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2,548 reviews
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I am going to be honest, there is not a lot I like about this school. The teachers are alright but I do like the people here and where this school is located. But where the money goes, and the justice system at this school needs a lot of improvement.
I like how Eastern is very culturally diverse, and I like the amount of courses they offer. There are many communities at EMU that give a great vibe about the place and a peaceful presence as well, despite residing in Ypsilanti.
I enjoy going there. All the class choices are wonderful. The nursing program is is very competitive, and I am hoping to be able to get into the program in the next year. The campus is nice and well taken care of.
Eastern Michigan University is a great school. They have multiple programs to help their students achieve in their school. They success coaches for those who need help to succeed in their classes. It is actually extremely helpful. I am happy I chose to go to EMU.
I like the diversity of students that attend this university. I also like the courses they offer. Looking forward to furthering my education.
Eastern Michigan is a good school but they need BETTER food. The housing is great. Student life is okay they have some fun events going on and have people come up to the school to entertain
I am currently in my second year at Eastern Michigan University. My first year was amazing! I stayed in the dorms on campus and had great friends to experience college with for the first time. My classes were fairly easy but still presented their challenges.

My second year has definitely been more challenging; I'm working one on campus job and one off campus, and I'm going to school full time. The classes I'm taking have provided a heavy workload but that has kept me busy and focused.
Starting college here at EMU was one of the most rewarding yet frustrating experiences of my life. I was really excited to start college, but the school couldn't seem to get anything right. My financial aid wasn't going through, housing seemed to be impossible and I really wish they would find a way to make everything flow smooth. But now that I'm in the full swing of things I truly love it here.
I had a good experience at Eastern. What I liked most is that the professors are caring, very helpful and knowledgeable about their area of expertise. When I was unclear of the course material, they were always willing to help and ensure that I understood the material thoroughly. I lived on campus during all of my college career and I must say that the housing is pretty good and the RAs (Resident Advisors) are helpful. I also like that there is always something to do on campus and are many ways to get involved with campus life. It wasn't until I came here at Eastern when I started to attend the church on campus specifically the Righteous Movement with Pastor Matt and I got saved (in 2014); one of the best moments here at Eastern. On the flip side, one thing I would change is the parking here on campus; it sucks. There isn't enough infrastructures to accommodate the amount of students who come in each year with vehicles.
I love that EMU is a very personal campus. Most of my classes don't have more than 4o students which makes it nice to work together and be able to be known by the professor. I do not like all the hidden fees included in EMU, but every college I've heard of is the same way. I wish that there were not so many fees, we are all trying to better our lives, the world is in our hands soon and starting off with 150k+ in debt isn't going to allow us students to do much in the world but work and pay off loans.
My experience with Eastern is a bittersweet one. I have met a lot of people who have helped me become who I am including friends, professors, and colleagues. I found what I really want to do with my life, as a career, here at Eastern which was so simple, because of the staff members and the many tools they have to help students.
Some changes that can be made is more diversity on campus and more empathy towards the students who fight for that diversity on campus. Eastern has a lot of positives, but the negatives are beginning to out weight those positives. A lot of those negatives have to do with the way they see and treat their students in an academic environment, as well as, a professional environment (such as student workers or services for students).
When I went to Eastern for the girls in technology conference they welcomed me with so much respect.
Eastern Michigan University is the perfect school for me. I knew I couldn't go to a massive school or even a super small school. So Eastern was the right school for me. The classrooms hold about 25 students which is perfect because it's easy to ask questions and to get know the whole class. What I really love is how nice everyone is there, everyday I have a conversation with someone new. It's really nice that the walk to class isn't more than 15 minutes and on the walk to class you usually will bump into someone you know. People may say some bad things about Eastern because it's in Ypsilanti, but I don't see any problems with the campus area.
Eastern is great for people who are interested in partying. For the most part, the students are uninspired and lazy and I rarely had a professor who I was thrilled about. Not a terrible school, just not right for me.
At Eastern they really do want you to succeed, there is many resources to help you do that. What I like about Eastern is the campus size and all the activity that goes on here. what i do not like is the food!!
Emu is one of the many choices that I chose while selecting schools . When I applied I noticed it was very close to home, about a 30 min drive. They also gave me many scholarships. Move in date I was very excited, my sister talia helped me moved in. My roomate came 3 weeks later. We get along very good. I met alot of new people. The only that is a problem for me is the parking. In my opinion $150 for a parking pass very semester is ridiculous to me and besides that your not guaranteed a parking spot all of the time and can risk receiving $25 tickets and a late fee of $5 each day it not paid.
I like the classes that are offered and the professors. Eastern could improve the quality of the printing services they have. They could also open up more computer labs that they recently closed. There should be more places to park on campus that do not cost students money since they already have to purchase a parking pass. There should also be more food venues available especially for commuters.
Life at Eastern is almost like your typical college experience, commuting to and from campus because of my location is rather short and I never feel as though I am in a rush to beat traffic, or find a parking spot. Most of the classes are relatively nearby to each other and make it super simple to find out where you need to go. The classes vary in difficulty depending on the subject matter and I feel as though hard work and dedication goes a long way here. Eastern Michigan is a very well rounded college and I have definitely enjoyed my time here.
Eastern is a great school. The tuition is a little too high for someone who can only use students loan for payment. The school is nice and would certainly recommend.
I enjoy many of the after school programs at EMU and I think that the professors do a good job of teaching the material. I feel that the school has been going downhill sense I have started there though. They removed the Ezone which is where you could play video games and they increased tuition, the price of food and printing.
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