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The first reason I chose Eastern Michigan University over others was the fact that the response I get is always great. They are good at communicating and often resonating with how I feel. EMU has this program known as 'Beyond The Classroom' that covers a diversifying variety of topics and it really caught my attention.
EMU is a very solid place to spend your college years. Academics are solid, the professors actually seem to care, and the student life is great. It's also one of the most affordable D1 schools out there.
While attending EMU I don't always feel like I'm getting enough for what I pay. As a freshman, I lived in the dorms and was forced to pay for a meal plan. As a vegetarian, this was frustrating because there aren't as many veggie only options as id like. Also, at times I question the food quality because multiple times after eating prepared foods I became ill.

Regarding education, I'm satisfied. I have only encountered one professor who canceled half his classes for unjust reasons, rambled about his past vacations, and sold us a book he wrote that we never ended up using.
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I like how Eastern Michigan has a bunch of events going on campus during the school year. My favorite was a trip to Halloweekend at Cedar Point. EMU could change there good options. They need more variety. Plus, cheaper food prices.
I truly enjoyed my freshman experience at Eastern Michigan University. I was scared at first seeing that I am not a Michigan resident, but once you get out and make friends, things even out. The professors there really worked with me to grasp the course material. Each professor really made me feel like they wanted me to succeed. The food on the other hand is not great, food from the student center is fine but the rest is just average.
Since I have transferred to EMU I love the program so far. All of my teachers have been great and I highly recommend the business finance program. Yu Zhang is one of the best professors I have had.
The campus is beautiful, and very very walkable, it's pretty. Ypsilanti is a nice and very cute town with so many historic homes and three different downtown areas! I didn't give five stars because Eastern's management has been a bit poor in the past few years, but the individual departments are excellent, and really do care.
Eastern Michigan is a wonderful institution. I transferred from a community college. It was one of the greatest decision. Living on campus was also a great experience. I believe the school is very helpful. The only thing that might need to be approved is the cafe food. Other than that Eastern is great.
Eastern is a wonderful diverse school and the local area of Ann Arbor MI is welcoming to all college students and caters to the needs of campus life.
If you love small and intimate Eastern Michigan University is for you! The staff is incredible— they really work around the clock to make sure you succeed. And everyone is so friendly. The Eagles are your family now.
Great School for teachers. Most of the Student Body is made up of commuter students. located near Ann Arbor so can go to University of Michigan if you want a Big 10 atmosphere.
It's a good school for the overall atmosphere, great people and great places to be in. A little disappointed in how much they charge students for things that aren't charged at some other universities, such as the REC and parking. The way the school organizes their finances is poor. But for the general student way of life, it's a fun, easy going school.
Eastern is a very diverse school to attend. networking and meeting new people is a very important goal for this campus to have with all of its students .
I like how easy it is to commute around campus. Everything is within a reasonable distance and there is also a lot of diversity across the campus. Being at Eastern allows you to meet many different people that could even come from a completely different background and/or culture than you. In my opinion, the size of Eastern is just right. Some people prefer larger schools, but I love Eastern's size as well as the class sizes. Having smaller class sizes allows for students to have a better connection with their professor by getting to know them. I'd rather have a professor that knows me and can connect to my needs in the classroom as opposed to a large university where the professor won't recognize or care if you're in class or not.
Eastern is a very diverse school. There are so many opportunities to grow as a person here. The clubs are very inclusive, and you will never feel left out here.
The admission process was phenomenal. The courses thus far are engaging and causes me to think critically
It has been a steady four years at Eastern. The campus is nice and often clean, and the people are friendly as well. I wish I had more time to join on campus clubs/groups as the few events I was able to join were fun and had me meeting new people. Eastern is a great college to attend.
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I am a freshman but I can say that the welcome and programs I have been to so far have been awesome and friendly!
I have been very impressed by the dedication of the staff to their students and have always felt a welcoming atmosphere while on campus. I also am excited to be a part of the music therapy program, which not only has experienced faculty but a long history in this specialized field.
Although advising for classes was a little slow, registration overall was quite fast and simple process. If you have a passion for aviation, however, definitely check out their flight program. The intructors and aircraft are top notch as well as the experiences to go along with them. Flying classes are fairly inexpensive compared to most other schools that offer the same program; plus they offer a RATP rating for 1,000 hours total time instead of 1,500 needed for the airlines.
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