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I have really enjoyed being able to go to Eastern Michigan University for many reasons. My adviser has been so much help and is always there to help me when I need it. Plus many of the professors are understanding and will work with their students. When i'm not in class I like to walk around campus to enjoy the scenery or grab some food from the student center. Halle Library is a great place to do some studying and a perfect place to relax when it's needed.
I started the ECA program here, so I've been here a bit. I am very familiar with the campus and enjoy it.
With a motto of “Education first” and where multiculturalism is accepted I feel that I am in a setting where I am accepted for who I am and where I can excel academically, professionally and personally. Although it’s down the road of power house U of M this school provides the quality staff and curriculum needed to send graduates out in the world and compete with the best of them. My academic advisor is very knowledgeable and always available so that we can maximize my time at EMU so that I may accomplish all of the goals I have set for myself. Plus they have the only Chick Fil A in the area.
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I like the class size and how caring the Professors are. It is a very underrated University. The Professors reply to emails on a timely manner and the courses provided have amazing SI's. They have a whole variety of classes as well compared to the previous University I used to attend. There is a lot of diversity here and people are very friendly. The advisers are great and informative. They also provide loads of merit based scholarships which helps many students. when it comes to attending college with less stress about tuition fees. When people are stressed, they are able to communicate with counselors to talk about their struggles. Eastern Michigan University is an incredibly accepting and respectful University.
The University is very diverse. There is so many majors and minors to chose from and you do not have to be decided right away.
Eastern had been great. I would recommend anyone to this college. I have grown and learned a lot on campus. Professors expect excellence and have high standards. You will gain a great education.
It is a nice university that has a medium size campus. It is easy to navigate around and has a fait community of students. There are many hangout places and activities to do, and many food choices. The tuition is supposedly cheaper than what most universities offer, and EMU boasts a diverse campus of students from around the world.
Like most colleges the teachers are hit or miss. The advising is horrible here, it is very hard for transfer students since they offer little or no help. Classes are expensive but still better than some other universities in the area. Lots of clubs to choose from.
Eastern Michigan University is locally a well respected institution but is often overshadowed by the nearby University of Michigan. Eastern is a massively underfunded institution but the staff and students make it tolerable. The campus/party life is near non-existent but overall is worth the cost.
I really like Eastern Michigan University because of the small class sizes, it makes it really simple to get help from your professors as well as make new friends.
A very welcoming environment that promotes engagement with the material your learning, while striving to make sure you have a thorough understanding of it.
At Eastern Michigan there is a great diverse student body with very supportive teachers that will push to succeed. There are a great number of study groups to join if having trouble and there is always someone who would't mind giving an extra hand .
Choosing a college to attend for my first year was a difficult decision, however choosing to attend Eastern Michigan University was the best decision. The campus itself is beautiful and well kept with its abundance of trees, and squirrels. The community is very diverse, full of brilliant minds, that I had the pleasure of collaborating with. The professors I have had were competent, helpful and supportive in my success as a first year student. Eastern is a very inclusive university, with a variety of diverse programs intertwined with the diversity of the student body. eastern is a school of opportunity, and I highly recommend that students take the opportunity of applying at Eastern Michigan University.
I love the close proximity I have to my family, while also having some distance so that I may become independent. The professors here are understanding and professional. There is a huge sense of diversity on the campus. It is a school that I would recommend to anyone in the Lansing, Detroit, or Ann Arbor area.
Eastern Michigan University, despite its poor reputation at this time, has allowed me many opportunities to expand my knowledge as well as my leadership skills. EMU has one of the best language departments in Michigan. Further, EMU's TESOL program is thorough and prepares future ESL teachers effectively. This year I am an RA, this position has allowed me to be a leader to the residents of housing on Eastern's campus. I have grown significantly as a person through this role and gained leadership skills I could not have gotten elsewhere. Eastern has its own on-campus police, I have never felt unsafe on campus, and as an RA I often have to work with the on-campus police. Next Fall I will be studying abroad in Japan through Eastern's study abroad office. Eastern Michigan University is well known for creating the 'teachers' of the future. I am happy to be a part of this school and am thankful for the opportunities available at EMU.
The campus looks nice, and there are a decent amount clubs to get involved in. The only criticism I really have is that the wifi tends to not work a lot
I like that Eastern Michigan University is a very small university with a lot of useful resources and tutoring to help you understand and retain information that you might need in the future.
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I love being a student at EMU. The atmosphere is great and its the perfect size for me. This is a very diverse school with lots of opportunities for students to get involved. Professors care for the education there students are receiving.
Eastern Michigan University is a great college. It is very diverse and people in there are very friendly. It has a lot degrees and opportunities in several fields. There are a lot of activities and student organizations for students to participate in. My experience in Eastern Michigan University is great and I recommend this university to all upcoming students.
Eastern is a good college the student life is great there is so much to do in the city of Ypsilanti. what i like to do is go to the movie with friends after a long day of studying to relax and chill.
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