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My experience at Clinton Community College has been great. All of the professors are great and help you to the extent you need. They have a great campus its easy to find your classes and when you are new they have signs posted everywhere. I like this campus because it's close enough to home and all of the teachers are good at what they teach.
It's a fairly average school, nothing special. I'm not looking for anything out of the ordinary so it works for me.
To my knowledge there are no postgrad opportunities at my current school. Since it is a community college only associates degree is available through them. Unless you take classes from a four-year college that are taught at my current school. It would be nice if there was easier access to take courses to receive a higher degree than an associates through my current community college.
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I have enjoyed the professors the most during my college experience. The best professors there are. They have real world knowledge. Each of them have a career or have had a career outside of the classroom. They are able to relate to the students, and do an amazing job advising their students about the best path to go down.
There aren't too many employers recruiting on campus. The graduates that come out of the school are able to find jobs in their field. They are well-educated when they graduate.
The classes and workload is quite challenging. However, the students and faculty of the school go out of their way to ensure that you succeed. The faculty is amazing and have real world experience.
I was extremely apprehensive about starting over at college at the age of 32. However, the students and faculty have become an extended family for me. Everyone is willing to help one another, and are some of the most sincere people I have ever met. I look forward to every class.
All of the teachers i have had so far have been very helpful and understanding that i have a life outside of classes.
The advisors and faculty are all really understanding and helpful.
very flexible times very easy to tranfer credits
Theres still alot of discussions to get involved with and it helps those that dont like talking infront of people to open up without peer to peer talking
They help with finding jobs for you to take
there are alot of job oppertunitys and the faculaity helps with job finding
Professers know what they are talking about and go about there teaching in a manor thats easy for students
Most of my classes are online right now but its pretty easy to navagate
Advisers are very helpful and if they know you are paying out of pocket they will help where they can on cutting costs on like books and stuff
When employers around here hear that you went to Iowa central for nursing they are intrigued. They are well known for their nursing program and have produced some very amazing nurses.
Review Eastern Iowa Community College
I love that the most people in my classes has been no more than 40 people. I went to a small high school as well and enjoy these class sizes. It's more personal and the teacher has the time available to give extra attention where needed.
I love my program! It's giving me the tools to not only be a knowledgeable nurse but also a confident one. Both of these qualities arr equally important to me.
I love that my campus is small but I am able to get a four year degree. My schools advertising moto is its a two year college that things it's a four year university and I couldn't agree more!
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