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It had the program I was looking for (Dance, with a Pre-Dance Therapy track). I was not very involved in extracurricular activities.
Eastern is a clean and safe campus. The teachers are friendly and the buildings are in good shape. Cost isn’t too expensive compared to other schools.
I enjoy the environment Eastern provides for it's students. I have always felt included in the conversation and learning environment. Class sizes are not too big but provide very diverse conversations within the students. I do not enjoy the parking situation at Eastern. You have to pay for parking every single time you want to visit the campus even to go to the library. This adds on more stress to college life.
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I have loved my experience at Eastern Michigan University. I met so many wonderful students and professors that have helped make my first year go smoothly. The campus instantly felt like my home on the very first day and my freshman year is something I will cherish for a long time.
They were polite and could help with finding what majors to take. The staff helped with guiding me for which careers would be a good option and what classes to take.
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My experience at Eastern Michigan University is bitter sweet. My freshmen year, the campus was lively, and the party scene was pretty good, however as the school years progressed it seemed as if both have started to slowly die.
Eastern is a small campus and its pretty. The food options could be more diverse. There has been a few racist activities on campus and Eastern has been slow to solve them which has left the black community a little uneasy and pissed off. Most of the professors are really nice and are willing to work with you but there are a few who are fine with screwing you over. Never had an issue with the cleanness of things but i wish all dorms had air conditioning
I enjoy EMU. At EMU the teachers are friendly and willing to help in any way they can. There are also many resources on campus to help you succeed.
I love the campus environment and the majority of the faculty and staff. Many of the students are very friendly and there are a vast number of opportunities for every student. The food services could be a lot better and more diverse, especially for health-conscious people like myself. Parking seems to be getting more and more expensive, as well as tuition. I hope that in the future, EMU can make these a little more affordable for everyone.
I'm proud I'm in this school
Fall semester will be my first semester with EMU and i`m looking forward to that. i as at Washtenaw community college but EMU i`m just hoping that this time around things will be better
I never imagined a university as diverse, accepting, and welcoming as Eastern. The possibilities at the university are endless, and the amount of helping hands that exist are nothing short of life changing. The best teaching and assisting professors do so at this university. There is a huge wave of lifting up minorities and creating change in the world we live in, and Eastern Michigan is a huge contributor on the global scale.
I've done all of my coursework online so I haven't been to campus before. The courses online are pretty straightforward and Ive had great teachers. The financial aid office is very helpful as well.
I really love Eastern Michigan University. I enjoy the campus and the sense of community there. I really wish they had not cut the sports teams they did this year. I also think there should be more student events with different options to get involved.
I liked the student because they creative and they are constantly lifting people up with there words of encouragement. The professors are professional ,yet entertaining at times and that helps in class to keep students focused.
EMU is a decent college. Although the food wasn’t always great, there were lots of things to choose from. My peers seemed friendly, and so were my professors for the most part.
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To be an upcoming sophomore, i'll have to say Eastern is a pretty good school if you put your mind to it and stay on track with your professors
I love my professors and the fact the class sizes are smaller than larger universities which result in being able to have a more personal relationship with professors. The university is like its own small city within Ypsilanti as well. Another perk to it being a smaller campus is that if you have to book it to a class on the other side of campus in a short amount of time, you'll be able to do just that. Also, the squirrels on campus are the friendliest you'll ever meet - just feed them and they'll be happy.
One of the things I appreciate about Eastern Michigan University is the Japanese program if offers. Within this program, the teachers were also so kind an welcome their office to any students who had questions. However, one of the things I certainly did not enjoy is the food; the food seems to be overpriced for me and it does not taste well either.
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