or miss. will become your friend. If you can afford it, just attend U of M for a true college experience.
I love Eastern Michigan University because the education receive is top notch, the people are very friendly and helpful, and the campus is beautiful and fun to be on. I wish that it was safer to go further off campus grounds.
EMU is a great place to learn. The professors are engaging and classes are enjoyable. I commute to this college and have found it convenient and to fit my needs well.
After finding my program that suited me, Women’s and Gender Studies, I flourished academically. Not many people supported what I wished to do but I fell in love and am going to prove why this field of study is very important.
I absolutely enjoy attendance at EMU! I've had a great experience so far. The only thing I would change is to include parking in tuition costs.
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EMU is an awesome university that makes me feel at home! I love the atmosphere and have grown as an individual because of the diverse organizations and obstacles I have encountered while at EMU.
Eastern is great, professors are easy to come to when things aren’t understood clearly. Many differnt orgs to join and things to do on campus, the area around the campus is very pleasant.
I love the amount of places there are on campus for activities and study areas. The environment is very inviting and the areas to get food are awesome!
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