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I really like the amount of students to teachers. The class sizes are kept relatively small and each student gets good instruction.
It is in their multi-cultural, and otherwise, sustainability building awareness, that they leave many former employees drifting, and in many ways, their spouses in a drift of being unemployed, disengaged, and future ways -distraught.
Many find it quaint, but also supportive. The main point being, I suffered great trauma, and it was due to the element of flexibility & community conversations that’s made my life hell.
I love the warmth EMU brings to others. The students and staff have very close, first name basis relationships which helps the students here succeed in their studies. The only downfall is that this school is losing students causing majors to be taken away, and parts of dormitories to be off limits to students to save energy and money that the university isn't receiving.
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I just began my journey with EMU. I'm a graduate student in their Center for Peacebuilding and Restorative Justice. My application and acceptance process has been excellent and their staff has been exceptional help for me. I will be attending EMU as a long-distance student, and they have been accommodating at every step. This is a great University to attend.
I enjoy EMU because of their emphasis on community building, sustainability, and peace building. They are furthering diverse student demographics racially, religiously, by gender and cultural backgrounds. It is set close to JMU, and close to downtown Harrisonburg, so there is plenty to do on weekends on campus, with other campuses, and off campus.
I love the diversity. There are students form every nation, religion and race who work together without any conflict and issue.
EMU is an awesome quaint and active university. There is a good balance between knowing people and having the freedom of going somewhere for solitude. The faculty and staff care about their students and always keep their best interests in mind.
The only thing that I've found to be very unfortunate is the division of funds. Minority students are very likely to pay more in tuition than the majority students. It seems that their isn't much effort made by the faculty and staff to keep the students. This makes it difficult and stressful for the minority student body to be stagnant or increase at this university.
The professors at EMU are world class. Not only do they put forth the maximum effort in reaching students, but the professors also go above and beyond to help their students who need additional assistance. Professors can be seen at many extracurricular activities, showing their school pride.
While only being there for a couple of weeks; I can't get over how helpful and friendly all of the staffers are. I mean any college will say they'll help or are glad to see you. The staff here at EMU really mean it. They make you feel so welcome and that you are truly wanted.
I love the place. I grew up in Harrisonburg, and am now attending school here too. The Shenandoah Valley is a beautiful place for any college campus. The first name basis with the professors makes me feel right at home and wanted in the classroom. There's lots to get involved in on campus, but life kind of dies on the weekends.
Eastern Mennonite University is a quality school. The professors and administrators very much have a heart for all of the students.
It was great to see how a community cares about serving and reaching out to others. They always had some projects going on to help others out in many different situations.
EMU has a very strong community feel. The professors are very invested in the students and they always want to make sure their students succeed.
Very nice campus with very nice professors. The science programs are very good and the facilities are wonderful. Overall it is a good school but it could work on food service and residence life.
I'm pursuing a Bachelor's degree through the Adult Degree Completion Program. This program is organized, well-structured, and meets my needs in earning a Business degree in Leadership and Organizational Management
The athletic facilities are adequate for athletes and students. The school focuses on academics and interpersonal exchanges. Sports such as soccer, volleyball, baseball and basketball are included as a component for health and mind/body development.
I earned an Associate's degree from a community college. As a non-traditional student, I wanted to be associated with a school that was not a diploma mill, that allowed me to transfer the most number of my earned college credits, and also enable me to earn a Bachelor's degree in the shortest amount of time as a part-time student. My persona preference was to be in an environment that fostered an active, real-time discussion of ideas instead of an exchange of emails. I chose EMU's ADCP because it met all of these factors.
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I attend evening/night classes, and there is always a security guard present and seen in the building by the entrances to ensure the safety of all students. I never have been worried about the lack of security or protections on campus.
Since I attend the Lancaster, PA campus, I believe that this program is one of the best ones out there. So many of my fellow co-workers previously went through the program and I never heard anything negative about it. It was absolutely wonderful! As I continue on in the program with my cohort, I believe that the quality of the employers at EMU strive for excellence and ensure all the students are happy and well taken care of.
Overall, I really enjoy working with the professors, because they are willing to work for me. I feel very supported and constantly motivated towards success. It is so welcoming to be a part of a university who doesn't just feel like they are taking my money or pushing me out the door. There are so many professors who are willing to meet one on one to make sure I understand the course content and I am successful. My experience at Eastern Mennonite University has been much better than when I attended another college for my ASN in nursing.
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