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What a great school. Small classes mean I get a lot of one on one attention. I'm currently in the Electrical and Automation Technology program. My teachers go above and beyond preparing me to work in the industry. Those students that want to learn more are able to transfer to the University of Maine and earn a 4 year degree in their EET program. It's so nice to have options and knowing I'll be getting a great job after graduation.
You get what you pay for. After getting by the underfunded staff, this school is still a good option for those who shouldn't accept the burden of $80,000 in student loan debt from other surrounding universities.
Nice school with lots of majors, doesn't cost much but the overall experience is a positive one. Great professors and is close to other things to do for college students
Review Eastern Maine Community College
I live in the dorms and classes are pretty easy and lots of support from the college/ teachers.
They are hard but they get easier.
They show allot of support towards the community .
The instructors spend allot of time helping their students.
in the Computer Science degree. i like the friendly community, everyones willing to help each other.
I really like the college.
The program I am in is a very fast paced course, however the instructors are always willing to work with students who are having a hard time with the content. There is a lot to the curriculum, and it can be overwhelming to learn everything you need to know in such a short time. However, the program is very hands on which helps with learning the material. The opportunities I have had by being in the surgical technology program are endless, in fact, I will most likely have a job lined up before I even finish the program because the program has such a high reputation in the hospital we have our clinicals in.
Choosing a community college wasn't always something I had considered, but it was the perfect fit for me. Not only did I find my dream career in surgical technology, but I also found it at a place that was very interested in my success, and I didn't break the bank to do it. The teachers are all incredible and are passionate about their student's success, and are always willing to help if need be. Community college isn't something to be ashamed about, its a great school, and a smart option.
The classes available at my school were flexible with my schedule.
Teachers really care about the students.
Eastern Maine Community College graduates often are able to go right out into the workforce.
Medical Office technology is my major and it is both fun and very engaging.
EMCC is a great place to go if you are looking to save money while taking college credits before transferring to a 4 year school.
Its very hard, but its all real world stuff. The teacher meets every-year to with local companies that hire his graduates to figure out what to teach
Review Eastern Maine Community College
Most of the Teachers will go out of there way to help you. Theres some duds here or there, but what school doesn't.
Being a community college, everyone seems fairly close knit. There are numerous activities, countless scheduled trips and great sports teams as well as intramural activities!
There are many choices for a select few courses, while other classes have no alternative options at all.
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