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Flexible schedules and great teachers. Also offers lots of helpful resources whether for school or life outside of. Staff is very friendly and understanding.
I enjoy attending Clinton Community College (EICC). The entire staff is friendly and eager to help you learn and plan your college career. In addition, CCC also has plenty of clubs available for involvement on campus. There are a few downsides, however. First, there are no sports teams, at least not offered at the Clinton campus. Second, there is no food service available at Clinton. Despite the few downsides to the college, the academic worth outweighs the negatives.
I have really enjoyed being at Clinton Community College. I had a personal crises this last year and everyone reached out to me and supported me including both faculty and staff. The academic support I receive here is phenomenal. I was not quite ready to leave home and after attended EICC for a year I am feeling more and more confident in the future. I plan to receive my AA degree and then transfer to a University. EICC has helped me prepare for this.
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I really enjoyed the online courses. The instructors were pretty responsive most of the time and provided me with the tools needed to succeed.
Excellent community college, affordable, great teachers who take interest in you and your progress as a student and person.
Great community college, I've been attending for a few years now and the facility is great. The environmental science department is one of the best around
Great professors and staff. They are really involved with various industries to fill their needs, which will entail fill the student needs-(job).
LOVE the professors! Both students and faculty are friendly and accessible. Some classes are only offered through one professor, but there's always an online option available.
I've had an amazing time at EICC. All the professors are great. Plus, the advisors really helped guide my with what I needed to transfer. Perfect two-year school.
Some of the teachers are great, and were extremely understanding and helpful. The advisors were hard to coordinate with since one advisor would tell you one thing and another tells a complete a different story. Trying to register for classes is difficult when everyone isn't on the same page.
I’ve been at the Belmont campus in Bettendorf for a semester now. I love how when I am there I feel that my investment is worth it. The professors know their stuff and do their best to deliver content efficiently. Class sizes are small so professors really know their students and work with them on an individual basis. I love the decision I made to attend this college it is really paying off financially and academically. I wouldn’t have chosen another school to achieve my associates degree anywhere else but here!
Everyone I have come into contact with has been wonderful and always willing to help in any way they can.
At MCC though they are small it is an extremely welcoming environment. They truly care about you and your future. Every class I have been in the professors are energetic and super excited to teach what they are teaching.
The best thing about Eastern Iowa Community College, specifically Muscatine Community College, is the amount of care and time that the professors put into their students. They really want you to succeed here. I have retained much of the information provided in my classes, and I think that they have been valuable. Currently, I am in the transfer process to a 4-year university. This is going well, and all of my credits/courses transfer in some way or another to help me towards a bachelor's degree.
I love the environmental health and safety AAS program. I'd like them to actuallybe veteran friendly and not just say that because they accept money from the VA.
Eastern Iowa Community College is convenient because of the variety of locations made to accommodate students closest to their homes. Also noteworthy is the fact that Eastern Iowa Community Colleges remains aggressively proactive at adding and modifying programs and classes that best work around the lives of their students, creating a highly welcoming and competitive approach. New (and returning) students benefit from the highly knowledgeable and success driven advisers who consider who you are as a person when discussing avenues that best fit your personality and lifestyle. Lastly, I believe that Eastern Iowa Community College owes it's success to the unwavering care and thought their teachers and staff possess. They really take what they know, and they "pass it on."
It's a great community college, with caring staff who love their jobs. Plenty of student assistance, they actually care about their students.
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A wonderful place to start! The tuition is very cheap, and the staff are all very nice. The best part is that almost all credits transfer, though the college is a little small.
Overall, I have loved my college experience with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges. Nothing I would really want rock change.
My experience at Clinton Community College has been great. All of the professors are great and help you to the extent you need. They have a great campus its easy to find your classes and when you are new they have signs posted everywhere. I like this campus because it's close enough to home and all of the teachers are good at what they teach.
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