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I liked the clean classrooms and buildings. I liked that's warm in the winter. The Student Center is great, a beautiful space to do homework or eat.
The Canvas system we use with teachers is very helpful.
I didn't like to have to park far from the buildings I had to be in because the closest lots were crowded at certain times of the day. Some classrooms are too small so are the student's desks.
I like that Eastern Michigan University is cost efficient. The learning style is very similar so its easy to catch on and pass classes. If you want to experience harder classes you can simply enjoy the Honors College.
I just started going to Eastern Michigan university and I already love it. The teachers I have a very talkative and funny I couldn't have asked for better teachers. I'm so happy I chose this school over Wayne State University. They also are closer for my commute which is great for my gas.
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Eastern is a great school with great programs. there are so many options with eastern. They have many different majors to choose from. I especially like how their class sizes are small so that you get more of a one on one relationship with the professor.
Overall Eastern is a good school. You have plenty of options to succeed and have take part in extra circulars.
I have been grateful so far that all my professors have been great. It is a nice and improving university, but I would like to see more parking opportunities and reasonable leniency on extra fees. It seems as if they are always out to get ya.
at EMU i’ve grown into a more mature person. Everyone there is caring and there to help you. I believe this is a great school for the people who attend & those that don’t What are you waiting for ?
I really liked the number of opportunities and ways you can get involved at Eastern. Most of my connections started through student organizations, and those students who helped me get involved. Many students at Eastern don't get that experience. By putting an effort into those opportunities in front of you and getting involved, you would really enjoy an EMU education.
Eastern Michigan University is a great college, especially if you’re big on pretty much any social issue in the world. There are tons of programs to join to keep yourself busy also there’s Ann Arbor right down the street so you can go there too have fun too. The classes are pretty easy going and the professors aren’t that bad either. The only things I can really complain about is the food and a couple of my professors made me buy books that we didn’t use and it wasted hundreds of dollars. Another thing is there are a lot of friendly people on campus so it’ll be pretty easy to make new friends if that was an issue from previous experiences.
The transition from my community college to Eastern was smooth and easy. My only complaint is that there is not enough parking for commuters.
I love the community and diversity of EMU. There are always friendly faces, and people who are willing to help. The professors are generally helpful and effective as well. The campus is easy to navigate and feels like a small community rather than a university.
EMU is so extremely inclusive, there are always events on campus, and if a small college/campus seems to be the fit for you, take the opportunity. There are such a variety of majors and minors and there are many opportunities to be successful. I am beyond happy with my choice to attend Eastern Michigan University.
The campus is a decent size, you can get around the campus easily. Personally, even with all the social events I have attended, I find it different on the social aspect.
Eastern (EMU) was my final selection from a host of other schools in Michigan because of the uniqueness of the programs in the Communications Theatre and Media Arts department. I am pleased with my decision. I am challenged and engaged. I anticipate an excellent return on my investment upon graduation.
Great student to staff ratio. The variety of classes Eastern Michigan has to offer. The fact that it's a small campus but has a lot to offer.
I have been attending Eastern for the last three year and it a decent-ish school. A lot racial crimes and as a female I don't feel safe there at night a lone. There is night watch who help and walk people around which really helps. The online classes are great.
My first semester at Eastern was amazing! The campus changed my way of interacting with students and has made me more open to others. My professors were very flexible on assignments and they were very understanding with real world problems. It has changed my confidence in myself making me feel even more ready for the future in store for me and many more who attend this University. almost done with my freshman year and cannot wait to start another year in fall of 2018.
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I am still a new student, transferring from another school. I will be entering my first semester here very shortly. It seems like a great place though, especially compared to my previous school.
Eastern Michigan University is a very nice school. That being said, it isn't my dream school. It gets the job done, though, and I've learned a lot in my short time here. They offer a wide variety of classes to ensure that you get a taste of everything, and the professors are mostly of high quality. I especially enjoy taking classes taken my grad students, because they are personable and understand the college struggle. Go Eagles!
Eastern Michigan University is nothing special but also nothing to complain about comes to mind. Very average school.
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