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I would like to see more classes focused on art and music that would be open to more students then just the majors.
Overall, the school is rather inclusive and welcoming. The one thing I might change would be better, healthier foods. Aside from that, the campus is lovely and the classes are informative.
My experience has been positive. The director of the program, as well as all of my professors, have been helpful and informative. Emails are always answered within 24 hours, even on weekends. The financial aid office is the best I have encountered in my college experiences. The online classes are the best.
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My experience at Eastern Michigan University for my first year was great! I had lots of fun, and made lots of new friends. My grade point average stayed over a 3.0. I enjoyed all of the resources that were given to me. Eastern has great programs to help keep you on track. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for a college.
I like the atmosphere at Eastern Michigan University. I like the teachers and their flexible schedules to meet with you. I like the programs they offer. But I feel they could expand their majors and minors list. They could also invest in making buildings like Alexander, Quirk, and Sill to making it better.
I love the Overall feeling of Eastern Michigan University. It needs to get better aesthetically and also living wise.
Great! A large community of opened minded people. Professors are great, always have time to help students. A large selection of classes. The college has a large diversity of people.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Eastern Michigan. The majority of professors are very helpful and want to see their students succeed. There are always things to do around campus during down time and there is immense support from faculty and students alike. The downfall is horrendous parking availability. If you're a commuter, good luck. The parking pass is really not worth it. My other downfall is the recent tuition hike.
Eastern is very proud of how diverse their campus is. All the academic buildings are close to the dorms, never have to walk to far to get some where
I will be attending EMU in the fall of 2017. So far the school is a great fit. Wonderful campus, and the students aren't half bad either. honestly I can't wait to start school.
Eastern Michigan University focuses greatly on academics and its students. Teacher faculty is kind and very caring for its students, always willing to help with academic issues as well as personal issues. Change is need in the financial aid and billing department as they appear to have a tendency to mess up or delay proper billing information.
Eastern Michigan offers students around the world great opportunities to obtain an exceptional education. Vast amounts of degree choices offered on campus and through distance education enable many different types of individuals to custom design their educational goals through the use of Eastern Michigan's educational opportunities.
I love the diversity of students. I came from a very white neighborhood in a white city. Eastern has taught me to open up my mind and become open to everyone I meet. Everyone knows something you don't so sometimes you just need to listen.
My experience at Eastern Michigan University has been very rewarding. I learn a lot from my class and the campus is also very diverse. Every one gets along no matter the race or gender. The campus is also very safe with a great student life. There are always activities on campus so you're never stuck bored in your room.The only thing I would like to change at Eastern Michigan University is the food choices. The food isn't bad, but it could be better.
Eastern Michigan University is a great school. The buildings and technology is constantly being remodeled and updated. The teachers care about the students. Campus life is fun and it is easy to make new friends. Having an on campus job makes great experiences that can be used after you graduate. Friends work together as coworkers and often hang out together in their free time. If you live on campus, it is easy to form study groups with class mates.

However, college is not all fun and games. I experienced depression and fell through the cracks and dropped out in my junior year. I lost my scholarship. I was staying up late and getting up early for class. I was lonely and spent time hanging out with friends who didn't care about my need for sleep and need to study. Nothing grounded me at eastern. I felt invisible and lost. Now I am trying to return and finish.
It has very nice food and very nice people! I also like that it is very close to home and my friends are attending this university.
Eastern Michigan University is the most Diverse campus I have been on. Of course with every campus you find that you have a few professors or a few things about the school you do not like. But overall I truly enjoy being apart of this campus. The school has many opportunities for you throughout campus whether you are apart of science, arts, theatre, etc there is always opportunities for you. This campus keeps everyone connected and loves all types of people . I leave seeing many faces that are different from each other. It's a beautiful thing to be accepting of all people.
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Wonderful school, I learn a lot of good materials from good professors, the social work volunteering is also great. The housing life is a wonderful thing to do because you make friends and mingle with them so is like a family thing living in dorms
EMU is a great school. There are many programs available to meet the needs of the students, as well as clubs and organizations to get involved in on campus. The campus is convenient to navigate. Diversity is well pronounced at this school as well. The only problem I've ever had is parking. There are a lot of commuter students so parking spaces are few and far between.
Eastern Michigan University is a great university! I love going to school here. I've made lots of friends in so many different areas of study; the diversity is really neat. There always seems to be some sort of construction going on, though, as they work to improve campus.
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