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Eastern Kentucky University is not too bad of a place to attend for classes. All the classes are close together, the meal plans and flex makes sure you're fed, there are plenty of organizations to join, and there are plenty of places around the area for coffee. I would like to see the college focus more on academics and putting the money where it belongs as well as making the university more affordable and more successful for students.
The people are friendly and they have a great education program. The campus is beautiful and it is easy to find your way around. There are a few professors that are not to my liking but most are. Downstairs case is a plus. I love the Chic-fil-a.
Eastern Kentucky University is a very diverse university with a great variety of majors and minors to choose from. Your best choice is to reside in an on-campus dorm for your college life.
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I love it here! The school and campus life are great. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else. The city around the college is great too. All kinds of fun things to do.
its a small community college which I like, some of the dorms are horrible with roaches and toilets not working but the new one they built is awesome; classes are close by and easy to get to. the food options around are great;
I've found that Eastern Kentucky University is a great mix between a small college, where classes are often small and you know a lot of people on campus, and a large university with the amount of resources and offered majors. In just two semesters here I've also had so many great professors who genuinely care about their students and making sure that they learn the required content but in an enjoyable way.
What i loved about Eastern Kentucky University was, of course that the had my major, Pre-Occupational Therapy, many other schools had the same major but this university had a much better program. Another reason Eastern stood out to me were the friendly faces and the appreciation that the incoming freshmen had from the school. it was very heart warming. It felt good to know that I chose the right decision to be apart of the Colonel family and the tuition was very convenient for me and my family. I am proud I've became a Colonel and i can't wait to see whom i will become when i walk across the stage receiving my diploma, accessing a new level to my life of happiness.
Overall, it is a good school but there are some well needed changes for the good of the students. To ensure that they have the absolute best and well deserved college experience.
I like the small community EKU has to offer for the students. It is easy to get around to, and find new friends compared to big campuses. Everyone is friendly, even the professors. We get to connect and communicate better with the professors as the classes are divided into small group classes. Everyone gets more attention in class and gain more knowledge this way.
Eastern Kentucky University is an affordable college that offers plenty of useful and needed degree programs. It's proximity to the State Police training center makes it extremely safe. They could use better food options on campus however.
The campus is absolutely beautiful and within a nice, relaxed town. The people, both students and teachers are very down to earth. I know many people who have graduated from this school that have nothing but good things to say, EKU was always home for them.
Recently, the board dissolved the Theatre department along with many other departments. This was disappointing news for the school and the local art community.
I like Eastern Ky University. It has a great nursing program. They provide a quality education without breaking the bank.
They are really nice and have a lot of materials to help you! It's a large campus with medium to small classes.
I like the campus area as it is very compact and has nice services. However, the ongoing construction of new buildings is annoying.
Eastern Kentucky University is a small school with few strong programs. If you like a comfy, community type of school, EKU may be a choice for you. The campus is small and an easy-to-walk campus; about 20-30 minutes to walk from one end to the other edge of campus. There are many activities and clubs provided by Student Life. It is definitely recommend to join a club or organization to make your college life more exciting.
Professors are generally willing to work with you on things. Classrooms are clean and spacious. Classes are never too large. The area around the campus is amazing. Offers regional campus options.
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I have enjoyed my time at EKU. The campus is beautiful, the staff is friendly, academics are great, and I have made plenty of friends at EKU. They offer a ton of classes and also fun things for students to partake in. A few things I did not like was parking and traffic.
The professors are beyond friendly and willing to go out of their way to help in any way they can. The on campus activities is always fun and always something going on.
I love Eastern Kentucky university. It's a wonderful diverse school. They offer a lot of opportunities and I love that. Although they just went through a budget cuts and they shut down the campus that is closer to me.
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