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Lack of support from most faculty, lack of guidance from division counselor in sociology. Faculty seemed self-centered or indifferent to student success.
Lack of support for eLearning students in the beginning. Now that has improved though. Faculty seem to care more in other departments.
My overall experience at Eastern Michigan has been generally average overall. I enjoyed the area and appreciated how small the campus was. It made it a lot easier to get to classes on time and fine your way around. There is a numerous amount of clubs and organizations to get involved in, with many of them offering a diverse amount of students.

Something I would change is the parking issue. There are not many decent spot for students to park and seeing as the majority of students are commuters, I believe paring is one of the more important aspects. If not arriving to campus at an early time to secure a more desired spot, most students find themselves parking in areas that are further away from their destinations.

I would also suggest improving the online system, especially if the course is only offered online. Summer courses tend to be more fast paced than the Fall and Winter semesters. This system should offer support as often times students find it difficult to reach professors.
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I took a couple online course during my time at Eastern Michigan. One of the courses was a criminology course taken during the summer. This had one in class meetup so students got an overall idea of how the remainder of the class would play out. Another calls was a sociology course which was entirely online. Discussions and assignments and due at the completion of the next online class period. Lectures we prerecorded and followed in the order in which the syllabus went.

Both courses had intensive reading for each unit so it was important to keep up. There was no opportunity for make up quizzes or exams nor extra credit.
I just completed my second year at Eastern and my experience at Eastern both years has been great! When I first made my decision to go to Eastern, I didn’t know how to feel but I promise it isn’t so bad after all. All the professors I’ve had so far were amazing at teaching and very helpful. You’ll meet a lot of new people from different backgrounds which is really nice. As a commuter, I don’t know much about campus food or dorm life, but I can assure that everything else has been pretty solid :)
Online classes at Eastern are great for
those who can stay on top of things. I took two online classes before the COVID-19 situation and I enjoyed both classes so much, which made transition into fully online classes during the COVID-19 impacted Winter 2020 semester easier for me to transition into. I will say I prefer in person lecture and being able to hear the professor teach face to face in person but my experience with online classes has been fabulous.
Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic I had not taken a course online through Eastern Michigan University; yet, when all of my courses went online in March of this year my professors did such an amazing job with the transition and making sure all of their students understood the materials and when assignments, tests and quizzes were due. I had many interactions with my professors and they were very flexible with office hours, etc.
I just completed my freshman year at Eastern Michigan University and I absolutely loved it there. I spent fall 2019 and half of winter 2020 on campus in Ypsilanti, Michigan and it was the best experience of my life. The atmosphere is very enjoyable if you are looking for a campus where there is a nicely sized community. A perk of attending EMU is the on campus resources and the plethora of clubs and activities to get involved with. I would highly recommend attending EMU to current high school graduates and high school juniors/seniors. Lastly, another pro to attending EMU is you are right down the road from Ann Arbor and roughly 20 minutes from U of M.
I loved my online classes. Easy to follow and the professors are always quick to help. They let you work at your own pace and that’s what I like.
I loved my time at EMU! I have 1 more semester and I’m sad to see it all end so fast. Like others, I’ve had my ups and downs but emu is apart of me now and always will be. Wonderful memories were made for sure
Eastern Michigan University has a very diverse campus and the teacher to student ratio is excellent.
The exercise Science program is great. I made lifelong bonds with my teachers! That program specifically have been known to fight for you and your education. Would definitely go back
I love my school despite things that randomly happen! This is my senior year and I can’t wait to become an alumni! You can always choose what you wanna do and the lifestyle you want. The school is very diverse and inclusive and you will always find someone who is like you. There’s so many campus life things you can do and join. We have great professors and the food is decent.
The two years I’ve been on campus I’ve noticed the amount of crimes on or around campus. I feel as campus safety doesn’t do much to keep students safe. I think it would better if more cameras were on the campus, so campus police will be able to see robberies, car thefts and vandalism and stop them before they get to far.
Good choice of classes, but since I’m in the Aviation program, my classes are geared specifically for aviation careers. The core classes I’ve taken were pretty basic, just to get the credit and move on. My math class was remedial & extremely easy.
The school is a okay school. they do try to care about students but some advisors are just rude and will tell you to drop out or not seem to care. the campus life is alright for the most part there is a lot to get involved in.
I like how diverse the campus is. I love the city of Ypsilanti its like a second home to me. The people on campus is friendly. I would just stay clear of the physics department!
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Eastern Michigan University has broadened my outlook on my future. While being here I have been able to use many resources and have had professors help me reach my full potential. It is a great university to help you find the path you want and help find organizations that you want to take part in.
Eastern Michigan University is an outstanding college. I knew I wanted to go there as soon as I visited. What I first liked about it was the size of the college and it did not have any roads going through campus.
Now that I have been there for three years there are so many other features EMU offers that I love. Its teachers and advisors have never failed to help me and answer my questions. I enjoy the diversity of its students because I think it is important for a college to show it does not discriminate.
Eastern Michigan is a great place to attend school at. The campus is beautiful, the school makes sure they provide students with a very diverse and accepting community, and the people around campus are so nice. There is a lot to do on campus and around campus. Professors are so nice and helpful when you go to them with problems.
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