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I attended EIC in Belleville NJ for nursing. Most teachers want you to succeed but administration for the nursing department are not helpful AT ALL. Professors won't help you they will tell you to meet with them & just go over the exam you already failed (wow, that helps). They don't offer any type of tutoring & there's one professor who has no idea about what she's teaching/talking about. This is the most unorganized school I've every attended. There's no parking & hours for classes are unrealistic if you have a job, kids or a life in general. You literally have to quit your job & say Good bye to your family. Oh, but need help with finiacial aid? They will absolutely assit you with No Problem.
Staff always unorganized, including the professors. This school is a joke, I regret my decision daily. Professors don't seem to enjoy passing students, any grade higher than a 85 is "suspect", and considering the passing is a 77, it's not like you're doing well! Schedules are constantly changing, they lie when they say daytime only. You'll end up traveling from jc to Belleville to take classes since they don't have enough slots to fill them. Dean is rude, condescending and does not listen to his students and their issues. Classrooms are old and worn down, bathrooms are nasty, library is small, a.c. never works and when it does you freeze. God forbid you were a different color sneakers....
Goodluck. If you're desperate sign up, if you want to learn take your 47k else where.
Not an accredited ultrasound program. Do your research and do not waste your time with this program. Very difficult to find a job without ARDMS boards. The program does not prepare you to be an independent sonographer fresh out of school
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I love the care and attention that the professors take to teach the proper material. They don't just want you to pass the class but also prepare you for your career. The major thing the school needs to improve on is communication. New machines for the sonographer's to practice on would also be very helpful ! :)
I was able to schedule my classes to fit with my work schedule, so it was perfect for me. Also as far as transferring of credits they took my credits no qualms.
I've heard that the career service representative does a really great job with helping you get a job and lining up prospects.
Every course that I've taken so far has been great. The professors are amazing, they really know their stuff. The class size is very small compared to larger colleges, which is awesome, because you really feel like your getting the attention that you need.
According to the administration they have a very good job employment rate.
So far the program has been great. I really liked my professors, they were stellar. The workload is a lot but if your dedicated you can make it through. Plus the professors really help you, the lectures are very in-depth.
I like this school so far, seeing that I just started. Every experience that I've had so far have been pleasant. The professors are great and really want to see you succeed. The administration also want the best for you. If I had to choose again I would choose this school for the simple fact that they care and they want for you the same thing that you want for yourself, which is to be a nurse, a great one.
everyone wants to help each other
Very easy to work with
curriculum makes it so that you can pass the NCLEX
I am a returning college student after more than ten years so I don't need all of the activities that most colleges offer. I go there to learn and the professors are great. Because the college is so small the largest class I have is 21 students so your relationship with the professor can be as close as you need it to be. I have a learning disability so my professors are very good at making sure that I understand all of the lessons and they are very easy to talk too. Having that comfort level with the college staff allows me to focus more on my studies and allows me to speak freely. I recommend EIC if you are going to school to just learn!
Unique Things About My School – They are limited in the programs offered. I don't think or haven't seen anything about social activities. This is a commuter college so there isn't much to do besides going to class and going home.
My College – I have been to the college on four occasions now and each time was a pleasant visit. I found the admissions personnel to be very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions and concerns. I also had the pleasure to meet the financial aid officer and she was equally as nice. My interview went well and I felt like I was a very important student and the college advisors made me feel like they were concerned with my academic progress. The only thing I that may need improvement is the welcoming/greeting skills of the receptionist at the front desk. She seemed very tired and drowzy. Not a good look or pleasant attitude for the reception desk. She needs to have a little more pep and a smile.
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