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Recently, the board dissolved the Theatre department along with many other departments. This was disappointing news for the school and the local art community.
I like Eastern Ky University. It has a great nursing program. They provide a quality education without breaking the bank.
They are really nice and have a lot of materials to help you! It's a large campus with medium to small classes.
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I like the campus area as it is very compact and has nice services. However, the ongoing construction of new buildings is annoying.
Eastern Kentucky University is a small school with few strong programs. If you like a comfy, community type of school, EKU may be a choice for you. The campus is small and an easy-to-walk campus; about 20-30 minutes to walk from one end to the other edge of campus. There are many activities and clubs provided by Student Life. It is definitely recommend to join a club or organization to make your college life more exciting.
Professors are generally willing to work with you on things. Classrooms are clean and spacious. Classes are never too large. The area around the campus is amazing. Offers regional campus options.
I have enjoyed my time at EKU. The campus is beautiful, the staff is friendly, academics are great, and I have made plenty of friends at EKU. They offer a ton of classes and also fun things for students to partake in. A few things I did not like was parking and traffic.
The professors are beyond friendly and willing to go out of their way to help in any way they can. The on campus activities is always fun and always something going on.
I love Eastern Kentucky university. It's a wonderful diverse school. They offer a lot of opportunities and I love that. Although they just went through a budget cuts and they shut down the campus that is closer to me.
It is a great campus. It is not a huge college--but the is Lots to do socially. It is close to intersate--so communting is easy to navigate. Close to malls. Teachers are great small enough that you get indiviualize attention.
I have been a student at Eastern Kentucky University for 14 years and 3 degrees. They are constantly evolving their approach to the student experience. My experience as a student has been as a commuter and as an online student. I have always found the campus to be welcoming.
I was an undergrad in the EKU Honors Program. At that time it was one of the best in the country. When I decided to go back to school and obtain my masters I originally went to another school but transferred back to EKU because they had evening/weekend availability to allow me to work full time and finish my degree.
Everyone is super nice and they have a lot of activities on campus to get students involved. It's also not crazy expensive. I do wish their art department covered more areas.
The college is large and offers a lot. It still remains a community atmosphere however and this helps it be a good college
The Nursing program here is very competitive and prepares you to be the best nurse out there. The campus dorms are very nice, and newly renovated.
The campus is really pretty and historic, my only concern is that I wished they would stop building buildings that we do not need, and focus on bettering the academics programs.
I would recommend this college to anyone, but it is very rude to people who don't agree with them. They don't care about your opinion either.
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EKU has a beautiful campus and is the perfect size. Richmond is a safe and beautiful area and the staff at EKU are very friendly and will do anything to help you out.
EKU is a lovely school i can't wait to be there in the fall for a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. All the professors are so kind and hardworking and fun. The location is prime. Richmond is a really cute old old old town and is only 20 minutes from lexington Kentucky
I like the atmosphere. Most people are very sweet. However, what I don’t like is the budget cuts in my degree.
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