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I just love the learning environment here. The small classes allow me to really get to know the professors. The instructors actually care if you pass or not and want to help you succeed.
I am just now getting enrolled but the admissions and financial aid staff has been amazing!! They walked me through the process of being admitted and even helped me find applicable scholarships to apply for!
I like the community. The staff here are amazing and make it feel almost like a family. Every one is very approachable and down to earth. The food is good and the grounds are well kept.
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It's a really great school to get you started and headed towards end goals. Very relaxed and the teachers are amazing. They actually sit down and have face-to-face convo's with you, concerning the courses you're taking to even what's going on in your personal life. I one hundred percent recommend this school to anyone looking to start small and work towards something bigger.
The Staff is all very helpful. You can tell they care about helping you further your education and that is so rare when you are looking at schools.
Overall, Eastern Maine Community College is a college that I would recommend however, I would like to see improvement with student life. There are no varsity sports only intramural and not very many clubs to choose from.
So far I like Eastern Maine Community College. They have been very helpful, and it is a nice environment.
I like the smaller class size, easy to be involved in lectures. Students and faculty were approachable if I had questions regarding class material or needed information finding my way around.
I'm going to be starting this fall for the fire science program. During the tour dates and accepted students dates I got to meet the people that I will be involved with during my 2 years at this college. All staff members are very respectful and are willing to help you in any way.
Great school!! Classes are small and the teacher's do all they can to help students succeed. There is a very diverse student ethnicity, giving more opportunity to learn how other countries handle education and just what's is different between where they are from to the United States. Great for people who want to return to school after a long absence. The faculty really helps each student with thier own specific needs to make rreturning very easy and a smooth transition.
The reason I choose Surgical Technology at Eastern Maine Community College is because it’s close to my home and community, its affordability and also provides outstanding education with a small class size. This program will continue to strengthen my skills, abilities, qualifications and assertiveness in high stress environments, and I can remain caring for patients in a well-balanced and thinking manner.
Great campus, fun clubs, fantastic faculty. Lots of available resources, everyone is super friendly, and they really prepare you for the job market. No competitive sports, but there are physical clubs.
While the teachers themselves are amazing for the most part, I would only recommend you come here if you're a commuting student who lives in the area or a high school student looking for college credits. I hate living on campus, especially in the 'nicer' dorm (Kineo), because there's no one around and nothing to do. The gym has nothing in it except broken down equipment, the dining hall is hit or miss (mostly miss when you get to the end of the semester), there's no community, and no higher ups have any idea what they're doing or why they barely retain students. There's no organization here at all, and with the exception of the resident director in Acadia Hall, the resident halls are the worst place to be. Good luck trying to find something to do on the weekends, the bus that's supposed to stop EVERY DAY at a certain time hardly shows up, and the Bangor Mall is shutting everything down one by one.
I am currently a student at EMCC. I enjoy this school because I am a mother of 2 children and I am able to stay at home and receive over 50% of my degree without having to sit in a classroom daily. Also, being a new student I couldn't not ask for a better school. I have had nothing but help from my professors, financial aid office, and other students.
So far the experience has been great. I feel I'm receiving a good education at a great price. The instructors are thorough and the environment is positive. It's been a long time since I've been in school and Eastern Maine Community College made the transition very easy for me.
Its a good school with a lot of good people. Its always a fun time on campus with good food and interesting peoppe. You really in a way become friends with a lot of people that you see every day with it being a small campus. All and all I think it is a good school for eveeyone to look into
Eastern Maine is a great school and very affordable. The environment there is amazing. The staff members are very helpful always willing to help without any judgment. The only think I dislike there is the food
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Eastern Maine Community College is wonderful. The classes are small and it is easy to set up meetings with professors or get free tutoring at the Student Success Center. I love my program, Secondary Education, and I feel like my teachers are very supportive and they work with me when I have scheduling conflicts. I would recommend EMCC to anyone that: wants an associate degree, wants to transfer to a four year university, or needs smaller class sizes.
Eastern Maine Community College is the perfect small, transition school for anyone who has either been out of the game for awhile, or just isn't ready or wanting to take a big University leap. My experience here was pleasant, but it never really fit for me. Not because it was bad or anything along those lines, but because I always had a traveling side to me, I wanted to see the world. College in state was never for me, but if you're looking for a small, stepping stone education on your way to bigger things, this is the perfect school for you.
The teachers at this school are amazing and actually make sure you understand what they are teaching, which makes the class more enjoyable.
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