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I like Eastern Michigan University because it is a relatively small school. With this comes small classes, which the majority of classes are about 25 students. Also, the professor to student ratio is very good, I think it is like 16 students per 1 professor.
Eastern is great, I hopefully plan to attend there once I graduate from highschool and attend lcc for another year
I've visited EMU's campus numerous times, and am planning to attend this fall. Their dorms were very clean, but can be stuffy with more than one roommate. Overall, their academics are phenomenal and the professors are dedicated to helping you graduate.
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This campus is great. It's very open and widely diverse. There are an array of courses to take, and lots of different fields to study. The teachers are great, the lessons are engaging, and the students are friendly. EMU isn't too big of a university, and that's what I love about it so much. It's a very welcoming community and a great college to apply to.
For a local college with a fair amount of alumni, EMU is nice. The professors are great, the diversity is strong, and the food is pretty good. There's a Chick-Fil-A everyone is raving about, even non-alumni. I haven't eaten there yet, but boy, do I want to. Anyway, this is a pretty nice college.
I love attending Eastern Michigan University so far as a freshman. The campus is beautiful and everyone here is very nice. I like that there is so much clubs to join and intramurals among other activities to be a part of on campus.
So far I have really enjoyed my experience at EMU. The professors are great and the staff really wants you to be successful in life. They are all about professional development. There is always opportunities to build your resume. The overall vibe of Eastern Michigan is excellent. There is always something to do on and off campus. Want to join a club? Do you want to start a club? You have the chance to do both, with there being a club OR an organization for almost everybody. If you are looking for a smaller university, a place for you to be able to be yourself, the chance for leadership and growth, and an overall great experience, apply at EMU today.
I like eastern Michigan because it has some nice teachers who make the lessons interesting and really want to see you succeed and help you as much as they can . One thing I would like to see disappear is all the racist comments that been all around campus for this school to be so diverse it shouldn’t be noreason the black community shouldn’t be welcomed on campus.
EMU is truly home. Between the beautiful campus and amazing staff it couldn’t get better. There’s great communication among students, leaders, professors and faculty.
A welcoming and attentive university. Eastern Michigan prides itself, rightfully so, on it's diverse and inclusive population, hard-working staff, and a community of unique individuals that prepare you for the necessary challenges of the world. While it may have its faults, it is overall a good school doing a good job.
I have only been at EMU for a short time, but am very happy here so far. I love the size of the campus. I have found the students and professors to be very friendly and helpful.
I would like to see the food on campus have better quality and healthier choices. I also would like to see better night time security on the weekends.
I love Eastern because of the amazing students and staff, the convenience of its campus, and its affordable tuition and room and board charges compared to other universities throughout my state of Michigan.
Everyone is very kind and generous. Although, I don't feel safe on campus. People walk around smoking as if this is not an institution. It's as if they are partying of some sort.

It's very child and looks uneducated.
Eastern is one of the best values for a college education in Michigan. All of my children went there and are successful professionals. The school is the second oldest in Michigan founded in 1849. Most of the south side of campus is a historic area. Several 100 year old plus buildings in a beautiful setting. Eastern has one of the best student unions in the country - award winning - and has just added a Physicians Assistant Masters program, and a brand new B.S. in Engineering Program and will add a B.S. is Electrical Engineering.
My personal experience at EMU was good. I have the chance to met new people, learn more things, and be around a more diverse group of people. The only thing that i don't like about EMU is the way they have parking set up.
Eastern Michigan University has a beautiful campus, excellent teachers, and a small college feel. The staff care about the growth of every individual student and expect nothing short of excellence for students.
I like the campus and the area. People here are nice and very helpful. Everything is close to campus within walking distance.
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Eastern Michigan University is an accredited institution with a diverse atmosphere in which promotes intellectual curiosity, student engagement and interaction. I appreciate the proximity of each campus hall and the accessibility of other facilities. EMU's faculty and staff are personable and friendly at delivering excellent customer service and acclimating their students.
I like the environment and the setting of the campus. I would change some of the food choices and the College of Business being at a separate location.
I love the campus, and the professors have all been fair and good to work with. A diverse campus with lots of student organizations and activities. I feel like I'm getting a great education for a reasonable price.
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