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The Nursing program here is very competitive and prepares you to be the best nurse out there. The campus dorms are very nice, and newly renovated.
The campus is really pretty and historic, my only concern is that I wished they would stop building buildings that we do not need, and focus on bettering the academics programs.
I would recommend this college to anyone, but it is very rude to people who don't agree with them. They don't care about your opinion either.
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EKU has a beautiful campus and is the perfect size. Richmond is a safe and beautiful area and the staff at EKU are very friendly and will do anything to help you out.
EKU is a lovely school i can't wait to be there in the fall for a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. All the professors are so kind and hardworking and fun. The location is prime. Richmond is a really cute old old old town and is only 20 minutes from lexington Kentucky
I like the atmosphere. Most people are very sweet. However, what I don’t like is the budget cuts in my degree.
Due to budget cuts, several programs are being cut, mine included. The campus has a lot of unnecessary construction. Instead of putting their money towards funding, they would rather build new buildings that we don’t need.
love the school and the amount of time the professors are willing to give students if they are behind.
I would like to see the tuition hike freeze for a while, it is getting to where people are not able to afford it. I would like to see the construction that's already in progress be finished before starting a new project. The professors in my program are excellent and really care about you and your academics together.
EKU is known in Kentucky as a "suitcase" college. It's perfect for students/parents who are looking for just a little bit of freedom and impendence, but who want to be close to home for personal reasons or in case of emergencies. The price, while still too high (as all colleges are), is low in comparison to nearby state colleges. EKU is experiencing a dip in athletic achievement, but is fairly sound academically. Some departments are better than others. I'm in music education and, in my experience, the education professors are good, but the administration is a mess. They have trouble communicating. The music department is doing quite well, but it's important that you get to know the professor you'll be studying with so you know what you're committing to. The campus is undergoing some major changes and administrative shuffling (like outsourcing to Aramark), some for the better, some for the worse. Time will tell.
It’s a very diverse campus, and has everything you need. New dining halls, dorms, parking, recreational studios, and classrooms are constantly being added.
I love the size of all my classes. In high school I learned that college classes would be lecture halls full of over a hundred students and the professor won't know your name but that's not the case here. Eastern has small classes and the professor does know your depending on your class and class sizes could be as big as 60 or 70 but small as 10. That's what I love about Eastern.
Something that I would change would be money going from new buildings into updating the older dorms. Putting money towards updating the dorms would be great instead of building new sports centers and rec centers. It would give freshmen and new students a great experience and telling them all the money given to the dorm was enough to get new shower curtains. Instead of moving to another, cleaner dorm, update and improve rooms and halls that desperately need an upgrade to have students stay instead of leave. That is something that I would change st Eastern Kentucky University.
Beautiful campus with way too much unnecessary construction. Aramark taking over was not the best decision with rude employees that don't really care much about their job. However, professors are amazing and technology is up to date.
My experience at EKU is beyond word....I entered EKU in Fall of 2017 and I have not regretted one day. The professors,students management is awesome. Its a home away from home. The environment is very safe, police patrol very often and every member of the staff at EKU are very polite always willing to assist even when its off time after classes and even the RSA are very helpful in taking you shopping for anything that you may need outdside of the school environment. I am very happy I choose EKU cause my family do not have to worry about safety, food infact they dont have to worry about anything other than getting my tutition paid and even to that the financial officers are very helpful in recommending scholarships opportunities for me.
I am very thankful for my friend in recommending EKU to me and I have no hesitation recommending EKU to any one who is interesting in achieving a great experience in College.
I like the small community and how class sized we not too big. All staff is super friendly and helpful. Student life is not the greatest, it takes time to get to know people and get involved.
It is a friendly environment and the professors are extremely eager to help you learn. The campus has recently had many renovations and is continuously expanding to meet the needs of all students.
I would to see a larger amount of minorities (not in percentage points, but real numbers. I like the quality of education I am receiving. There is plenty on time for studying. Very good resources, etc. studying, financial aid. The school is close to my grandma who has had several strokes and open heart surgery. There are a various food sources on ground plus the cafeteria which has pretty good food choices. Financial aid for instate students is very good.
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I have only been here one full semester, but I already love this college. It's affordability is amazing, the college has its own police department, as well as a state police building on campus, the local area is nice, however rather small, but that's great for people who aren't a fan of large cities! There are parties going on somewhere every weekend for people looking to have fun. The food is pretty good at the kitchen, and there's plenty of restaurants scattered about campus.
In my time here at EKU, home of the Colonols, I have really enjoyed being a student here on campus. EKU isn’t too big or too small. It is perfect in size. Classroom sizes are usually around 30 students per class some smaller and some bigger. The professors here are great! They really care about you and want to make sure you do your best in their class. They are willing to stay after class or hold study sessions or talk to you during office ours. Overall EKU is probably the best or at least one of the best colleges someone can attend.
As I went on a tour there once, all teachers ad students were all so friendly with each other and the tourist. The campus was so beautiful and so maintained; it was fantastic!
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